Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Bill C4: Transitioning children without Parent's consent

In my interview with Pierre Barns from Pierre said Pierre Poilievre voted in favor of a bill that supported children transitioning without their parents consent. I find that very concerning. I asked him which bill and he said Bill C-4. When I looked it up it said it was about Conversion Therapy. When I asked him about it he said read what it says. I was like OMG.

It reminded me of a scene from a Michael Moore movie where he was interviewing a House Representative about the text of the Patriot Act. The politician said we don't actually read the text of the bills we vote on. I get it they're long but Bill C-4 was a mistake and needs to be repealed along with Federal Bill C-47 and BC Bill 36. C4 is a bomb that blows up reason and normality. It destroys the family unit and abolishes parental rights. Candice Bergen voted against the inherently insane bill as well as many others. The bill needs to be repealed.

It's like the Patriot act. There's nothing patriotic about it. Conversion therapy is supposed to be when a young man is Gay, his parents take him to a therapist to make him straight. I understand the concerns with that. Same sex attraction is rarely fixed through therapy and it compounds the guilt. However C-4 redefines conversion therapy completely.

It claims that cisgender gender identity is a myth and claims gender expression that conforms to the sex assigned to a person at birth are to be preferred over other gender identities and gender expressions is harmful. I kid you not. That founding premise is bat sh*t crazy.

What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words are consenting adults. The inherit problem with C-4 is two fold. It lowers the age to minors removing a child's protection from political predictors. It also expands the definition of conversion to include the entire Q+ alphabet soup. The inherit problem with the bill in the use of the term Q+. Q+ is infinite. There is no line drawn. That means we are forced to accept and embrace anything and everything down that dark and confused road and where it ultimately leads.

That means if a political predator plants a crazy idea in a child's head and that child says they want to identify as a cat or dog, then the parent or a therapist is not allowed to disagree with them. The bill claims if they disagree with the children's delusion and try to help them process their feelings and understand them, they are harmful and banned from doing so. That is insane.

Q+ includes MAPs - Minor Attracked Persons. I acknowledge same sex attraction but the attraction to children is not normal and is not healthy. Banning a pedophile from getting therapy is not acceptable but that is exactly what this bill does. Since we're here, lets talk about other aspects of Q+ since it completely open ended. How about beastuality?

Beastuality is not normal. You can identify as an animal, can you have sex with an animal? That falls under Q+. Bill C-4 states that if someone wants to go to therapy to help them overcome their sexual attraction to animals the therapist is banned from helping them. The key concern with conversion therapy is consent. If people want help to overcome their gambling addition, they should be allowed to seek that help. The concern with conversion therapy was forcing people to do something against their will. People have the right to get help with anything they want help with. Bill C-4 was a mistake and needs to be repealed.

If an adult male wants to get breast implants, then have at it but that is cosmetic surgery. Cutting off children's body party and turning them into life long pharmaceutical addicts is not acceptable. Puberty blockers block the natural development of a child's brain. These pharmaceutical drug dealers are far worse than anything we've ever seen on the street. It's time to stop them.

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  1. You have got to be kidding me? Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse with our politicians and government you read or hear the next crazy bill.

    I thought Poilevre was a great replacement for Trudeau but him voting for this bill makes you wonder. Honestly, if they don’t have the time to at minimum know the gist of a bill then they have no place voting on it. WTF?

  2. I became aware of this tragic bill a few months ago. It was another one that slipped thru the cracks and the public was unaware of the waiting catastrophe of its action. I was extremely disappointed to learn that Pierre had voted for it and I hate to make excuses for his act but the only recourse for PC, to me, is for him to announce repelling this act along with others he has promised to repel once PM. I would find it more honourable for these politicians to admit their mistakes and correct them then to carry on with their head up their arse and pretend they played no role in the trafficking of our children. Fix whats broken!

    1. Exactly. All parties are not the same and everyone makes mistakes. I don't think anyone had any idea how far the political predators would take this. Transitioning used to mean an adult male would get breast implants. Cutting of children's body parts without their parents consent is absolutely Satanic.


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