Sunday, July 30, 2023

Chrystia Freeland: Unsuccessful NDP candidate

There's an old article from the 1989 Edmonton Sun floating around about Chrystia Freeland. Aside from the obvoius Ukrainian Nazi connection, I find the fact that she was originally an unsuccessful NDP candidate for Edmonton Strathcona somewhat interesting. That explains a lot.

Her hate for Russia goes back to her grandfather who ran a Nazi paper in the Ukraine. That's why she supports the Nazis in the Ukraine bombing the Ukrainian citizens of Russian descent in the Donbas. It's about ethnic cleansing so it is. Her posing with a Nazi banner in Canada was no mistake. She's from the Ukraine and speaks Ukrainian. She knew exactly what it said.

Chrystia Freeland is a defiant mental case hell bent on bringing the World Economic Forum's brand of Communism here to Canada. Fascism, Communism, call it what you want. It's Communism run by rich Capitals determined to increase their wealth by turning consumers into slaves and is determined to roll back population by castrating our children. Fire her.

Kim Marsh: The Cunning Edge

Here's an interesting book I find timely. It's called Cunning Edge: A 45-Year Journey Conducting Global Undercover Investigations. "Kim Marsh's memoirs highlight the fast pace and high stakes of undercover investigative work. In the fight against cartels, organized crime groups and international operators, Detective Marsh delves into the chaos and mayhem often hidden from the eyes of civil society." Why is this timely? Because it's written by Wild Bill Majcher's co accused.

These two are literal super heroes who have been set up and falsely accused by the intelligence community because they went too far down the rabbit hole and caught the intelligence community cooperating with and controlling organized crime. Gary Webb, Iran Contra, Operation Fast and Furious. It all started with the false allegations about Cameron Ortis.

The allegations from the CIA against Cameron Ortis didn't make sense and when I pointed that out, they changed their story. Instead they tried to imprison him for cooperating with an organized crime figure who was actually a police agent. I kid you not. Cameron Ortis went too far down the rabbit hole. When investigating money laundering tied to organized crime, he found the CIA was at the root of it. So they set him up. Just like Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh.

I noticed on the CSO civil registry that on June 5th 2023 Kenneth Ingram Marsh aka Kim Marsh filed a civil suit with the Vancouver Registry for wrongful dismissal from a Quebec numbered corporation. It didn't take long to discover that secret numbered Quebec corporation was a money laundering investigation firm known as Vidocq Group. They both had the same president or CEO Jonathan LΓ©garΓ©. Their website states that "Founded in 2014 by a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigator specializing in white-collar crime." I find it interesting to note that on Kim Marsh's Linkedin he was listed as vice President of Vidocq from January 2021 to April 2023.

It appears that he was fired over allegations he committed fraud with his tax filings. The lawsuit implies those allegations were false and that he was wrongfully terminated which is well within the realm of believability when you see the scope of the false allegations the intelligence community is compiling on him as well as Wild Bill and Cameron Otris. When you look at the false allegations collectively a sinister intelligence operation is clearly revealed designed to hide the CIA's ties to organized crime and illegal money laundering. At least they didn't kill them and make it look like a suicide again. Welcome to the Wild, Wild West yo.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

More Charges Dropped Against Sam Bankman-Fried

The New York Post is reporitng that "Federal prosecutors are dropping campaign finance violation charges against alleged crypto crook Sam Bankman-Fried over a legal snafu in his extradition from the Bahamas to the US. The feds moved to dismiss one count of conspiracy to make unlawful campaign contributions against Bankman-Fried, 31, after the Caribbean country clarified that it did not intent to extradite him on that charge, according to a letter filed by prosecutors in Manhattan federal court late Wednesday."

"Under the US’ extradition treaty with the Bahamas, the island nation must consent to the charges against Bankman-Fried, a major donor in the 2022 midterm elections. 'Accordingly, in keeping with its treaty obligations to The Bahamas, the Government does not intend to proceed to trial on the campaign contributions count,' the letter states."

"The now-dropped charge alleged that Bankman-Fried and his cohorts used tens of millions of dollars in FTX funds to illegally make over 300 donations to curry favor with candidates who could pass laws that would help his company." AYFKM? The money went to Joe Biden's mid terms.

"Bankman-Fried — who is accused of stealing from customers of his now-defunct FTX cryptocurrency exchange — still faces 12 other charges in the case, though five more of the counts are still in question because they were added after he was extradited."

Bankman was the fall guy. They laundered millions of tax dollars sent to the Ukraine through FTX to the Democrat party under the direction of the CIA. Retired Navy Seal Al Martin testified that Jeb Bush instructed him to commit investment fraud as a way to raise money for Iran Contra.

The Bailout Scam and the Texas Bank Robbery Dejavu This is why the CIA are prosecuting patriots that go after fraudsters. The CIA are the ones stealing the money through fraud.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

How the Fake News is Portraying China

OK so let's put this whole ridiculous farce involving Bill Majcher into perspective. The theme of the interviews on my podcast is how the Mainstream media has fallen. Tara Henley would appear to agree. That is a consistent theme in her podcast after quitting the CBC.

We all saw how the media misrepresented the Convoy and everyone who supported it. All the media merges has eliminated different opinions and we are constantly force fed a bizarre narrative that promotes the World Economic Forum and the UN's New World Order. The UN has officially adapted the WEF's brand of Communism and it trying to shove it down our throats.

We all saw how the media and the BC NDP completely misrepresented the North Vancouver overpass protests. They both lied and said the protest was anti LGBT. It's not. The books in the school curriculum are completely inappropriate. I interviewed Pierre Barns from who posted exerts from the books so people can see for themselves. Objecting to giving young children books that promote incest and rape is not anti LGBT. LGBT has nothing to do with it. No one in their right mind would promote incest or rape to young children. The way the media in intentionally misrepresenting these concerns is absurd.

Justin Trudeau embraced the lie. He said Muslims who object to the sexualization of their children in Canadain schools have been mislead by right wing extremists. F*ck off. The books are there for everyone to see. Justin Trudeau is a freak and everyone can see that now.

As Dr Steven Pelech pointed out Covid misinformation in the media is and was rampant. The media's misrepresentation of the conflict in the Ukraine has become clear. We are well beyond the boy who cried wolf at this point. We're at the point now, when the media pushes a narrative we are forced to instinctively question it and find out the other side of the story which can be difficult and time consuming given the extent of the media mergers that controls the narrative.

Now we have the China interference wave of fake news and it forces us to instinctively question their motive for pushing it. There's not a word about WEF interreference. The CIA supports the WEF. That makes the CIA domestic enemies of the US Constitution. I'm not saying take up arms against the CIA. That is utterly ridiculous. I'm saying the CIA controls the fake news. If Putin opposes the WEF's brand of communism and their gender ideology transitioning children without their parents consent then Putin is an enemy of the WEF and the CIA just like Xi Jinping.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Second ex-Mountie named as co-conspirator in Chinese interference case - Update

Global Fake News is reporting that "A second former senior Mountie is allegedly caught up in an investigation into Chinese interference operations in Canada. Kenneth Ingram Marsh, a B.C.-based private investigator and former commander of an RCMP international organized crime unit, has been named as a co-conspirator in the allegations along with former Mountie William Bill Majcher." STFU You clowns are usless. You arrested the wrong guy again.
Rebel News is reporting that "The RCMP launched an investigation into Majcher's 'suspicious activities' in the fall of 2021, headed by their Integrated National Security Team (INSET)." Oh right. Like INSET doesn't have Terrorist Quotas.

'In 2006, Majcher started work as a risk assessment adviser in the investment banking sector, founding the corporate risk firm called EMIDR in 2016. EMIDR specializes in state-sponsored espionage, intelligence gathering and money laundering, specializing in asset recovery." He was investigating CSIS and the CIA's dirty deals for f*cks sake. If it was real, Global wouldn't cover it.

Panama Papers Reveal CIA Assets, Spies Used Mossack Fonseca

Operation Goldfinger:

"The files of Mossack Fonseca reveal all kinds of connections to the activities of the world’s intelligence agencies. For instance, there are links to the Iran-Contra affair, a scandal that involved secret arms shipments under President Ronald Reagan. Oliver North, a military advisor, was charged at the time. Adnan Khashoggi, an arms dealer, also appears in the documents in this context." Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran contra never stopped.

I have two updates then I'm going to post a separate peice putting the media's portrayal of China into perspective. CBC is reporting that "Majcher, 60, was arrested Thursday in Vancouver. Authorities allege he 'used his knowledge and his extensive network of contacts in Canada to obtain intelligence or services to benefit the People's Republic of China,' says an RCMP news release." He ran a private company just like Andy Richards and China hired him.

Is that illegal? No it is not. We know that the charges against the Chinese cell phone CEO were a complete farce. She was charged with selling Iran cell phones when the US said no one is allowed to do business with Iran. Yet at that same time England was proceeding with the agreement Donald Trump pulled out of selling Iran nuclear reactors which would give them the technology and the materials to make nuclear weapons. So England selling Iran nuclear reactors is OK but China selling Iran cell phones is not OK. That was a complete farce.

The CBC article states that Majcher "allegedly contributed to the Chinese government's efforts to identify and intimidate an individual outside the scope of Canadian law. Both alleged offences fall under the Security of Information Act." Identify and intimidate an individual outside the scope of Canadian law. WTF does that mean? Find an individual who is outside the scope of Canadian law. What does it mean to be outside the scope of Canadian law? If he ran a private investigator firm and China hired him to find someone stealing from them it would not be unlawful for him to assist them. Even if the person stealing from China was the CIA or another criminal organization.

"An Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) article from 2019 said Majcher was part of Project Dragon, a Chinese operation to recover money allegedly siphoned out of the country illegally." Edward Snowden was demonized because he reported unlawful activity.

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "In February 2019, Majcher told a meeting of U.K. lawmakers that he was helping one major client, China’s government, to recover US$1.2 trillion of fraudulently acquired money." Helping China recover stolen money is not unlawful.

Vancouver is Awesome is also reporting that Majcher is to have "no contact with former RCMP international organized crime unit commander Kim Marsh and former FBI supervisory special agent Ross Gaffney." WTF? No really. W-T-F? "Gaffney is a lawyer in Pompano Beach, Fla., who spent 17 of his 27 years with the FBI overseeing financial crime and international money laundering investigations in Miami. Majcher and Gaffney worked together on the Operation Bermuda Short sting, which climaxed in 2002 and led to the conviction of Vancouver lawyer Martin Chambers for money laundering." So if China wanted to recover stolen money, Bill Majcher was the one to hire. This whole farce is absolutely ridiculous.

"In 2018, Gaffney appeared on a podcast guest-hosted by Majcher, called the Intelligence Hour. Majcher wondered whether FBI investigations had been politicized or compromised by political correctness run amok. He also speculated that the National Security Agency may have spied on Americans without a warrant or used Five Eyes intelligence alliance partners in the U.K. and Canada to illegally gather evidence on Americans." In other words I called it from day one.

Britain's richest man says Brexit was not good for WEF

Bill Gates' Communist News Network is reporting that "Britain's wealthiest man, Gopichand Hinduja, condemned the U.K.'s departure from the European Union as a bad decision." GMAFB. The clown is tied to the WEF. Brexist was bad for their plot but good for Britians.

World Economic Forum on India From Deliberation to Transformation (You mean slavery)

How Did India Grab Attention At Davos 2023

Hunter Biden's plea deal set aside

The BBC is reporting that "An agreement expected to see US President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, plead guilty to tax charges and admit a gun offence has dramatically fallen apart in court. The plea deal, negotiated over several weeks, was likely to spare the younger Mr Biden prison time. But a judge on Wednesday said she could not rubber stamp the agreement. Hunter Biden's lawyers have been given 14 days to hash out a new deal with the prosecution."

The Guardian is rpeoritng that "Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, pleaded not guilty to tax charges on Wednesday, after a federal judge in Delaware said she needed more time to review a proposed deal with federal prosecutors to avoid a felony gun charge.'

The BBC article clarifies that "But during the three-hour hearing, US District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned whether the deal would also provide Hunter Biden with immunity from crimes he could be found liable for in the future. She said the agreement contained non-standard terms and its proposed resolution for the gun possession offence was unusual."

That makes sense. This isn't for all the shady business deals in the Ukraine. This is just for tax evasion and a minor gun charge. This plea deal should not be a blank check for everything he's done but hasn't been charged with. It's not amnesty for Metabiota and the bio labs.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Calgary teenager charged in Surrey shooting

CTV is reporting that "A 19-year-old from Alberta has been charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting in B.C.'s Lower Mainland earlier this year. Authorities announced charges against Calgary resident Akoch Piot on Tuesday, three months after shots were fired at a vehicle in Surrey's Newton neighbourhood, leaving one man hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Shortly after a shooting, a white van was found in flames not far from the scene."

"Surrey RCMP said the subsequent investigation required coordination with the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team and the Calgary Police Service." ALERT is rock solid. "Piot was arrested in Calgary last week and has since been transferred into custody in British Columbia, where he remained in custody as of Tuesday morning."

51/81 hired the Driftwood Crips in Surrey to do hits for them. Then they roll on them after the hit.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The arrest of former RCMP Money laundering investigator

Second ex-Mountie named as co-conspirator in Chinese interference case

How the Fake News is Portraying China and Wild Bill Majcher

As soon as I saw the charges against William Majcher I said bullsh*t. Now the Globe and Mail is presenting some of the Neocon fake facts leading to his arrest which only confirm my suspicions.

OK so let's do the math but first, let's set the stage. The Globe and Mail article claims that "Mr. Majcher’s arrest follows half a year of national debate and reporting on rising foreign interference in Canada and how to address it. It comes as the RCMP and Canadian intelligence (CSIS) are facing pressure to show they are taking the issue seriously, amid complaints they ignored or failed to act on tips for years." Things that make ya go hmm...

I had always wondered why the fake news was all of a sudden pushing the China Interference story. Especially since everything they obsess over is spin. Look at the way Hunter Biden extorted China in the recently revealed texts. It appears that the current campaign against China isn't just smoke and mirrors for the WEF, it's a CIA push back just like the War in the Ukraine is against Russia. Putin opposes the WEF's brand of communism and so do I.

China doesn't have the same child mutilation obsession Bill Gates and the WEF does. The fake news campaign against China is to simply put them in their place. The CIA have no intention of stopping communism, they simply want to hijack it. Mark my word.

The Globe and Mail article states that
"In the 2014 talk, Mr. Majcher said 'China unfairly gets a lot of criticism,' adding he was personally a big fan of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption crackdown. 'I think he’s on the right track and I hope it works out.'” Let's focus in on that statement. CSIS and their fake news want us to consider that treason. The CIA wants a regime change in China. One that they can control. We have all seen how the CIA's regime changes never end well for anyone. Xi Jinping never started the persecution of the Flaun gong but he could stop it. As I have previously said, this spring was an awakening for me.

When the cherry blossoms finally came out this year my perception of many things completely changed including my perception of Xi Jinping. My position on the CIA however has not changed.

The Constitution of the Communist Party of China has had several amendments over the years. On March 14, 2004 the Constitution was amended to allow five officially recognized religions. That was a huge step forward we all need to acknowledge.

I have always said there are different brands of Communism. James Connolly's brand of Communism was very different that the World Economic Forum's brand. James Connolly's brand protected civil liberty by law. The WEF does not. The WEF have no intention on sharing their wealth. They simply want to increase their wealth by turning consumers into salves.

China has indeed made impressive progress. One of the reasons my perception of Xi Jinping has changed is because I believe in the prophecy that states one day the truth will be declared in every nation and in every language. I believe that prophecy will be fulfilled in my lifetime. I'm an old man. If that prophecy is going to be fulfilled in my lifetime, we better get on it.

I have other things to say on the matter but my point is I firmly believe that the charges against Wild Bill Majcher are completely false. That is why the fake news is pushing it. It's a smoke and mirrors operation for the WEF and an attempt to silence anyone and everyone who supports the family unit and opposes the sexualization and transition of children in school.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Hells Angels 40th Anniversary in BC

The Hells Angels are having a party at Java's Palace and no one cares. I thought they'd be out in Haney beside Pitt Lake. Ya'll should hit the lake this weekend. It's amazing how the fake news obsesses when the Hells Angels go on a ride or have a party but they don't give a f*ck about the associates in the Witness Protection Program getting police escorts to sell cocaine. Kinda reveals an agenda. How is Jamie Bacon doing in the program these days? Oh right. No one cares.

If the Hells Angels go on a ride or throw a party, that doesn't affect me at all but if the government takes away my freedom that does affect me. If the government kills domestic oil production and creates a manufactured spike in the price of gas and everything we buy in stores, then that does affect me. If the government paves the way for circus freaks to sexualize young children in school and encourage them to transition without their parents consent, then that affects our entire society. Justin Trudeau and the World Economic Forum are the real criminals here.
Give my regards to Jesse, Goldammer and Doc Riddoch. I have no beef with them only respect and if Iron man rode out from Calgary, I salute him but Rainbow Ricky can go f*ck himself. The Gypsy Wheelers who became the Whiterock Hells Angels were normal. Rainbow Ricky's crew were not. You can rewrite history but you can't change the truth. I'm indifferent towards the Walrus. He's keeping the Surrey Girls in check after Whiterock cut those heatbags loose.

Here's a playlist for your party. Old School is better than no school. I ain't ready to party but I am ready to ride. I don't smoke lightning but I do enjoy thunder. Ride hard, Die free.

When the CFSEU said the Hells Angels are having a problem recruiting young guys, that's simply not true. A few months ago I had a day off work so I was at the gym mid week and I saw two guys I hadn't seen there before. One was wearing a Hells Angels T-shirt. I was working the heavy bag with my boxing, sticks and wooden swords. It was a young guy. Not in great shape but there like everyone else to work it. I didn't recognize them so I didn't say anything but I thought why are you wearing colors at the gym? Who are you trying to impress?

He was a young kid who just got his patch trying to show off to the world. I didn't know if he had a chip on his shoulder but he definitely felt like he had something to prove. Us old timers have nothing to prove. I'm not saying he was a bad kid. It's just the older guys usually try to be low profile. If you're too high profile you become a heat bag. I didn't see their bikes parked out front so they must have ridden in a car. Usually if you're somebody, your reputation proceeds you. Everybody knows who you are, you don't have to advertise it. Take Gus for example. He doesn't have to wear colors, everyone knows who he is.

It's like the young kids that start sh*t in the nightclubs on Granville. They lift up their shirts, show their gang tats and say do you know who I am? Those kids are heat bags begging to get shot. That's exactly what happened to Gumby and Jonathon Bacon in Kelowna. They were loud and proud trying to start sh*t and they got shot. It's kind of a natural consequence of their actions.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a guy go into a stall at the gym on his way to the shower. I clearly saw his RA tat on his back. When I saw it I was kind of shocked and you could tell when we made eye contact I recognized him. I wanted to talk to him but I was in a rush to get back to work so I didn't wait around. He is a really good guy and works with KidsPlay speaking to kids in schools. He is and was the real deal. Having guys like that speak to kids in school is a million times more effective than having a cop speak to them. Just sayn.

Marxist gets cancelled for criticizing gender ideology

This is rather amusing. It also opens the door for another important conversion about different opinions and different brands of Communism. Andrew Lawton from True North interviewed Stuart Parker who is a devote Marxist from BC and was cancelled for disagreeing with transitioning children without their parents' consent. Wait a minute... I know that guy. He sat beside me at a Surrey civic election debate once. Stuart is a devote Marxist? Well that would explain a lot : )

There was a young girl there from Cambodia who was with a fake anti poverty group calling for defunding the police. When she said that I was shocked. This was long before the ANTIFA riots. I looked down and tried to contain my amazement. Then a leftist troll gave me sh*t for rolling my eyes at the concept of defunding the police. That's when I lost it. I said this young girl is from Cambodia. Her parents survived the Communist genocide in Cambodia and here she is preaching the same lies that created the genocide in Cambodia. Stuart jumped in and said that was ridicules but it's not. If he's a Marxist he would know that. No hard feelings. I like Stuart. I just didn't vote for him. There were other issues that we certainly did agree on.

This reaffirms the fact that although no two people agree on every issue, no two people disagree on every issue either. I agree with Stuart Parker and Vladimir Putin on Gender Ideology.

Friday, July 21, 2023

William Majcher set up like Cameron Ortis was

Well the fake news is going off on another rampage. This time all their fake experts with ties to CSIS and Globalism are trashing William Majcher just like they trashed and set up Cameron Ortis. As soon as I saw the article I thought it sounded fishy. Then I notice all their fake experts share quite a bizarre resume. The name sounded really familiar but I couldn't place it. Until I notice all this traffic on an old blog post I made about him.

This is another whistle blower they are setting up like Cameron Ortis.
William Majcher is a former RCMP undercover investigator who brought down a lawyer that laundered money for the Haney Hells Angels which was tied to the murder of Ernie Ozolins.

Province orders City of Surrey to stick with transition to municipal police force

CBC is reporting that "The province has ordered the City of Surrey to continue its transition to the Surrey Police Service (SPS), despite the new council's plan to revert to the RCMP. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth said in a release Wednesday that the move to the RCMP could have caused a 'crisis in policing' as the city failed to prevent an exodus of SPS officers."

"Farnworth also said the city failed to demonstrate they could staff the Surrey RCMP without pulling RCMP officers from other communities, noting the organization is already experiencing a critical staffing shortage across the province and the country."

I support this decision and so does Wake up Surrey.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Shortage of air traffic controllers causing delays, cancellations in Canadian airports

CBC is reporting that "Canada's federal transport minister says he's pressuring the corporation that oversees the country's air traffic controllers to find solutions to staffing woes affecting passenger flights." How about lifting the vaccine mandate ya dumb f*ck.

Lady Gaga filming as Harley Quin in NYC

Help Tamara dot com

This court case against Tamara Lich is a shameful disgrace.

Tulsi Gabbard on the censorship of rational debate

Prosecutors drop case against man accused in Nanaimo homeless camp shooting

CTV is reporting that "The British Columbia Prosecution Service has dropped its case against a 37-year-old man who was accused of shooting a man who was trying to retrieve suspected stolen property from a homeless camp in Nanaimo earlier this year." AYFKM? God Damn you.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Dana White on Justin Trudeau

Dana White recently expressed his true feelings about Justin Trudeau. Twice. We agree.

Dana White: The only thing you want from government is for them to stay out of your business.

Georges St-Pierre Joins Joe Rogan in His Criticism of Justin Trudeau

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

US Soldier crosses over into North Korea

AP News is reporting that "The U.S.-led United Nations Command is trying to secure the release of an American soldier who fled to North Korea from the South Korean side of a border village. Private 2nd Class Travis King, in his early 20s, had just been released from a South Korean prison where he was held on assault charges. Instead of getting on a plane to be taken back to Fort Bliss, Texas, he left and joined a tour of the Korean border village of Panmunjom, where he ran across the border." Well I guess that kind of explains it.

CBS stated that the US soldier willfully and without authorization crosed over into North Korea. BBC said the soldier acted willingly by "making a run" but without authorisation. Reuters said US soldier flees into North Korea in new crisis over the nuclear-armed state." How is this a crisis?

"The crossing comes at a time of renewed tension on the Korean peninsula, with the arrival of a U.S. nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine, and the launch early on Wednesday morning of two ballistic missiles into the sea by North Korea." That's the crisis. US sent a submarine with nuclear missiles on it. They are trying to provoke a conflict because they have nothing else better to do. This is yet another manufactured emergency.

"North Korea has been testing increasingly powerful missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, including a new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile launched last week." They ran a test to launch a satellite just like South Korea did. Stop trying to create conflict. Just ask Donnie to give Kim a call.

Travis King: US soldier in N Korea had been held after fighting in Seoul

Surrey Six Police misconduct trial has begun

I noticed that Cody Haevischer was in Vancouver Supreme court today. This is for the police misconduct trial in the Surrey Six case. Matthew Johnston was not present in court. He's dead. So we are lead to believe. He died mysteriously of cancer shortly after Jamie Bacon made a recording for the police trying to get Matthew Johnston to join him in cooperating with the police. One has to wonder why Jamie Bacon would risk his life and his family's life to try and convince Matthew Johnston to enter the witness protection program if he knew he was dying of cancer.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Tucker Carlson still rocking the free world

Jimmy Dore on the JFK Smear Job

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Fake News calls protecting children contravertial

The Canadain Fake News is reporting that "Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre's office is tight-lipped over a photo of one of his Opposition critics posing with two people wearing slogans against measures addressing sexual orientation and gender identity in schools."

"The latest photo shows Calgary MP Jasraj Singh Hallan, the Conservative finance critic, standing with three other men during a pancake breakfast that was open to the public last week as part of the Calgary Stampede. Two of the men are wearing white T-shirts with black letters that read 'leave our kids alone.' The shirts also show a smaller, stylized image of a family beneath an umbrella sheltering them from the rainbow of colours associated with LGBTQ Pride flags."

The Fake News' malicious misrepresentation of this campaign is purely Satanic. Brainwashing children and transitioning them without their parents consent is deplorable. Children cannot consent. The adverse reactions need to be carefully weighed becasue they are severe.

Sikhs and Muslims support protecting children. Jagmeet Singh and the Fake News do not.

Interview with Robert Wallace from Gays Against Groomers

Interview with Pierre Barns from

The Pharmaceutical Fraud behind Transitioning

Transitioning is Conversion Therapy

Iranian Protesters in Vancouver

In addition to the Falun Gong protest in Vancouver, there was also a protest by a resistance group in Iran. This is a very sensitive issue and I will try to tread lightly but the CIA is inherently dishonest and the CIA are deeply involved in Iran's politics and have been ever since their coup in 1953. Fist off, I completely oppose the demonization of Iran. Iranians are really nice people. They're Persians not Arabs. Rick Steve's visited Iran as did a young couple from Norway.

Women have a lot more rights in Iran then they do in Saudi Arabia. In Iran women are encouraged to go to university and when they wear their hijab they rock it back slightly so a touch of hair is showing. My Syrian neighbors would never do that. They wear their hijab so it completely covers all their hair in a very devote manner. After all, they are in Canada and they don't have to wear hijabs but they choose to do so because it is part of their religion just like Sikh men wear turbans and Jewish men wear hats. I believe in the freedom of religion.

I'm not a fan of Islamic States or any other state religion. However, if we embrace the Jewish State in Israel then we are forced to embrace the Islamic State in Iran. After all, MI6 and the CIA put it there. Regime changes are always problematic and the CIA always has a motive. The CIAs motive is never good. They are masters of lies and deception.
The CIA created ISIS to justify military intervention in Syria. That was an oil war just like Iran. It had nothing to do with fighting for freedom and fighting against terrorism. Assad supported the pipeline from Iran while ISIS supported the pipeline from Qatar who armed ISIS. The US assassinated the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani for defeating ISIS in Syria. Now the CIA is defaming him just like China defames the Falun Gong. The first casualty of war is the truth.

I did not support Donald Trump's position on Iran. He relied too heavily on his intel from the CIA which was tainted. The CIA were the ones promoting Joe Biden and fixing elections in Arizona. Believing anything they say is inherently insane. Previously I reported that "Instagram and Facebook says it's removing posts supporting Soleimani to comply with US sanctions."
We know that Facebook was and is a main source of misinformation. Whatever they censor is worth examining. The organized group of protesters in Vancouver yesterday supported Maryam Rajavi. In 2018 the Guardian reported on the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) "Widely regarded as a cult, the MEK was once designated as a terrorist organisation by the US and UK, but its opposition to the Iranian government has now earned it the support of powerful hawks in the Trump administration, including national security adviser John Bolton and the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo." Things that make ya go hmmm...

"They fought for the Iranian revolution – and then for Saddam Hussein. The US and UK once condemned them. But now their opposition to Tehran has made them favourites of Trump White House hardliners. For almost two decades, under their embittered leader Massoud Rajavi, the MEK staged attacks against civilian and military targets across the border in Iran and helped Saddam suppress his own domestic enemies. But after siding with Saddam – who indiscriminately bombed Iranian cities and routinely used chemical weapons in a war that cost a million lives – the MEK lost nearly all the support it had retained inside Iran. Members were now widely regarded as traitors. Rajavi has not been seen since 2003 – most analysts assume he is dead – but under the leadership of his wife, Maryam Rajavi, the MEK has won considerable support from sections of the US and European right, eager for allies in the fight against Tehran."

Heavy sigh. The CIA launched a new campaign demonizing Iran after they started releasing oil reserves to lower the price of oil and ease the European energy crisis. We cannot oppose the clerical regime in Iran without also opposing the clerical regime in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Falun Gong Rally and March in Vancouver

The Falun Gong had a rally and march today in Vancouver commemorating 24 years of persecution in China. This is a copy of a very informative pamphlet they handed out explaining about organ harvesting of political prisoners. Xi Jinping didn't start the persecution of the Falun Gong but he could stop it. In fact, he recently removed the former president who started the persecution from congress. That might have been a good sign. After all, Buddhism is one of the five state Religions the CCP sanction and the Falun Gong are Buddhists.
Article 36 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China protects religious freedom.

I have known the Falun Gong for many years. They are exactly what they say they are. They are honest, peaceful, polite and nonviolent. Many years ago the former president of China staged a fake public trial full of ridiculous lies that was broadcasted all over state run television. I know practitioners from China. Men would come up to me and say back in China I was very angry and would get in lots of fights. After joining Falun Gong I became much more peaceful. I believe it. Everything about them is peaceful. Their music is very soothing. The lies about them were false.

If the CCP is worried about foreign influences, the Flaun Gong are not it. Peace - Ho Ping.

David Leatherwood: Children cannot consent

The activists pushing the sexualization and transitioning of children in school aren't even trans.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

CBC trashes documentary on child traficking

I suppose there are a few more things we should talk about. We all know the CBC is completely worthless. Tara Henley confirmed it but so did Marianne Klowak, who was also an award-winning senior CBC Reporter and journalist. She testified at the National Citizens Inquiry. So those are first hand witnesses from specialists in the field.

Now there's two aspects of this tainted coverage that I want to address. Child trafficking is horrific. We all agree on that. The fact that the fake news doesn't reveals their support for the Q+ MAP agenda. We can argue back and for whether child trafficking is a serous problem in Canada and the US but we can't argue what they are doing in schools here is wrong. Everyone can see that.

I also want to address the QAnon nonsense since CBC brought it up. Here's where it all comes together. Notice that the fake news is driven by the CIA. The CIA's perpetual disinformation campaign supports the World Economic Forum's brand of Communism. They control the MSM.

Notice the CBC's intent of using the term QAnon. They are trying to discredit the new film by falsely associating it with QAnon. The reason is, everyone knows QAnon is crazy and if the CBC can convince people that something is associated with QAnon they can successfully discredit whatever it is they are trying to defame. So here's the double edge sword. The fake news is CIA but so is QAnon. The CIA created QAnon to lead people astray but also to discredit the resistance to the WEF agenda. Just like they send in agent provocateurs to incite violence at a rally to justify shutting down the rally. Now let's talk PizzaGate.

Hilary Clinton without question personifies the rot that has sickened Democratic party as Tulsi Gabard so eloquently declared. There is no question. She was. Bill Clinton was a bit of a wild child like King Charles' brother Randy Andy. Jeffrey Epstein hooked them up with under age prostitutes, but they were not raping babies. That is ridiculous. Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. The reason why the CIA tries to get you hooked on that lie is so they can discredit you in the mainstream media. They pretend to be on your side but they're not.

The reality of child trafficking in Canada and the US is that many children are kidnapped in other countries and smuggled across the border illegally. That's another reason we need to address illegal immigration which the CBC doesn't want us to do. I'm all for immigration. Diversity makes us strong. Illegal immigration promotes crime and child trafficking. So does SOGI 123.

Outlaws and Loners MC rivalry in Cornwall, Ontario

CTV is reporting that "Ontario Provincial Police say officers in its biker enforcement unit are aiding two investigations into motorcycle gang violence in eastern Ontario. Two people were stabbed and one person was shot in Cornwall Saturday night in what Cornwall Police said was a fight between members of the Outlaws and Loners gangs."

"On Monday, the Outlaws clubhouse in Brockville burned down, damaging several nearby homes and displacing residents. OPP are calling the fire a suspected arson." The Outlaws and Hells Angels have rival puppet clubs selling drugs in New Brunswick. However, I am told that many Outlaws don't sell drugs just like many Hells Angels don't. Many do but as George Christie pointed out, those that do don't share the proceeds of those sales with the other members.

Turns out the beef between the Loners and the Outlaws in Cornwall, Ontario isn't about drugs. It's just an old beef over some stupid sh*t that happened a long time ago. Turns out that the Outlaws clubhouse that burned down wasn't the one in Cornwall it was another one. I have more information on that but I can't reveal it. All I can say is that it's not as violent as it appears.

I'm told that there's a split within the Loners MC in Ontario. One group is aligned with the Loners MC in Europe, the other group is not. The Loners MC is Europe normally get along with the Outlaws. I have more information on this but I'm gong to check with TBM before I post it. They posted a letter from the Loners MC president back in 2019.

As I've previously said, my concern in BC was a compromised Gang Task Force that would give Hells Angels associates police escorts to sell cocaine then would turn around and harass nondrug dealing members from going on rides. It was a double standard. I suppose that was IHIT not the CFSEU. IHIT has been dirty from the get go. There are a lot of insinuations in Cornwall.

The 13 Crew in Cornwall were a Hells Angels puppet club. They now appear to be the Loners.
However, it appears that the Loners MC in Cornwall aren't affiliated with anyone. They're not affiliated with the Red and White in Ontario or Quebec and they're not affiliated with the Loners MC in Europe. It appears that the Outlaws in Ontario are on good terms with the HAs in Toronto.

Ontario Biker busted with a kilo of crystal meth and a gun

CTV is reporting that "Investigators confirm to CTV News that one of three people arrested last month has ties to the One Order Motorcycle Club, which has chapters in London, Toronto and Halifax. 'We believe that Kevin Bingham does have ties to a one per cent biker club, and that is the One Order Chapter in Windsor,' said Windsor police Const. Bianca Jackson."

Kevin was busted last month along with two others. A kilo of crystal meth, a kilo of fentanyl and half a kilo of cocaine were seized along with a loaded revolver. Looks like a .44. It's a nice gun. The One Order MC are a bunch of buff brothers tied to the Hells Angels. Ontario has certainly stepped up their game from those other village idiots. These guys are pretty hard core. It's too bad because the drugs they're slinging are horrible. Follow the rich white man yo.
It appears that one of the full patch Hells Angels that sponsors the One Order MC is black. I'm not going to post his picture because he seems like a really nice guy and I don't want to see him killed. However, there are some things we need to discuss. In Surrey, after the Hells Angels killed Ali, they brought in the Driftwood Crips. Then as soon as Lil Man killed Mo in the DTES for Damion Ryan, they rolled on him and reported him to the police right after they paid him for the hit. That's how the Wolf Pack roll. Damion Ryan was slinging out there in Ontario as well.
Those who fight against Zion (A lawful society) shall turn against each other and they shall be drunk with their own blood. Buyer Beware. Mind how you go and by all means, watch your back.

I think the brothers from One Order need to hear just what happened to Ali and Lil Man so they truly understand the people they are working for. The guy in the middle is Ali - Suminder Singh Grewal. He was a full patch member of the newly formed Hardside chapter of the Hells Angels as were the two clowns on either side of him. Chad, the guy on his right is dead and Jamie, the guy on his left is hanging low before they cap him too. There's a story behind this and a life lesson.
Ali was one of the first brown guys around here to become a full patch Hells Angel. He was in charge of the Brother's Keepers who were an Indo Canadian gang that sold drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels here in Surrey. Before that the Edmonton Hells Angels ran Redd Alert which was a First Nations gang that sold drugs in the DTES.

They used Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. Then they gave that area to the Wolf Pack and Edmonton got Surrey instead. Then they killed Glen Nelson's wife who was in charge of RA. I guess he didn't want to give up the territory he fought for.

When Edmonton got Surrey they hired the Brother's keepers. BK had their share of internal strife before that. They had to kill off some of the founders before some of the opportunists took over and agreed to pay the HA tax. Ali was the one that held it all together. BK didn't fear him they respected him. For real. Since Ali did all the work and his new chapter was in a Surrey rental, he wanted some of the drug proceeds. Edmonton said no way, they just gave up the DTES for Surrey and they had more seniority than Ali so they killed him. BK wouldn't do it so they had to send a couple guys from Edmonton to do it to have their debt forgiven.

Then came Lil Man. The Edmonton chapter brought in the Driftwood Crips to help secure the monopoly on the drug trade in Surrey. Lil Man's real name was Naseem Ali Mohammed. Damion Ryan hired Naseem Mohammed to kill Anees Mohammed aka Mo. As soon as he killed Mo, Naseem’s name and picture was plastered all over the PoPo’s most wanted lists just like 1hunnid. The Wolf Pack roll on the people they hire to kill someone so the police get a bust and they get a free ride to sell drugs. That's their MO. Damion Ryan is with the Wolf Pack.

BTW do you know how Damion Ryan got his filthy few patch over in Greece? He and Robbie killed one of Larry Amero's co accused when he came to them for help. No L&R there.

Weekly Wednesday Protest in Maple Ridge

At the Canada Day event in Maple Ridge I found out that they have weekly protests there every Wednesday from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM but it's more like 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM. They're located at the Grassy Knoll on Lougheed Highway in front of Ricky's beside Staples. They've been dong it ever since the convoy and the mainstream media hasn't said a word. The reason they're there is because the mandates still haven't been completely lifted. Nurses are still out despite the shortage of health care workers. Bonnie Henry's manufactured emergency.
They have lots of signs and you're welcome to join them.
I met a very dedicated nurse there who was terminated for her vaccination status. She hands out Druthers in her spare time. That's another important independent media outlet. People do forget nurses still aren't back to work. BC and Nova Scotia are the only provinces left not to bring them back. Now that the pandemic is over there is no excuse. Bonnie Henry is just being punitive. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. There are a lot of new concerns now.
There are many completely insane bills that have slipped through unnoticed and need to be repealed. We need to talk about them because the media won't. They don't want you to know what the fine print really says. Our freedom is under fire like never before.
Tara Henley's most recent podcast was entitled The collapse of Canadian media. Her and her guest Jen Gerson talked about the sad state of affairs that face Canadian media. Bell Canada laid off 1300 staff. Why is that? Because they don't need reporters to find the news. They just want propagandists to repeat the narrative. With all the media mergers different opinions have disappeared. One of the mothers at the protest homeschools her children. She said one time they collected a series of different newspapers on a particular day and compared them. She said they were all the same word for word. That's not surprising. It's because of all the media mergers.

This is why independent media is so important. This is why these weekly protests going on all over the province are so important. The media won't cover them but the people in the community see them. There are several groups represented at the Maple Ridge weekly protest and they also hold town halls. This continues to get the word out.

Just for the record, I have been made aware of several irregularities in the last civic election in Maple Ridge. Just like in the last Surrey civic election. Both were run by Dominion voting. So Maple Ridge voting fraud in now on my radar just like Arizona. As Wake up the Surrey coalition has said, they can steal our vote but they can't steal our voice.