Sunday, January 2, 2022

Clinton Jaws on Omicron and Fake experts

Someone sent me this YouTube channel of a retired RCMP officer who now does podcasts. In this post, I don't want to talk about our differences because there are a few. Especially when it comes to the drunken sexfest at Depot. However, there are many common beliefs that we do share and today I want to highlight them. He is well spoken and he nails Omicron.

In the first video he reads a news report about Omicron when it first came out. As he says, boring. He shows how the news article deliberately sensationalizes and misrepresents it.

Every statement the news article makes is misleading. The headline read "New virus variant poses very high risk." Very high risk of what? He correctly points out that the article does not justify the headline. "The mutated Covid 19 could lead to surges with severe consequences." Surges in what? Asymptomatic cases? Severe consequences like unjustified lockdowns?

Then when you read the article it admits that it has mild symptoms. His response is you get the vaccine and they keep punishing you. However, there is clearly a method to their madness.

They are misrepresenting it to sell the booster shot so the Pharmaceutical companies can make more money at the taxpayers expense. We can all see that. Last October the government admitted that reintroducing lockdowns had nothing to do with controlling the spread of the virus. It was simply incentive to force people to get the vaccines. Now new lockdowns have nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus. It is simply to promote the booster shot scam so the pharmaceutical companies can make more money.

As soon as the misrepresentation of Omicon hit the airwaves, the top shareholders of pfizer and moderna made $10 billion in stock options alone. The media's criminal culpability in that fraud constitutes organized crime. BTW Bonnie Henry is a freak but I go snowshoeing. I climb mountains with snowshoes on. Lots of people do it. You should get out of the bar and try it.

In the second video he states that Global News lies. No kidding. Ever since they were bought out by Post Media News, the credibility of their content tanked. Here's the deal. Police officers are trained investigators. They fact check fake news reports and can see the lies.

He was referring to the fake expert Global quoted in the Alberta drunk attack. The article's motive was to prove systemic racism in Canada and the RCMP. Never mind the sex slaves in Communist China. The CCP owns our media and claims Canada has systemic racism so that is what their western media outlets promote. Let's ask the Uyghurs about systemic racism in Communist China and how Communism commits genocide against Aboriginals there.

I've talked about the case Clinton was referring to before and what I said at the time will suffice. He was sitting in an uninsured vehicle. The police had just cause to approach him. He was drunk and challenged them to a fight so they took him down. Case dismissed. The point is that Global News lies and we all know it. The CCP, through Hollywood and our own media is trying to teach Americans to hate America and Canadians to hate Canada. Well I reject it and I reject them.

The fake journalists here covering up for the murders of Mao, the current organ harvesting of political prisoners in China as well as the slave labour and the under age sex slaves Xi Jinping has become famous for should all bow their heads in shame. That is what they are promoting and I reject it. Take your woke lies and cram them up your a*s.

At 35:35 of the first video Clinton talks about how absurd it is to require kids to get vaccinated when they are not affected by Covid like seniors are. This is someone capable of doing the math. I salute the Mounties for Freedom. The Charter of Rights is the highest law of this land.

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