Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Fake News attacks truckers convoy

Breaker breaker good buddy. Looks like we got oursleves a convoy.

Laura-Lynn joins the convoy. [BC] [Calgary] [Brandon] [Midway]

Canada Unity has a list of dates and contacts

The organizer of the Truckers GoFundMe is Metis

Many of the truckers are Indo Canadian. We support them.

Police on Gurard - Mounties 4 Freedom - This is NOT a violent protest. OK there are two fake news stories that are off the hook. The first one reads "Far-right groups hope trucker protest will be Canada’s January 6th." That is ridiculous and offensive. First of all, we all know the January 6th fiasco in the States was a misrepresented set up. Second of all, no one wants that to happen here. No one. Except for CSIS of course.

Thirdly, this has absolutely nothing to do with far right groups. Well I suppose if you are a Communist, then compared to you I am far right but compared to reality, I am not. This is about common sense. This is about protecting the Canadian Charter of Rights that Justin Trudeau's father gave us. This is about Trade Union rights. The right to collective bargaining. This is about a fake femenist stealing strike pay from workers.
Global is worthless. Unsubscribe. Subscribe to Rebel News instead. That is money far better spent. Mandating a vaccine with known side effects and removing the pharmaceutical company's legal liability for those side effects is organized crime. That is what this is about. Confronting crime and confronting lies. That is all. Don't let them misrepresent this.

The National Post is reporting that "A GoFundMe campaign for a massive transport truck protest convoy has reached almost $5 million — but there are conflicting report the money may have been frozen. On Tuesday, the Canadian Press reported that the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign had been put on hold by the online crowdfunding platform. But the fundraiser’s website appears to be running as normal and accepting new donations — sitting at just shy of $5-million by Tuesday afternoon. The Canadian Press reported a GoFundMe spokesperson said they halted the campaign until organizers could provide a plan on how funds would be disbursed."

That is theft. The fake news lied about Rebel News and got them kicked off PayPal. Now they are lying about the truckers convoy. Unsubscribe from the fake news and support the truckers.


  1. Turdeau doesn't answer to Canadians, here is his real boss.
    How we put up with this globalist shit is beyond me?


  2. Hopefully more people realize that Trudeau is all about communism.
    A pawn of the globalists.
    Imho, he only got elected for weed.

  3. Justin = Emperor Comicus. Except he's not funny.

  4. GoFundMe bend the knee to the Globalists when they get the phone call from the tyrants.

  5. Regardless of how people feel about the convey, they have the right to protest and raise funds. Some of the reports regarding actions which may or may not occur in Ottawa seem to be a tad over the top. I expect this will be a peaceful protest by the protestors.

    As to the allegations the money had been "seized" until whatever, did seem a bit strange to me. If there was nothing illegal about the money usually go fund me pages, etc. don't care who is raising the money or what for.

    It makes sense for the organizers to raise funds, because driving from here to Ottawa with any type of vehicle is expensive. Money to help people out with those expenses makes sense. Protest should not be only for those who can afford it.

    Given the amount of money raised I sense the convey has struck a cord in Canada with a lot of people.

  6. It'd be so sweet if those Truckers give Trudeau the ass kicking of his phucking life .....


    1. Smokey and the Bandit does come to mind but we have law enforcement on our side. Justin Trudeau is uniting the country against him. CSIS will plant agent provocateurs to start violence to justify their crackdown against them. We must take the higher road. We are better than he is. A lot better.

  7. The Snowman Kicking some ass .....


    1. Yes but this time round we even have bikers on our side. We should invite the Teamsters horsemen to join the cause.

  8. This country at present has never been more ripe for a false flag event to stop the massive awakening finally taking place.

    Turdeau's respone to the truckers convoy shows how absolutely detached from reality this creature is.

    1. That's what I mean. CCIS will plant extremists to start violence. Justin's response is all the world needs to see. He claims the truckers have unacceptable views. That claim defies the Charter and a democratic society where people have the right to lawful assembly to petition the government for a redress of grievances. This is just like India against the farmers. Bonnie Henry is the Antichrist but Justin Trudeau is Satan.



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