Monday, January 31, 2022

Truckers Convoy Press conference


  1. Just a suggestion for your blog ... because, as you've mentioned previously, the globalist's currently running the world make the Hells Angels look like School Girls ... an expose/series on the following would help the Sheeple (who's primary diet of information is the CBC, CNN, and America's Got Talent) educate them on who's really got the boot pressing down on their throats ......

    * Who is Klaus Schwab ... where he wants to take the world, and how he's already placed key people in different governments to achieve his goals

    * What is the World Economic Forum ... who are their key members, what are their long term goals, and how deep do their tentacles already reach into governments around the world

    1. That's a good idea. I've touched on the WEF but haven't gone very far into it other than saying it's bad and Prince Charles should stop kissing their ass. That whole, "You'll own nothing and be happy" crap is a red flag for every patriot. Schwab is a whack job.

  2. These "Pinky and The Brain" types need their fucking craniums aired out. Schwab? Obviously we didn't deNazify that place sufficiently.

  3. Look into Klown Schwab's mothers family and you'll see a familiar name.

    The same family name that has been instrumental in initial funding and guiding of many "benevolent " world organizations.


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