Monday, January 17, 2022

Quebec lifts curfew and reopens shools

Schools in Quebec were scheduled to reopen today but many ended up staying closed due to snow. The curfew is being lifted tonight. That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. It's OK. Covid doesn't travel during the day, it only travels at night. Idiots. History has recorded that Omicron was a complete fraud. Omicron is 80% weaker than Covid. It's less severe than the seasonal flu. Locking down over Omicron was a criminal act.

In BC Adrian Dix admitted that the current hospitalization rate here is 10% lower than it was during flu season in 2019 before Covid hit. Bonnie Henry admitted that the hospitalization data is not a list of everyone in the hospital for Covid, it is a list of everyone in the hospital with a positive PCR test. Everyone in the hospital gets tested. They're not there for Covid or with Covid symptoms. Yet that is not how the media was portraying it. The media was misrepresenting the hospitalization rates yet again by claiming all those people were in the hospital for Covid when they weren't. They lied. Again. They were there for something else and had a positive PCR test. We shouldn't even be using those tests. They are worthless.

Hats off to John Horgan who just finished his Chemo. Bonnie needs a break.

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  1. Behold modern day NAZI's extorting a small businesses owner into installing vaccine passport system .....

    ...... the problem with the NAZI's is; data is starting to show their vaccinated are more likely to get sick than non-vaccinated ..... but NAZI's dont care - because it's not about best health practices, it's about total control at any cost.


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