Sunday, January 31, 2021

Surrey RCMP Whistleblower set up and hung to dry

Global is reporting that "A member of the Surrey RCMP has been arrested and faces possible criminal charges. Sources have told Global News that the constable was taken into custody earlier this week, after he was discovered inside a vehicle with known gang associates."

What? He was caught with the Surrey Six killers in the Witness Protection Program?

Dr Kim is reporitng that "RCMP E Division spokesperson Dawn Roberts confirmed the probationary member with less than two years experience has been removed from operations and suspended. She would not provide more details of the investigation except to say it was not being done by Surrey RCMP, but by another unit." They're all Post Media News.

The whole GTF is compromised not just one person. Is this a smoke and mirrors operation to distract us from the fact that the Surrey Six killers are being paid to testify against rivals?

Maybe he was trying to recruit them for the rat out your rivals program? Oh they were the wrong rivals. I see. They only want people who will testify against Hells Angels rivals. Was he trying to bust the Hells Angels associates selling drugs out of Shakerz? Oh he's not allowed to do that. The corruption in IHIT and the BC CFSEU is not from the ground up, it's from the top down.

Hodge Twins discus GameStop and Reddit

Hedge funds making money when companies fail does not benefit the economy. Now they are censoring a reddit ap because they were helping a company succeed and hedge funds were losing money . Big tech censorship is always bad. Vultures and Vampires Suck.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Surrey Six killers convictions set aside

Dr Kim is reporting that "This was a bit of a surprise ruling in the B.C. Court of Appeal Thursday. I was the only reporter inside Courtroom 70 when Justice Joyce Dewitt-Van Oosten read a very brief statement that said killers Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston have had their convictions set aside, even though the court also upheld the 2014 guilty verdict against them. So what does this mean? Well of course, we haven’t seen full reasons for this decision and likely never will do to the fact that part of the appeal was heard in secret." Heard in secret?!

This ties in with the new news I said I had but didn't want to report on it until it was confirmed. I had heard that Jamie Bacon had cut a deal and that new fentanyl charges were being raised against him so he fired his lawyer and hired the Bobbsey twins' lawyer.

Do you know what that means? If that is true, it means that Jamie Bacon has agreed to cooperate with the police and has entered the Witness Protection Program with Blaze in the Rat Pack to testify against rivals on the tax payers dime. It means the new charges are fake. If that is true, that is the biggest betrayal of public trust this province has ever seen.

I wanted to hold back on reporting it for two reasons. It was unconfirmed and it would kill Eileen Mohan. However, this news about Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston already has and she deserves to know why. This new deal held in secret is abominable. It is reminiscent of the Bobbsey twins deal before they started cooperating with the police.

The only way this could be a good thing is if they were testifying against the people who hired them to commit the Surrey Six murder for the Hells Angels. Yet if Jamie Bacon has retained the Bobbsey twins' lawyer and has joined the rat pack with Blaze, I think that is highly unlikely. It looks like more help for the Hells Angels monopoly on the drug trade at the tax payers expense.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Yet another fatal shooting in Langley

The Peace Arch News is reporitng that "Two men in their 20s were shot in Langley City just before midnight on Tuesday, one was pronounced dead at the scene while the other was taken to hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. RCMP were called to the area of 207 Street and 53A Avenue around 11:30 p.m. where a 22-year-old man was found shot and killed in a vehicle while another man suffered gun shot wounds."

A dark truck filmed in the shooting was found burned out in Surrey. Dr Kim has identified the victim as Arshdeep Singh. I still haven't heard the name of the victim in the January 21st fatal shooting in Langley. As I previously reported, The Hells Angels have hired the Driftwood Crips from Toronto to eliminate the Kang group in Metro Vancouver just like they hired the Brothers Keepers to bring more violence to Surrey. They brought in the Driftwood Crips after the Edmonton Angels killed Ali in Surrey and the Crown dropped the charges.

Tulsi Gabbard understands her oath

Russia Lifts Covid19 Restrictions

Principia Scientific is reporting that "Going Against The Paranoia Of Western Governments, Vladimir Putin Announced Today The Return To Normal In Russia."

So Russia returns to normal. Wuhan is throwing pool parties and dance parties while the WHO admits that the Covid levels in their test were wrong yet Global television has a fake doctor on preparing for mass casualties. What part of stupid is so hard to understand?

Thursday, January 28, 2021

China’s Global Threat to Human Rights

Human Rights Watch is reporting that "China’s government sees human rights as an existential threat. Its reaction could pose an existential threat to the rights of people worldwide. At home, the Chinese Communist Party, worried that permitting political freedom would jeopardize its grasp on power, has constructed an Orwellian high-tech surveillance state and a sophisticated internet censorship system to monitor and suppress public criticism. Abroad, it uses its growing economic clout to silence critics and to carry out the most intense attack on the global system for enforcing human rights since that system began to emerge in the mid-20th century."

Trouble in Tibet. This is why they want gun control. These are the people that control Global Television and our main stream media. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.
Falun Info is reporting that "For more than a decade, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been systematically killing innocent people on a large scale, and extracting their vital organs to fuel a multi-billion dollar organ transplant industry. A vast majority of the victims are Falun Gong practitioners, who have been detained by the CCP simply because of their faith."

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Donald Trump: President in Exile

Just kidding. However, in Canada Donald Trump would be known as the leader of the opposition. He would have a crucial voice in holding the new president accountable. We still want to hear what Donald Trump has to say. I do not believe Biden won Arizona. Now Trump can really say what he wants. China is a scourge to human rights. Just ask the Dalai Lama. Let freedom ring.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Some seniors have died from the Pfizer vaccine in Norway

Rebel News is reporting that "According to the NY Post 23 people died in Norway within days of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, recently, all 13 were at least 80 years old. The story, which stems from a report from Norway, also notes that 29 people in total suffered side effects, which includes the 13 who died; of those effected, 21 were women and eight were men.” Norway warns frail patients over 80 of vaccine risks after deaths.

Remdesivir would not have killed those seniors. The UK issued a previous warning.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tse Chi Lop, ‘Asia’s El Chapo’, busted in Amsterdam

The New York Post is reporting that "An alleged drug lord known as “Asia’s El Chapo” has been busted in Amsterdam on suspicion of running a multibillion-dollar narcotics operation, authorities said. Tse Chi Lop, a Chinese-born Canadian national, was detained without incident at Schiphol Airport at the request of Australian police, which has led an international investigation into his cartel, Dutch police spokesman Thomas Aling said on Saturday."

Australia is now trying to extradite him. El Chapo worked for the CIA just like Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escobar. You work for us until we throw you in jail and take all your money. Sounds shady.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Joe Biden invades Syria first day in office

David Harris Jr is reporting that "Joe Biden is keeping at least one of his promises. That is the one where he promised to reverse Trump policies. President Trump had been withdrawing troops in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. On his first day in office, Biden sent in a convoy of weapons and 200 fresh troops into Syria, in keeping with his longtime position of war at any cost. This is likely not to sit well with Syria and amounts to a military occupation of their country." Abominable.

So Joe Biden stops the Keystone pipeline and starts a war for Saudi oil. Go figure - China says.

U.S. Imports No Saudi Crude Oil for First Time in 35 Years. Now Joe Biden puts Saudi First.

Elections Canada break the law and fine Ezra Levant

Rebel News is reporting that Elections Canada sent a letter to Ezra Levant stating that he was convicted of two counts of breaking the law and was fined $3,000 — specifically for writing a book comparing Justin Trudeau to Tony Soprano, and for the drawing on the book's cover that compares them. He was convicted without a trial of something Elections Canada has no jurisdiction over. Ezra has of course filed an appeal which should include costs and damages.

Elections Canada do not own the copyright to the Sopranos name and logo so they have no authority to make an application on their behalf. That application would be made in a court of law not an Elections Canada tribunal. Ezra's book does not violate copyright. It is a satirical reference to the corruption within the Trudeau government which was clearly displayed in the We scandal and the SNC Lavalin fraud. Justin Trudeau is using Elections Canada to censor critics. No wonder he loves the Communist Manifesto so much.

Elections Canada is supposed to be nonpartisan. They are not supposed to interfere with free speech. This is another example of the Orwellian Era we now live in and how climatization is adjusting us to giving up our civil liberty. I encourage you to donate to the legal challenge against this and get a lawn sign but more importantly, I encourage you to cut the cable and subscribe to Rebel News. That will save the planet. $8 a month to Rebel News is money well spent.

Cable is a worthless toxic wasteland. Post Media News has destroyed the newspaper industry on the West coast and never made the transition to the digital market like Rebel News has. The Vancouver Sun and Province had a long history of credible journalism which was destroyed as soon as Post Media bought them. Now they are both cheap tabloids of political propaganda.

Likewise Global Television had a 60 year history of credible journalism. That has been destroyed by their new owners, Post Media News which has transformed Global Television into a cheap tabloid of fake news. It's time to cut the cable and support alternate news sources. That is supply and demand in a free market. Support free speech and stop financing corporate censorship.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Sweden's Midnight Sun / Polar Night with Jonna & Johan

Cocaine in bananas found in Kelowna grocery stores

Colombia says "After a mix-up, Canadian authorities mistakenly sent a shipment of bananas full of cocaine that had been seized last Tuesday. Kelowna police indicated that 21 kilograms of the drug from Colombia were found in the shipment, which ended up in grocery stores in the country."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "A dozen one-kilogram bricks were discovered mixed in with a box of bananas by workers at one grocery store then, later that day, nine other bricks were found with bananas at another shop." 21 kilos is a lot.

So whose mistake was it? Canadian authorities? The police seized the shipment then it was shipped to grocery stores by mistake. If they had half a brain they'd be dangerous. CTV is reporting that "When asked why the information was only coming to light two years later, the RCMP said it took Mounties and CBSA quite a while to trace the shipments to their source country, and to look into whether the intended receiver was in the area." That is shady.

The New York Post is reporting that "A botched drug-trafficking operation resulted in banana shipments stashed with cocaine being accidentally sent to Canadian grocery stores, authorities said." This happened February 2019 and we're just hearing about it now.

The same thing happened in Washington State August 2019.

Google has buried me but still works and Duck Duck Go hasn't burried us.

Another shooting in Langley

There was another shooting in Langley last night. Post Media Trash is reporting that the intended target who is known to the police contacted them after they got away and is cooperating with the police. LOL He must be from the Cub Pack. When the HAs don't dial 9/11 the cub pack runs to them soon as they start bustin caps. He wants to join Blaze and the rat pack.

Despite the fact that the victim in Monday morning's fatal shooting was known to the police, they still haven't released his name yet. That is shady and there's more to come from the rat pack.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

China says: Joe Biden open cheque book

There has been a whirlwind of activity that I'm going to comment on. The thing that won me over to Donald Trump during his term in office was the media. The absurdity of the mainstream media became obvious. Already we are hearing the polarized insanity from a propaganda driven machine funded by the Communist Party of China.

CTV is reporitng that "Alberta Premier Jason Kenney described the cancellation of Keystone XL's permit as a gut punch and insult to Albertans Wednesday." Of course it is. Chief Alvin Francis from the Nekaneet Cree Nation, which is part owner of the pipeline expressed his disappointment with the decision. I totally support lowering CO2 emissions.

However, I will simply point out that Communist China is the biggest polluter on the planet. Industrial coal is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions that exists. Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not green energy. That is a toxic lie.

We have to ask ourselves where does this fake climate accord really take us? Is it another excuse to take away our civil liberty and ban us from driving cars? That is exactly where some of these fruit cakes want to take this. They want to use fake environmentalism to implement Communism​ through the global reset.

Joe Biden restores funding to the WHO. How is that a good thing? The director of the WHO is not a medical doctor. He is a leader of a violent Communist paramilitary organization in Ethiopia. How do we know that money doesn't go to support revolutionary Communism? We don't.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, "China has said it wants to cooperate with Joe Biden’s new US administration, while announcing sanctions against the “lying and cheating” outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo and 27 other top officials under Donald Trump. The move was a sign of China’s anger, especially at an accusation Pompeo made on his final full day in office that China had committed genocide against its Uighur Muslims, an assessment that Biden’s choice to succeed Pompeo, Anthony Blinken, said he shared." Organ harvesting of political prisoners is a genocide. Communisms is the Mother of all Lies and the CCP is full of it.
Mitch McConnell and George Bush are deplorable. Mitch McConnell has received millions of dollars from the Communist Party of China. It's all documented in the nonpartisan book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer. George Bush and Bill Clinton were CIA candidates because they are both globalists. George Bush Sr was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. This was documented in the book Compromised by Terry Reed.

It's not about Republican vs Democrat. It's about Patriot vs Globalist.
Online radicalization is growing in BC

It's called CBC and Global Television. CBC lied about the Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They straight up lied. That used to be big news when a media outlet lied. Now it's par for the course in the new world order of leftist radicalization. Global had a 60 year history of credible reporting as did the Vancouver Sun and Province. All of that was instantly destroyed by Post Media News who changed the news into propaganda and Corporate branding. Indeed the online radicalization of the Mainstream media is completely out of control.

We are not homophobic. We support Brandon Straka whom you have censored. We are not transphobic. We support Blair White. We are not racist. We support Candace Owens and the Hodge twins. Your lies have become ridiculous. Everyone who disagrees with Communism is not a racist homophobe and they are not radicals. Supporting Communism is radicalization.

Joe Biden: Hail to the Thief

Joe Biden Commander in Theif shirt - Legal challenge to the US Election fraud was never heard

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Janice Bryant's memorial and the double edge sword

CBC is reporitng that "A grieving Vancouver mother has vowed to rebuild a shrine she maintained for years in her daughter's memory after it was removed without any notice. The shrine, near East 7th Avenue and St. Catherines Street in East Vancouver, was established near the spot where Marlene Thistle's daughter, Janice Nicole Bryant, 33, was shot and killed on May 23, 2017. Bryant's killer has not been found. "Someone took it upon themselves to remove the memorial, and dump it ... like it was garbage," said Thistle. "My daughter is not garbage."

Heavy sigh. There is no statute of limitation on grieving the loss of a son or daughter. This case is indeed heartbreaking. I was in the drum circle at her memorial. I was the one with the Irish drum. Same drum, different drumstick. It was a very spiritual experience. Janice's husband Glen Nelson was with the Redd Alert and took back all the drug dealers in the DTES for the Hells Angels. Glen had street cred. He became too powerful so the club hired Steele to kill his wife. Steele would not have been allowed to kill Glen's wife without the club's permission - 8151.

IHIT's not going to investigate it because they have Hells Angels associates in the witness protection program. Their entire unit is compromised. IHIT made some changes after they botched the Surrey Six investigation and I was hopeful. Now I am not and it ties in with the new news that is coming. The problem with a company man is that when the company becomes corrupt so does the company man. An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

The BC Gang Task force is also compromised. When the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Ali in Surrey, the crown dropped the charges. The Redd Alert is also administered out of Edmonton just like the Brother's Keepers are. The Compromised BC Gang Task Force claims that if they help the Hells Angels obtain and maintain a monopoly on the drug trade, there will be less public violence. That is an offensive lie. Just aks Janice Bryant and Janice Shore.

The Hells Angels hired the brother's Keepers to bring violence to Surrey. Now they have hired the Driftwood Crips to bring more violence to Vancouver. The Hells Angels are the root of all the gang violence in Vancouver while IHIT and the BC Gang Task Force are helping them. I'd say shame on you but you obviously have no self-respect so I'll simply say I am ashamed of you. I believe in law enforcement but this is not it. The truth is a double edged sword.

Fatal shooting in Langley

CTV is reporting that a 27 year old man was fatally shot in a parkade at 200th street and 56th Avenue Monday morning. He was known to the police.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Erin O'Toole betrays his voters again

Erin O'Toole is the reason Justin Trudeau will be re-elected. We would have been better off keeping Andrew Sheer. Andrew Sheer got more votes than Justin Trudeau in the last election. Leslyn Lewis got more votes than he Erin O'Toole in the second round but she was taken off the ballot because of some mysterious formula that no one has seen or verified. All of her supporters and all of Derick Sloan's supporters helped Erin the Tool get elected over Peter McKay. As soon as he was elected he boldly betrayed all of those supporters and he just did it again.

Castanet is reporting that "Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole says he wants Ontario MP Derek Sloan kicked out of the party caucus over a donation to his leadership campaign from a white supremacist." Sloans campaign received a $131 donation from wing nut and didn't know who it was when they cashed the insignificant cheque. No doubt Erin the tool has some pretty shady contributors of his own that donate a lot more than a few pennies.

This represents everything that's wrong with Mulroneyism. Dig up dirt on political opponents so we can kick them out of the party. That sounds a lot like the Communists. Although Erin O'Toole was a step forward from Peter McKay it was a baby step. After he was elected, I rescinded my membership in that party and joined Maxime Bernier's party. Max is the only conservative leader in Canada. The Toolman is just another tax and spend globalist.

If it wasn't for Derrick Sloan's supporters. Erin O'Toole would not have been elected leader.

As Derrick pointed out, his donor was a party member and voted in last year’s leadership contest - a fact that would have been known to all candidates, including Erin O’Toole .

My only concern with Mad Max is his position on Immigration. Mad Max is French. I am English, Scottish and Irish. We are both immigrants. Hard working immigrants have helped make Canada and Surrey great. I cannot comprehend why we would not welcome freedom loving Hong Kongers who are fleeing the Communist takeover of Hong Kong. We need more people like them in Canada now more than ever. Diversity makes us strong.

BTW this is not the big local news. This is just a nonissue. The big local news is about the gang war but I have to wait for authorization before I can run with it.

Legal challenge to the US Election fraud was never heard

Before I cover the big local news, I want to be very clear about two things. The legal challenge to the US election fraud was never heard and Global Television has lost its way.

The State of Texas filed a petition in the US Supreme Court alleging that several swing States violated the Constitution and allowed a significant amount of voter fraud. Along with that petition they submitted a great deal of court evidence. The court said, even if what you are saying is true, one State doesn't have jurisdiction over another State and they dismissed the application.

My response was, why didn't they refile in separate states? The answer is they did. Citizens in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia filed a petition with the US Supreme court objecting to the voter fraud in their States. Those court applications were never heard. The Supreme court deferred them until after January 20th. After the inauguration.

Saying that there was no evidence of voter fraud is a lie. There was plenty of court affidavits and video evidence. Saying that the court found no evidence of voter fraud is a lie. The court never heard the matter. The Attorney General never even investigated it.

Global was going off about how many people genuinely believe the election was stolen through voter fraud and will continue to beleive so until Donald Trump states that he misled them. That is absolutely ridiculous. Global just celebrated 60 years of credible news reporting. Post Media News has destroyed that with one sweep of the pen. Buyer Beware.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Election evidence shows the results were flipped

One America News Network is reporting that "Three States - Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia have cases and served petitions pending with the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has pushed the cases back to after January 20th. The estimated fraudulent votes from just the contested States is 3.9 million nationwide. There is enough confirmable evidence of election irregularities to indicate that the general election outcome was flipped. " That is the biggest news story in US history and the mainstream media is not covering it. Ask yourself why.

Overview of Donald Trump's term in office

As we objectively look at Donald Trump's term in office, I want to first cite three areas: his desire to drain the swamp, how the media attacked every breath he took and his ability to reject endless war profiteering then examine Wall Street and Corporate bailouts.

First the credibility meltdown of the media. As soon as Donald Trump was elected, the toxic and obsessive way the media misrepresented everything word that came out of his mouth became too painful to watch. It was absurd. The media had an agenda. It was no longer reporting the news it exclusively focussed on driving public opinion. It became the propaganda machine that we now see. The Hodge Twins repeatedly confronted the media's bias.

Kayleigh McEnany became a shining light in the dark world of media misrepresentation. The way the media would consistently attack her was dysfunctional and abusive. Yet she stood stong after relentless personal attacks. She became a role model for conservative women. Her intelligence was a refreshing alternative to the media's darkness.

Trump's desire to drain the swamp in Washington was a noble quest. He made a lot of enemies as a result and he became a target of the deep state. Anyone who supported that quest also became a target and endured relentless personal attacks. Defining the deep state is a daunting task because it is so powerful and so evasive. Danny Casolaro referred to it as the Octopus.

It's difficult to confront something you can't define. The NSA and the CIA are the prime components. JFK warned about secret societies. He wasn't talking about the Freemasons who founded the Constitution, he was talking about the CIA. Kennedy vetoed Operation Northwoods and said he wanted to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

Edward Snowden was a whistle blower. He exposed the fact that the NSA had been violating the Constitution and lying to Congress. The deep state refers to him as a traitor. The rest of us refer to him as a patriot. Edward Snowden should have received a pardon. When Tulsi Gabbard ran for the leadership of the Democrats she said if she was elected president, she would give Edward Snowden and Julian Assange a pardon. If Donlad Trump was trying to drain the swamp that is what he should have done. The NSA should not be spying on Americans without a warrant and the CIA should not be drug trafficking or meddling in US elections.

Next I'd like to address Donald Trump's ability to confront war profiteering. Tulsi Gabbard spoke out passionately opposing regime change wars and the neoliberal/neoconservative war machine. Rachel Blevins, one of the few nonpartisan journalists left consistently reported that no matter how much the Republicans and Democrats argued with each other, they always seemed to miraculously agree on spending more and more tax dollars on the ever expanding war machine.

No one disputes providing for the common defense and helping those help themselves when it comes to supporting democracy. Yet the regime change wars that overthrough democracy violate the Constitution. Donald Trump pulled US troops out of Syria. That was a good thing.
The war in Syrai had nothing to do with opposing terrorism or opposing a dictator. The war in Syria was simply about rival pipelines - one from Quatar to Turkey, the other from Iran. The CIA created ISIS to trick the American people into fighting that pipeline war. Afghanistan was also a war over a pipeline. The amount of bombs America continues to drop on Afghanistan is a crime.

Yet the primary thermostat for presidential public approval revolves around how the economy prospers under their leadership. In this area Donald Trump was a huge success despite the Deep States determination to destroy that through lockdowns and economic suicide.

The Wall Street bailouts and the national debt exploding into the trillions is a huge concern for every American who loves and cherishes freedom. Tax and spend pork barrel politics is the second biggest threat to America. The Communist Party of China is the first and Joe Biden is in bed with it. Corporate Communism is Communism. Both roads lead to the same place.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Remembering the 2020 US election fraud

Before I post an overview of Donald Trump's term in office, I want to record my dissent and cement in our minds the lasting memory of the 2020 US election fraud because it has clearly diminished all of us. In the last municipal election here in Surrey, the local activist group known as Wake up Surrey sounded the alarm over voter fraud here and said "You can steal our votes but you can't steal our voice." Their concern was vote tapering with mail in votes so this is not new.

In the last US election Wisconsin had an abnormally high voter turnout. It was so abnormal it pointed to election fraud. The number of mail in ballots that went almost exclusively to Joe Biden also pointed to voter fraud. The way the vote was conducted was shady. They called all the obvious States but held back on counting the swing States. As the Hodge Twins pointed out it looked like they waited to see how many extra votes they needed to flip the election.

We saw the votes pulled out from under the table after they told the scrutineers to leave. That mother and daughter team were in a conflict of interest. Dominion voting is in a conflict of interest. Donating to Hilary Clinton and Justin Trudeau is not something an impartial voting software company is supposed to do. Sharing office space with George Soros shadow clubs is Orwellian.

So we trusted in the legal process. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what kind of legal recourse there is for voter fraud. You can nullify the election and hold it again but that is just as problematic if you have the same people redo it again.

The Texas lawsuit was problematic. Texas filed a lawsuit stating that other states violated the Constitution. The court said that may well be the case but one States doesn't have jurisdiction over another state. So the lawsuit was dismissed. Not because there was no evidence of voter fraud. There was plenty. It was dismissed over standing and jurisdiction.

I'm not sure why voters in the swing States could not file a new action complaining about the voter fraud in their own States. Yet filing a separate legal action for each State is also problematic. We have found legitimate concerns with electronic voting, mail in ballots and with Dominion Voting. That is what we have discovered.

Quacks R Us keep saying the Storm is coming, Trust the Plan. Donald Trump will still be your president. No he won't. It's a done deal. The lawsuit never went anywhere. The objection to the electoral votes didn't have a chance. Mike Pence already conceded. He had no alternative. It's a done deal. Dr Q is lying to you just like he has all along.

Voter Fraud was their plan. The storm of Conservative censorship is here. The Capital Hill false flag was a complete sucess. In Surrey they said you can steal our votes but you can't steal our voice. Yet that is exactly what Facebook and Twitter are trying to do. That is why people are leaving YouTube for Rumble and are leaving Facebook for Clouthub and MeWe.

So yes Joe Biden will be the next president but he cheated. We all know that just like George Bush did in Florida back in 2000. The globalists within the Democrat party are teaming up with the globalists in the Republican party to form one party, the Communist Party of China. That means the patriots in the Democrat party can team up with the patriots in the Republican party to form another party that supports the US Constitution and a free republic. Communism sucks.

CBC faces CRTC for Corporate Content

CBC is reporting that "The CBC was forced to defend its plans for branded content on its digital platforms Friday as the CRTC peppered senior executives of the public broadcaster with questions about the controversial decision at a broadcast licensing hearing Friday. CBC's new marketing division called Tandem, which creates branded campaign content for corporate clients, has sparked criticism, including denunciations, an open letter and a petition from a number of stakeholders, including former and current CBC journalists. They worry that the paid content blurs the lines between advertising and news and will erode the integrity of CBC journalism."

"Campaign content for corporate clients." Where have we heard that before? That's all the mainstream media does now. It's not news it's advertising. The CBC has every right to turn its conglomerate into a cheap corporate tabloid. They should call the whole thing Tandem and lose tax funding since it has indeed forsaken objective journalism.

The CBC lied about the Covid hospitalization rates. They didn't make an error, they lied. That used to be big news when a news agency knowingly lies. Now it is considered advertising for their corporate clients. The Tornto Star is reporting that "The CBC says it has been offering branded content for many years, as have other media outlets around the world.” Exactly. That is the root of the problem. Toronto dot com is reporting that "CBC personalities Carol Off, Mark Kelley, Nahlah Ayed and Jeannie Lee are among a growing number of staff urging the public broadcaster to drop efforts to sell more branded content." CBC is branded content.

Joe Biden breaks promise on gun control

Rebel News is reporting on president elect Joe Biden's recent pledge to defeat the NRA and I just chalk it up to yet another bold faced lie. Joe Biden is not a moral man. During the election a NRA supporter challenged him and said you want to take away our guns. Joe did what Joe does and boldly called him a liar. Yet that is exactly what he has just announced he wants to do.

Gun control is what a Communist government does before it starts killing people. I do not support gun control. I support the Swiss model where target shooting is a national sport.

Steven Seagal said he believes that many of the mass shootings are orchestrated. I also believe that. Not all of them, some of them. There were too many rounds fired in the Orlando shooting for it to be just one person. There was no motive in the Nova Scotia mass shooting. Gun control was the only motive in that one. Crimes without a motive are suspicious. Operation Northwoods was real. The attack on the USS Liberty did happen. We need to face that.

This isn't the first time Uncle Joe was caught in a bold faced lie. When he was vice president under the Obama administration, he promised that they would not raise taxes on the middle class after they raised taxes on the rich. Then shortly thereafter he broke that promise.

Canada's $39 Billion Currency Swap With Bank Of China

Cap for Canada is reporting that “The central banks of China and Canada have renewed a bilateral currency swap agreement, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has announced. The swap line has a size of 200 billion yuan (about 30.96 billion U.S. dollars), or 39.39 billion Canadian dollars. It will be valid for a five-year period and can be extended on mutual consent. Published on January 14th, 2021, the Chinese media source article states that the currency swap extension between the two central banks will help promote bilateral financial cooperation, expand the use of local currencies and facilitate trade and investment.”

The rest of us are left wonder what on earth is wrong with Jutin Trudeau? That guy has some serious mental problems. Parading around with a Communist Manifesto saying he admires the dictatorship of China that holds political prisoners and executes them to order to make money off their organs shows that he definitely needs professional help. We need to revisit the dream.

Justin Trudeau is no Nelson Mandella. Nelson Mandella protected civl liberty by law as did Jutin's father. The CCP are mass murders like Chairman Mao who destroy civl liberty under the ridiculous lie that you must give up individual rights to make way for collective rights. Once you give up individual rights there are no collective rights because no one has any rights.

Do we have a currency swap with the United States? Propping up an ali would be far more productive than propping up a Communist dictatorship active in its attempts to take over the world through their manipulation of the UN and the WHO. All of this reminds me of the Korean War. Justin Trudeau is on the wrong side. He was training Chinese op. That's kinda called treason.

This is why I call Justin Trudeau Commodus from the movie Gladiator. Marcus Aurelius knew his son was not a moral man. Maximus didn't want the power but his son Commodus lusted after it. There was no free republic in Commodus' mind. Commodus wanted the power of dictatorship because he had small man syndrome just like Justin Trudeau. If you want to nationalize your oil like Norway, have at it but that doesn't mean you have to turn all your citizens into slaves.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Meng Wanzhou and the Huawei case

Before I review Donald Trump's term in office, I want to cite the Meng Wanzhou case. Although I despise the Communist Party of China's human rights violations, I did roll my eyes at the arrest of the Huawei CEO for doing business with Iran. That arrest was simply a cheap move in a trade war. Meng Wanzhou was arrested because Huawei was accused of doing business with Iran when the US had Iran under sanctions. That was ridiculous.

One minute Obama wanted to sell Iran nuclear reactors giving them weapons grade uranium and the next minute Donald Trump pulls out of that agreement and charges anyone who does business with Iran. Despite the fact that as soon as the US pulled out of that Agreement, England stepped up to sell Iran reactors. So giving Iran nuclear weapons is OK but selling them cell phones is not? There is something wrong with that picture.

It's like sanctions on North Korea. The US has every right to put any country it wants under sanctions but they do not have the right to ban other countries from doing business with a country they have placed under sanctions. This reeked of a trade war.

Concerns were expressed that China would use the cell phone to monitor Canadians. No kidding. That's the choice Canadians make when using that service. We all know the NSA is monitoring us on the other networks. Despite my distain for the CIA, I still rather have them monitor me than the Chinese Communist Party but neither is good.

China's execution of political prisoners is a far greater concern then them selling Iran cell phones. The subsequent arrest of the two Michaels was a perfect example of how childish and petty the CCP is. Yet those aren't the only political prisoners in China we need to be concerned about.

Qian Sun is a Candain political prisoner in China who was arrested for simply being a member of the Falun Gong. Arresting her was outrageous. China's political prisoners should concern all of us. Especially when they are executed to sell their organs. That was one of the facades under the Global Reset. You won't have to wait for an organ transplant. That's because they are murdering political prisoners to order. They weren't making them with 3D printers.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Another Impeachment Facade: Facing the Storm

It's time for a heart to heart. Before I cite the current impeachment absurdity and the ferocious storm we now face, I will cite the previous impeachment trial involving the Ukraine. The BBC reported that "President Trump was accused of breaking the law by pressuring Ukraine's leader to dig up damaging information on a political rival." The funny thing is, they were breaking the law. They were laundering money for the Communist Party of China. The big song and dance about Impeachment was a distraction from what they were actually doing in the Ukraine.

I know it's impossible for anyone to do this, but I'm going to ask you to try at look at the situation from a nonpartisan vantage point. Tulsi Gabbard is a good person. Bernie Saunders is sincere. Nancy Pelosi is neither. Mitt Romney's spook was tied to the money laundering in the Ukraine. That's why he didn't want it investigated. Now I'm going to address the hate.

When Donald Trump was first elected, I did not support him. I supported him over Hilary Clinton but I was very leery of him. After he was elected the media's hate and misrepresentation of everything he said and did became absurd. Candice Owens rose up to support him as did Brandon Straka. Both are superheroes I completely support. Brandon talked about the hate on the left and I saw it. Lynzee Domanico saw it. So did Blair White. That hate needs to be addressed. Candice Owens addressed it in a comical way in her coming out video.

This new impeachment trial is just as ridiculous as the previous one. All of the Trump rallies were nonviolent. They all carried signs that said this is what a peaceful protest looks like as opposed to ANTIFA and BLM. We repeatedly saw Trump supporters separated from the crowd get assaulted by ANTIFA thugs for marching with an American flag only to have the hateful degenerates steal the flag from them. These are the misfits who hate America and hate the American flag. That kind of hate is deranged. They burn the American flag at their protests because they hate America. Trump supporters were simply saying they love their country as they should.

I can tell you right now what would have happened if I went to that protest on Capitol hill. Say I showed up and the police opened the gate and waved me through. Say I went to the front door and the police opened the door and let me in. Say some guy walks up to me and says hey look, that's Nancy Pelosi office. Come on, the door is unlocked. I would say AYFKM? Not a chance.

The guy says why not? Nancy Pelosi is a b*tch. I'd be like, yeah she is. Her door just happens to be unlocked? It's a set up you f*cking idiot. There are cameras all over this place. They are trying to set us up and that they did. The idiot that stole the podium was photographed at BLM protests. To claim that Trump encouraged violence is a bold-faced lie and yet another distraction from their own wrong doing. This impeachment trial is another example of their uncontrollable hate.

The Fake Stream Media is reporting that Pro-Trump rioters plan second act — but not just in Washington. Where is this absurdity coming from? Wait 'till I tell ye - Q the CIA psyop. The CIA is sending out these press releases for their agent provocateurs.

"Trust the plan." Voter fraud was their plan. "The storm is coming." The storm of conservative censorship is here. They are using these provocateurs to justify censoring every conservative voice on the planet. Q is CIA. Joe Biden was the CIA's candidate. The CIA is the Octopus.
I support Donald Trump. I reject the lies of the left as well as their hate and their violence. I support law and order. I believe in low taxes and civil liberty for everyone. That is what I believe in. That doesn't make me racist or a homophobe. Trying to impeach Biden is just as stupid.

Why do you think Canadians from China and Hong Kong support Donald Trump? They have seen what the Chinese Communist Party does and is. They reject their lies our media is promoting. Donald Trump has more support now than when he was first elected.
JFK was a good president who believed in low taxes. He also hated the CIA. That's what got him killed. He vetoed Operation Northwoods and the secret service pulled back his body guard right before he was shot. That's all public record. Bernie Saunders wanted to disband the CIA because it is not accountable to the people. He was right. The CIA is a criminal organization.

WHO Team Arrives in Wuhan, But Will We Ever Know?

The Fake News Network is reporting that "Nearly a year into the pandemic, the world still doesn't know where the new coronavirus originated from and experts are warning we may never have a full picture of how the pandemic began." AYFKM? We know exactly where it came from.

"A group of scientists and experts spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in China to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus on Thursday." LOL that's like the police investigating itself. The director of the World Health Organization is not a medical doctor. He is a leader of a violent Communist paramilitary organization in Ethiopia. China was the one that lobbied for him to become director of the WHO. His investigation is a conflict of interest.

The Coronavirus came from the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. They claimed it came from eating bats but there were not bats sold at the seafood market and when you cook something it kills the bacteria and viruses. The Wuhan lab was studying the coronavirus in Chinese bats. Someone from that lab infected the Seafood market with the virus. Dr Fauci's funded the research on the bats at the lab. Covid tests sent to England were also infected with the virus.

Danny Casolaro: The Octpus

Speaking of the BCCI, I just want to give a shout out to Danny Casolaro and cite what he referred to as the Octopus. Danny Casolaro was an investigative journalist back when they still existed long before the rise of CNN and the fake news monopoly.

He was doing a story on organized crime and called it the Octoupus because it was so far reaching and so deceptive. It's tentacles spread everywhere including government and it was so evasive. As soon as you started investigating it, the black ink would come out and it would disappear. As soon as you cut one tentacle off, three more would grow in its place. It went far beyond INSLAW and the stolen PROMIS software. It cut to the heart of Iran contra and the CIA.

Cameron Ortis has been set up again

Another sign they are lying is when their story completely changes. Initially they claimed that Cameron Ortis, a civilian RCMP officer of significant integrity was charged with spying for China. I said bullsh*t so now they claim it wasn't for China it was for an Al-Qaeda based narco-terror banking network. WTF? Again I cry bullsh*t! The CIA is the narco-terror banking netwok. Cameron was probably a whistle-blower so they set him up like they did Michael Riconosciuto.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Rob Ford declares state of emergency in Ontario

Doug Ford has declared a state of emergency and issued a stay at home order closing schools. That raging lunatic has completely lost his mind. People can joke about crazy conspiracy theories all they want. What Rob Ford is now doing is crazy. Launching another lockdown committing financial ritual suicide while Wuhan is throwing pool parties and dance parties, that is crazy.

They are lying about the numbers. They claim over 10,000 people have died from Coronavirus mostly in care homes. Yet the same number of seniors died last year as the year before. CBC straight up lied about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. What you need to do is film your empty hospitals and post it on Rumble. YouTube will take the videos down but Rumble won't.

Covid has more than a 98% survival rate. It does not affect children the way it affects seniors. There is NO reason to close down schools. The virus swept over us last February. This second wave is fake. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

People say Donald Trump was a dictator. He abused his power. Actually, this is what a dictator looks like. This is what the abuse of power is. Rob Ford is NOT a conservative. He's a New Con. There' a big difference. A Neo Con is a new con artist who pretends to be a conservative when in reality is a tax and spend globalist. We need to stand against this chemical attack on our economy and our financial independence which came from the Communist Party of China and their State run Media. Next they will be telling us the Tiananmen square massacre never happened when we know it did. The media is lying to us. Find out why.

Monday, January 11, 2021

The CERB is fueling Vancouver's Gang War

Last summer Drea Humphries from Rebel Media discovered that a spike in fatal overdoses in the DTES was directly linked to the CERB. Drug addicts got more money and bought more drugs. Drug dealers were telling their customers how to apply for the benefit and now the profits they are making is off the charts. Whenever there is that much money to be made, criminals will kill for it.

The purpose of the CERB was to give emergency assistance to people who lost their job due to the draconian lockdown. Giving drug addicts more money to spend on drugs has created a spike in the gang violence. Removing the incentive to work has seen a spike in uncontrolled debt. As Rand Paul said, we need to remove the barriers to commerce and get back to work.

Quebec's Curfew violates the Charter of Rights

CTV is reporting that "Quebec is now officially under a curfew. The extraordinary measure, the first of its kind in Canada, was first announced by Premier Francois Legault earlier this week. Citing the exploding number of COVID-19 cases in the province and the extreme stress its placing on the healthcare system, Legault said the curfew would extend until at least Feb. 8. The curfew has few exceptions, is in effect in almost all of the province, and requires residents to be in their homes from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. each night." Of course because Covid only travels at night.

CTV is also reporting that "The real point of Quebec's curfew? To stop people from seeing elderly relatives, says premier. 'We have to concentrate on people of 65 years old and more. Eighty per cent of people in hospitals [are] 65 years or more, and 95 per cent of deaths are from the same age group,' he said." That's because senior citizens only meet with their families between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM. This is insane. 2 years ago none of us would have believed these kinds of attacks on our civil liberty would have been possible in Canada.

The Coronavirus swept over us in February. We all got sick and we all got over it. Now we have developed antibodies to the virus. All these positive test results mean nothing not just because of all the false positives. If someone has no symptoms and they test positive, that means their body is building antibodies to the virus just like it should.

The media lied about ICU levels in Edmonton. The media lied about hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They straight up lied. There is a motive to this fraud and we can all see where this is going. Over 10,000 people have died from Covid in care homes but the same number of seniors died this year as last year and the year before that. That means they are lying about the death rates too. This would be a good time for Quebec to sign the Charter of Rights because we need to protect everyone's' civil liberty in Canada. Yet these lockdowns violate French civil law as well.

François Legault is a f*ck up. Fire him. The other day I saw a post on someone's Facebook making reference to McCarthyism and I thought how is it possible anyone could be that stupid? The Communist Party of China is very real. Their organ harvesting of political prisoners is very real. Their influence over our media and social media is clear. To ignore that is sheer stupidity.

These lockdowns are crazy. These violations of our civil liberty are crazy. The media's misrepresentation of the facts is crazy. This needs to stop. Any nation that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be.