Friday, January 15, 2021

Meng Wanzhou and the Huawei case

Before I review Donald Trump's term in office, I want to cite the Meng Wanzhou case. Although I despise the Communist Party of China's human rights violations, I did roll my eyes at the arrest of the Huawei CEO for doing business with Iran. That arrest was simply a cheap move in a trade war. Meng Wanzhou was arrested because Huawei was accused of doing business with Iran when the US had Iran under sanctions. That was ridiculous.

One minute Obama wanted to sell Iran nuclear reactors giving them weapons grade uranium and the next minute Donald Trump pulls out of that agreement and charges anyone who does business with Iran. Despite the fact that as soon as the US pulled out of that Agreement, England stepped up to sell Iran reactors. So giving Iran nuclear weapons is OK but selling them cell phones is not? There is something wrong with that picture.

It's like sanctions on North Korea. The US has every right to put any country it wants under sanctions but they do not have the right to ban other countries from doing business with a country they have placed under sanctions. This reeked of a trade war.

Concerns were expressed that China would use the cell phone to monitor Canadians. No kidding. That's the choice Canadians make when using that service. We all know the NSA is monitoring us on the other networks. Despite my distain for the CIA, I still rather have them monitor me than the Chinese Communist Party but neither is good.

China's execution of political prisoners is a far greater concern then them selling Iran cell phones. The subsequent arrest of the two Michaels was a perfect example of how childish and petty the CCP is. Yet those aren't the only political prisoners in China we need to be concerned about.

Qian Sun is a Candain political prisoner in China who was arrested for simply being a member of the Falun Gong. Arresting her was outrageous. China's political prisoners should concern all of us. Especially when they are executed to sell their organs. That was one of the facades under the Global Reset. You won't have to wait for an organ transplant. That's because they are murdering political prisoners to order. They weren't making them with 3D printers.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Another Impeachment Facade: Facing the Storm

It's time for a heart to heart. Before I cite the current impeachment absurdity and the ferocious storm we now face, I will cite the previous impeachment trial involving the Ukraine. The BBC reported that "President Trump was accused of breaking the law by pressuring Ukraine's leader to dig up damaging information on a political rival." The funny thing is, they were breaking the law. They were laundering money for the Communist Party of China. The big song and dance about Impeachment was a distraction from what they were actually doing in the Ukraine.

I know it's impossible for anyone to do this, but I'm going to ask you to try at look at the situation from a nonpartisan vantage point. Tulsi Gabbard is a good person. Bernie Saunders is sincere. Nancy Pelosi is neither. Mitt Romney's spook was tied to the money laundering in the Ukraine. That's why he didn't want it investigated. Now I'm going to address the hate.

When Donald Trump was first elected, I did not support him. I supported him over Hilary Clinton but I was very leery of him. After he was elected the media's hate and misrepresentation of everything he said and did became absurd. Candice Owens rose up to support him as did Brandon Straka. Both are superheroes I completely support. Brandon talked about the hate on the left and I saw it. Lynzee Domanico saw it. So did Blair White. That hate needs to be addressed. Candice Owens addressed it in a comical way in her coming out video.

This new impeachment trial is just as ridiculous as the previous one. All of the Trump rallies were nonviolent. They all carried signs that said this is what a peaceful protest looks like as opposed to ANTIFA and BLM. We repeatedly saw Trump supporters separated from the crowd get assaulted by ANTIFA thugs for marching with an American flag only to have the hateful degenerates steal the flag from them. These are the misfits who hate America and hate the American flag. That kind of hate is deranged. They burn the American flag at their protests because they hate America. Trump supporters were simply saying they love their country as they should.

I can tell you right now what would have happened if I went to that protest on Capitol hill. Say I showed up and the police opened the gate and waved me through. Say I went to the front door and the police opened the door and let me in. Say some guy walks up to me and says hey look, that's Nancy Pelosi office. Come on, the door is unlocked. I would say AYFKM? Not a chance.

The guy says why not? Nancy Pelosi is a b*tch. I'd be like, yeah she is. Her door just happens to be unlocked? It's a set up you f*cking idiot. There are cameras all over this place. They are trying to set us up and that they did. The idiot that stole the podium was photographed at BLM protests. To claim that Trump encouraged violence is a bold-faced lie and yet another distraction from their own wrong doing. This impeachment trial is another example of their uncontrollable hate.

The Fake Stream Media is reporting that Pro-Trump rioters plan second act — but not just in Washington. Where is this absurdity coming from? Wait 'till I tell ye - Q the CIA psyop. The CIA is sending out these press releases for their agent provocateurs.

"Trust the plan." Voter fraud was their plan. "The storm is coming." The storm of conservative censorship is here. They are using these provocateurs to justify censoring every conservative voice on the planet. Q is CIA. Joe Biden was the CIA's candidate. The CIA is the Octopus.
I support Donald Trump. I reject the lies of the left as well as their hate and their violence. I support law and order. I believe in low taxes and civil liberty for everyone. That is what I believe in. That doesn't make me racist or a homophobe. Trying to impeach Biden is just as stupid.

Why do you think Canadians from China and Hong Kong support Donald Trump? They have seen what the Chinese Communist Party does and is. They reject their lies our media is promoting. Donald Trump has more support now than when he was first elected.
JFK was a good president who believed in low taxes. He also hated the CIA. That's what got him killed. He vetoed Operation Northwoods and the secret service pulled back his body guard right before he was shot. That's all public record. Bernie Saunders wanted to disband the CIA because it is not accountable to the people. He was right. The CIA is a criminal organization.

WHO Team Arrives in Wuhan, But Will We Ever Know?

The Fake News Network is reporting that "Nearly a year into the pandemic, the world still doesn't know where the new coronavirus originated from and experts are warning we may never have a full picture of how the pandemic began." AYFKM? We know exactly where it came from.

"A group of scientists and experts spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in China to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus on Thursday." LOL that's like the police investigating itself. The director of the World Health Organization is not a medical doctor. He is a leader of a violence Communist paramilitary organization in Ethiopia. China was the one that lobbied for him to become director of the WHO. His investigation is a conflict of interest.

The Coronavirus came from the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. They claimed it came from eating bats but there were not bats sold at the seafood market and when you cook something it kills the bacteria and viruses. The Wuhan lab was studying the coronavirus in Chinese bats. Someone from that lab infected the Seafood market with the virus. Dr Fauci's funded the research on the bats at the lab. Covid tests sent to England were also infected with the virus.

Danny Casolaro: The Octpus

Speaking of the BCCI, I just want to give a shout out to Danny Casolaro and cite what he referred to as the Octopus. Danny Casolaro was an investigative journalist back when they still existed long before the rise of CNN and the fake news monopoly.

He was doing a story on organized crime and called it the Octoupus because it was so far reaching and so deceptive. It's tentacles spread everywhere including government and it was so evasive. As soon as you started investigating it, the black ink would come out and it would disappear. As soon as you cut one tentacle off, three more would grow in its place. It went far beyond INSLAW and the stolen PROMIS software. It cut to the heart of Iran contra and the CIA.

Cameron Ortis has been set up again

Another sign they are lying is when their story completely changes. Initially they claimed that Cameron Ortis, a civilian RCMP officer of significant integrity was charged with spying for China. I said bullsh*t so now they claim it wasn't for China it was for an Al-Qaeda based narco-terror banking network. WTF? Again I cry bullsh*t! The CIA is the narco-terror banking netwok. Cameron was probably a whistle-blower so they set him up like they did Michael Riconosciuto.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Rob Ford declares state of emergency in Ontario

Doug Ford has declared a state of emergency and issued a stay at home order closing schools. That raging lunatic has completely lost his mind. People can joke about crazy conspiracy theories all they want. What Rob Ford is now doing is crazy. Launching another lockdown committing financial ritual suicide while Wuhan is throwing pool parties and dance parties, that is crazy.

They are lying about the numbers. They claim over 10,000 people have died from Coronavirus mostly in care homes. Yet the same number of seniors died last year as the year before. CBC straight up lied about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. What you need to do is film your empty hospitals and post it on Rumble. YouTube will take the videos down but Rumble won't.

Covid has more than a 98% survival rate. It does not affect children the way it affects seniors. There is NO reason to close down schools. The virus swept over us last February. This second wave is fake. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

People say Donald Trump was a dictator. He abused his power. Actually, this is what a dictator looks like. This is what the abuse of power is. Rob Ford is NOT a conservative. He's a New Con. There' a big difference. A Neo Con is a new con artist who pretends to be a conservative when in reality is a tax and spend globalist. We need to stand against this chemical attack on our economy and our financial independence which came from the Communist Party of China and their State run Media. Next they will be telling us the Tiananmen square massacre never happened when we know it did. The media is lying to us. Find out why.

Monday, January 11, 2021

The CERB is fueling Vancouver's Gang War

Last summer Drea Humphries from Rebel Media discovered that a spike in fatal overdoses in the DTES was directly linked to the CERB. Drug addicts got more money and bought more drugs. Drug dealers were telling their customers how to apply for the benefit and now the profits they are making is off the charts. Whenever there is that much money to be made, criminals will kill for it.

The purpose of the CERB was to give emergency assistance to people who lost their job due to the draconian lockdown. Giving drug addicts more money to spend on drugs has created a spike in the gang violence. Removing the incentive to work has seen a spike in uncontrolled debt. As Rand Paul said, we need to remove the barriers to commerce and get back to work.

Quebec's Curfew violates the Charter of Rights

CTV is reporting that "Quebec is now officially under a curfew. The extraordinary measure, the first of its kind in Canada, was first announced by Premier Francois Legault earlier this week. Citing the exploding number of COVID-19 cases in the province and the extreme stress its placing on the healthcare system, Legault said the curfew would extend until at least Feb. 8. The curfew has few exceptions, is in effect in almost all of the province, and requires residents to be in their homes from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. each night." Of course because Covid only travels at night.

CTV is also reporting that "The real point of Quebec's curfew? To stop people from seeing elderly relatives, says premier. 'We have to concentrate on people of 65 years old and more. Eighty per cent of people in hospitals [are] 65 years or more, and 95 per cent of deaths are from the same age group,' he said." That's because senior citizens only meet with their families between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM. This is insane. 2 years ago none of us would have believed these kinds of attacks on our civil liberty would have been possible in Canada.

The Coronavirus swept over us in February. We all got sick and we all got over it. Now we have developed antibodies to the virus. All these positive test results mean nothing not just because of all the false positives. If someone has no symptoms and they test positive, that means their body is building antibodies to the virus just like it should.

The media lied about ICU levels in Edmonton. The media lied about hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They straight up lied. There is a motive to this fraud and we can all see where this is going. Over 10,000 people have died from Covid in care homes but the same number of seniors died this year as last year and the year before that. That means they are lying about the death rates too. This would be a good time for Quebec to sign the Charter of Rights because we need to protect everyone's' civil liberty in Canada. Yet these lockdowns violate French civil law as well.

François Legault is a f*ck up. Fire him. The other day I saw a post on someone's Facebook making reference to McCarthyism and I thought how is it possible anyone could be that stupid? The Communist Party of China is very real. Their organ harvesting of political prisoners is very real. Their influence over our media and social media is clear. To ignore that is sheer stupidity.

These lockdowns are crazy. These violations of our civil liberty are crazy. The media's misrepresentation of the facts is crazy. This needs to stop. Any nation that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Surrey, Vancouver and Toronto Gang violence: Update

I've got some names, pics and videos but I'm not going to post them. I don't want to incite violence I want to calm and disperse the violence. I will say two names, Driftwood Crips and Gary Kang's Blood in Blood Out. That's all I'm going to say. The crips and bloods conflict is getting old.

All these rappers and videos of this and that and I'm like wow those kids are young. Then I stop to think about it and realize they're not that young. I'm that old. I was their age once.

The reoccurring theme throughout the videos is drug money, stripers and luxury cars and I just shake my head and say yo man, that ain't me. I'm all for the beats. I was in Harlem New York City in the /80's during the crack epidemic when LL Cool J was big. He still is. That brother is epic. Yet I've always tried to aspire to something higher. Tupac's Ghettos Gospel.

If some brothers from Toronto have moved to Surrey and are supplied by the Brother's Keepers, then they still work for the HAs. Just remember what happened to Glen Nelson from Redd Alert after he took back all the drug dealers in the DTES for the HAs. They shot his wife dead.

The Edmonton Angels shot Ali dead. They used him. That life is no life. There is no honour in selling drugs. Times have changed. When I first started this blog just over 10 years ago everyone wanted to be a gangster. Gangster was a term that kinda meant cool.

Everyone was like what's up g? Then people started to see through the lies and saw the fake loyalty for what it was. All the plastic greed was artificial and empty. There was no happiness to be found in it. Those strippers will turn into crack hoes and you'll be smitten with the scab and the ich. Yo bro, that sh*t is nasty. That plastic world is pathetic.

Now everyone wants to be a soldier. That's where the honour is. Fighting for a noble cause - the call of duty that inspires men to sacrifice for others. That is noble. When I was with the Guardian Angels it was clear. Who is cooler, someone who mugs an old lady or someone who chases down the mugger and protects the old lady. The answer is obvious and you all know it.

Throughout history soldiers have been fondly remembered as heroes. I'm not talking about drug dealers who call themselves soldiers, I'm talking about the real thing. Men and women who go to war to project others. That is noble. During World War I and II my forefathers enlisted in a heartbeat. They made sacrifices. Would we do the same now?

The thing is right now we are at war and half the people are too stupid to see it. I say stupid because that is exactly what they are. The good news is that the other half aren't. They see it and they are fighting it. Right now that is what we need to focus on because if you don't have liberty, ya ain't got sh*t. Those who never fought for freedom shall never know the taste of it.

In Montreal the crips sell for the red and white. I'm not saying that's good or bad I'm just saying it is. Some of those guys are my age - in their 50's for f*ck sake. Capping geriatrics aint fly but capping 14 year old kids is worse. Ya'll need to carve out some territory and make some cheddar but I'll say it again, that aint me. I was never a part of that life and never wanted to be. Word.

All these young aspiring rappers threatening and insulting each other reminds me of what TI was referring to when he said "all the hooting and hollering. You've lost sight of what's important because your values are in disarray. You're unhappy with your riches because you're piss poor morally." When I see all that arguing I'm like whatever. I don't do drama. I do real life.

I respected Drake because he was a Canadian that made it in New York. Yet his voice always kinda sounded like a little girl to me. I guess that's why little girls like him so much. When he started supporting the red and white, that's when he lost my respect. We all know about Robert Pickton and what went down on the pig farm. None of us support that.

At the gym they often ask what is your why? What is your reason for going to the gym. We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. We all need a purpose. Slinging crack is not it. That's lost its glam. You can't sell drugs forever. One day you have to grow up and become a man. Boys will be boys but men will be men. Leave the life yo. There is a better world out there.

Update: OK so here's the deal. The Driftwood Crips in the Lower mainland are supplied by the Brother's Keepers who work for the Hells Angels. Ya remember when the Brother's Keepers started all that violence in Surrey? The Hells Angels were like it's not us, it's the brown guys. They were the ones that hired the Brothers Keepers to start all that violence in Surrey.

The Brothers Keepers respected Ali. Perhaps he was becoming too powerful. The Hells Angels killed him and the crown dropped the charges. Now the Hells Angels have hired some Crips from Toronto to beef with the Kang group and they're like it's not us it's the Somalians. They are the ones who hired them to start sh*t simply because the Hells Angels can never leave well enough alone. They do not want to share drug territory, they want it all. They are driven by greed. L&R has nothing to do with it. Just remember what they did to Ali and to Glen's wife. Watch your back.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Donald Trump banned from Twitter - find out why

I had heard the Fake Stream Media was reporting that Twitter banned Donald Trump and the Team Trump twitter accounts and it didn't surprise me. What surprises me is the reason why. Twitter claims that it was because Trump was inciting violence which is difficult to believe. All the massive Trump rallies in Washington and everywhere else have been completely nonviolent. Unlike Justin Trudeau and the Democrat leaders in the West, Donald Trump swiftly renounced any violence and asked people to go home after the protest turned violent. He never made a post inciting violence. Ever. So what post did he make that got him banned? Wait 'till I tell ye.

I have no doubt a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capital building. As I previously said, storming an office to occupy it is a common, nonviolent form of protest.

The BBC posted a picture of QAnon quack Jake Angeli attending the demonstration. It totally falls within the realm of believability that some QAnon guys showed up at the protest. It's also possible agent provocateurs where placed there as often happens in any protest.

TBM sent in a couple of interesting pictures sources sent them. Check it out. This is the same picture of Jake Angel standing in front of a green screen. We know what a green screen is.
We saw it in Sandy Hook. Anderson Cooper used one. I'm not saying Sandy Hook never happened. I'm saying Anderson Cooper used a green screen to pretend he was onsite interviewing a witness at the funeral when he wasn't. It wasn't a big deal but that was when we learned what green screens are and what they're used for. They're used in movie production to create a different background than is present when filming.

Maybe the green screen picture is fake, I don't know but it does present an interesting dilemma. What is Jake Angel doing knowingly standing in front of a green screen for a fake video?

It would kind of support my theory that Q who Anonymous claimed was Ezra Cohen-Watnick is CIA. I believe QAnon was a psyop to lead the movement astray. Trust the plan everyone. Not. Voter fraud was the plan. A big shout out to Anonymous BTW. All hail. Nobody likes Fascists. My grandfather had mustard gas burns on his back from the trenches fighting the Fascists. I am Anti Fascist. I am also Anti Communist because they are the same f*cking thing.
Trump's Team posted a picture of the Capital hill protest showing police stop the action for a cameraman to get into position. Yeah WTF is right. My point is, Donald Trump did NOT incite violence. That is not why he was banned from Twitter. It was an act of cencorship.

Facebook is also deleting conservative sites and just deleted the #Walk Away group.

Patriots are leaving Facebook for Clouthub just like they're leaving YouTube for Rumble.

Don't Walk Away mad, just # Walk Away - Walk Away by Barlow

Dominion Voting's tainted legacy

Dominion voting donated to Hilary Clinton and to Justin Trudeau. That is a flaming conflict of interest. It is a Canadian company with ties to Venezuela and shares office space with George Soros shadow clubs. The Communist Party of China donated $400 million to Dominion before the election. Voting companies are supposed to be nonpartisan.

Technology expert Jeff Brown stated that the Dominion voting software has the ability to flip the vote. This is not the first time we have heard of election software being able to flip the vote. We heard the same thing in favor of George Bush in Florida.

Clinton Eugene Curtis testified before a congressional hearing that he was hired by Republican Congressman Tom Feeney in 2000 to build a prototype software package that would secretly rig an election to sway the result 51 / 49 to a specified side.

Recently, in Canada Jason Kenny was accused of election fraud and there was a shady deal done that blocked Leslyn Lewis from proceeding to the final round in the conservative leadership race. Leslyn Lewis got more votes that Peter McKay and Erin O'Toole in the second ballot but had to drop out because she got less points. "Each of Canada’s 338 electoral districts is worth 100 points regardless of membership size - a controversial rule in the past for some party members. Points are assigned based on a candidate’s percentage in each district. A majority of points (16,901) is required to declare a new leader."
If Leslyn Lewis was allowed to proceed to the final round, the majority of Erin O'Toole's supporters would have voted for her over Peter McKay due to McKay's mudslinging. She received more votes than the other two candidates just less "points." Yet I've never seen a breakdown of how those points were calculated to verify that the calculations were correct.

Electronic voting is a colossal concern and I do not support it. It's too easy to fix. Ontario had glitches in their municipal election thanks to Dominion voting software as did New Brunswick. Calls for recount grow in New Brunswick after technical glitch.

I do not support the use of Dominion Voting or electronic voting. At all

Election Evidence that Demands a Verdict

Friday, January 8, 2021

Justin Trudeau's double standard on violence

Justin Trudeau made an obscene address today and Canada's Communist News Network is running with it so I'm going to address it. I did cut my cable but I saw it in the lunchroom at work and promptly turned it off. The drama queen drama teacher denounced the "shocking" violence in Washington and claimed Donald Trump initiated it. This POS is a lying freak.

First of all, none of us condone violence. I say us because I support Donald Trump. I am now MAGA all the way just like Candice Owen and Brandon Straka. Second, Donald Trump did not incite violence. He encouraged people to show up for a rally just like the many others including the massive one in Washington, all of which were completely nonviolent. In contrast to the obscene violence of ANTIFA and the BLM high jacking, these protesters carried signs that said we support the police and this is a peaceful protest as opposed to ANTIFA and BLM looting riots.

Third what violence? They weren't burning cars and businesses, they stormed the Capital building. Local activists storm a MP's office to occupy the office all the time. It is a nonviolent protest. It is of course tragic that they shot one of the protesters dead. Calling them domestic terrorists is and outrageous lie. The domestic terrorists are the ones that refuse to report on voter fraud. Those are the domestic terrorists and the domestic enemies of the constitution.

Fourth, what an outrageous hypocrite. This is the same freak who never said a word about the ANTIFA and BLM riots all summer long. In fact, he took a knee to support their violence. Commodus denouncing what happened in Washington and not ANTIFA's rioting and looting of businesses clearly shows what kind of lying freak he really is.

Fifth, this is the freak parading around with a Communist Manifesto, the mother of all mass murders. The Communist Manifestos is all about violence. Fear and tremble bourgeoisie Communism commits mass murder. That's what they did in Cambodia, Poland, East Berlin and in the Gulag. Chairman Mao murdered more people than Adolf Hitler.

The Chinese Communist Party is nothing but brutally violent. Commodus even had the audacity to declare he admired the dictatorship of China. The same dictatorship that murders political prisoners for organ harvesting. Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson just did a show on China's organ harvesting. Justin Trudeau supports that kind of violence. His denouncing the Capital hill occupation but not China's organ harvesting or the ANTIFA and BLM riots is deplorable hypocrisy.
Let's not forget how Justin Bieber prorogued parliament so he wouldn't have to answer questions about his involvement in the We scandal. It wasn't the finance minister's charity, it was his charity. His family benefited from the misappropriation of tax dollars. He should be in jail.
Unfortunately, we will see more violence because that is the only thing Communism understands. That is the only thing that will stop them. That's what we saw in South Korea. Lest we forget.

Fatal shooting in Vancouver

CTV is reporitng that the victim of a fatal shooting in Richmond's Steveston neighbourhood has been identified as 29-year-old Anees Mohammed, a resident of Vancouver. Mohammed was known to police and it's believed the shooting was targeted. RCMP were called to Moncton Street at No.1 Road at 8:30 p.m. Thursday after reports of shots fired near Steveston Community Park. 29-year-old Anees Mohammed, a resident of Vancouver."

Global Television reported that Gary Kang, who was shot dead Wednesday was affiliated with the Red Scorpions. They work for the Hells Angels ever since the Surrey Six murder. Global reported that the BC Gang unit said there would be a retaliation for that murder and here it is. Interesting how the BC Gang unit works for the Hells Angels now even announcing a retaliatory hit before it happens. The BC Gang unit bragged about being right predicting the retaliation. Kinda reminds me of how they predicted Juel Stanton's murder right before the club killed him.

Tyrel Quesnelle was sent from Edmonton to murder Randeep Kang because the Kang Group were fighting with the Brothers Keepers when the Brothers Keepers were working for the Edmonton Hells Angels. Were the Kangs really affiliated with the Red Scorpions or was that giant black scorpion a plant just like the fake pressure cookers. This conflict is, was and always has been about who wants to sell drugs for the Hells Angels and who doesn't.

CTV is reporting that 41-year-old Mohammed Abu-Sharife has been charged with second-degree murder of 30-year-old Amin Shahin Shakur who was killed July 13th 2020 in East Vancouver. Amin was the owner of Dank Mart. A rival muder in the legal pot industry. Greed kills.

Fatal shooting in Surrey

The Indo-Canadian Voice is reporting that "Gary Kang, 24, was fatally shot at his family’s residence in Surrey around 5 a.m. on Wednesday near 161st Street and 30th Avenue in the Morgan Heights neighbourhood. He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. Gary Kang’s brother, Randeep Kang, was shot and killed on October 27, 2017, in the area of the 11300-block of Alpen Place, Surrey. Gary was also injured in the shooting."
The police claim the person accused of murdering Randy Kang was tied to the Brothers Keepers who work for the Edmonton Hells Angels. Yet when the Edmonton chapter killed Suminder Grewal, the crown dropped the charges. It apears that the compromised BC Gang task force is still aiding and abetting the Hells Angels control of the local drug trade and internal discipline.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Bright Side of the Fraud

As I said before there is a bright side to the recent election fraud in the US. Now the obsessive Trump haters will have to get a life. For four years they were glued to their phone screaming "Trump just wiped his a*s! He took a sh*t and wiped his a*s! Can you believe that?!" Actually, I can. These haters need some time with Dr Phil. At least now they can get a life.

The other plus side to the fraud is that we can all put the Covid fraud behind us because it will have served its purpose. The reason Trump had record approval ratings was because the economy improved under his leadership. If Biden tanks the economy and raises taxes again not even the Dominion Voting scammers would be able to flip enough votes for him again.

Brandon Straka mentioned RINOs and I want to make a clarification. Those dirt bags aren't RINOS they are Globalists. George Bush Jr. was the one that started the phrase New World Order. Now we know where that came from. It came from the United Nations agenda for global communism. Peter Schweizer's book Secret Empires spells out the nonpartisan corruption we now face. Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are in bed with Communist China.

George Bush Sr. was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. Just ask Terry Reed and Jonathan Kwitny. Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas when George Bush Sr was president and oversaw the CIA's drug trafficking in Meena. Bipartisan corruption.

It's not about Republican or Democrat it's about Patriot or Globalist. Tulsi Gabard is a good person. She said that Hilary Clinton represents the rot within the Democrat party and she was right. Joe Biden is more of the same. Hilary's involvement with the CIA's drug trafficking began in Mena Arkansas and continued to Operation Fast and Furious. Iran Contra never stopped. Joe Biden was tied to Wiliam Casey from the October Surprise. The root of the problem is the CIA.

Jesse Ventura said the CIA were intensely interested in finding out how he won the election for Governor of Minnesota as an independent. Jesse pointed out that the CIA is not supposed to operate on American soil. Meddling in US elections is illegal but also a violation of their mandate. In this election, Joe Biden was the CIAs candidate. Do the math. Communist China is the world threat but the CIA is tied to it just like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are. Ezra Taft Benson was a patriot. Mitt Roney is not. Mitt Romney is a Gadianton robber. Buyer Beware.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Brandon Straka speaks at Trump Rally - Update

OK I have a lot to say about what's going on right now but for now I will simply say that Brandon Straka nailed it. The Media is f*cked and we're not going away. Bill Gates is a Communist f*ck up. The Microsoft News Network is worthless. One of the headlines read Trump supporters protesting the results of the election. That is a ridiculous lie. We all support the results of an honest election. The evidence of voter fraud is extensive and needs to be addressed. This is what wars are fought over. The way the media completely misrepresents everything is criminally insane. Which leads us to the logical conclusion. It's time to cut the cable.

The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province both had a long tradition of credible news reporting. Post Media Trash destroyed that and turned it into partisan propaganda. That's when I cut my subscription and stopped reading or linking to those tabloids. Likewise, Global Television had a proud history of credible journalism. Post Media Trash destroyed that so it's time for me to cut my cable. I wasn't watching it anyways. It just came in a package with my phone and internet. Now it's time to remove that service and let them know I do not approve of what they have done to the service. That is supply and demand.

Instead of paying for cable it is far more worthwhile to subscribe to Rebel News, Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty. Rebel News caught Post Media News lying about the ICU levels in Edmonton and they caught CBC lying about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. Back in the day when the press was free and investigative journalism still existed that would have been big news. Kim Bolan keep giving herself awards for printing everything the police tell her to. Instead of handing out fake awards, they should give Rebel Media a real award for exposing those lies.

It's time to cut the cable and support alternate news sources. We need to follow the patriots not the globalists because patriots will free our children while globalists will enslave them.

Today a sample copy of the Epoch Times was delivered to my home. One of the headlines reads "Canadian Pension Money Keeps Pouring Into China as Risks Escalate. Beijing only too eager for foreign capital to prop up Chinese economy." Our pension should support our economy not a Communist dictatorship that is using our tax dollars to buy our media and lock down our economy while they throw parties for launching the fake pandemic and fixing our elections.

This is the same scam the Communist party of China pulled collecting money from us for humanitarian aid while they owned our debt. The politicians in the Chinese Communist party are the richest politicians in the world. There is no social justice in their model. Only lies and censorship. In China, if you google Tiananmen square massacre, nothing shows up. The Communist Party has censored that truth from their Internet. That is exactly what the Communist party of China is doing with our Internet and social media
This fraud has stained us. Dominion Voting has got to go.

Donald Trump has more support now than when he was first elected
The reason why so many Canadians from China and Hong Kong support Donald Trump is because they have seen what the Chinese Communist Party is. That's why they left. Just like Poland, Cambodia and East Berlin has. The thought of bringing that here is criminally insane.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Vote tampering evidence in Georgia

The Elephants is reporitng that "Georgia election data indicates 24,658 votes were removed from President Donald Trump and another 12,173 votes were switched to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, data scientists testified on Wednesday during a state Senate hearing."

Anthony Fauci is an idiot

It appears that one of the possible side effects of the vaccine is short term memory loss in brain head fake doctors with bad personal hygiene. Fauci joined Dr Seuss in getting the vaccine publicly. Although we have no idea what vaccine they were actually getting, Fauci claimed he did get a bit of soreness in his arm after the vaccine but pointed to the wrong arm.
This is the clown who wiped his nose then touched Mike Pence's arm with that hand.
As Michael Green from TBM said, Fauci is an idiot, F*ck him.

British judge denies Julian Assange's extradition

The Guardian is reporting that "Julian Assange will make a fresh bid to be released from prison on Wednesday after a British judge ruled that he cannot be extradited to the US to face charges of espionage and of hacking government computers." Although the reasoning is a bit weird the conclusion is good. He would not get a fair trial in the US and should be pardoned.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Two Liberal MPs resign from government roles after traveling abroad amid fake pandemic

Post Media Trash is reporitng that "Two Liberal MPs have resigned from their government and House of Commons roles after admitting to recently traveling overseas despite strict travel restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus." STFU. Enough with the bullsh*t already.

Over 10,000 seniors died from coronavirus in Canadian care homes but the same number of seniors died this year as the year before and the year before that. That means you are lying. Every senior who died you are claiming it was coronavirus when it wasn't. F*ck off. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

We don't care if a politician traveled during the fake pandemic or had dinner with their family over Christmas like they should have. Bonnie Henry is a circus freak and so is the media for obsessing over these bold-faced lies. They lied about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. It was a bold-faced lie with malicious intent. You should be in jail. You don't mater. Tony Fauci is next.

Catherine Austin Fitts Planet Lockdown Interview

"This is an economic war. Since April we've seen global billionaires increase thier net worth by 27%." Global Capitalism is Communism. That is why the rich like Bill Gates and George Soros fund Communism. It's not to share their wealth. It's to increase their wealth through slavery.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Truth is as simple as 1,2,3. Do the math.

Candace Owens posted a concise video explaining why tax cuts for the rich are tax cuts for the poor. The logic is sound. The Hodge Twins posted a similar video. California keeps raising taxes so all the businesses are leaving and moving to other states that have lower tax rates. Once those businesses leave, the government has even less tax revenue than before it raised taxes. That means poor people have to then pick up the difference. We saw this under Joe Biden. Under the Obama administration, Joe Biden lied and said they would not raise taxes on the middle class after they raised taxes on the rich. Shortly thereafter he was documented breaking that promise and raised taxes on the middle class. Joe Biden is a proven liar. History has recorded that.

I've used this same analogy when discussing the Irish experiment. Ireland was poor. They didn't have much in the way of high-tech business so they decided to try an experiment. They figured 80% of nothing is nothing but 20% of something is something. So they decided to offer a corporate tax break encouraging new businesses to move to Ireland. It worked.

All of a sudden all these high-tech companies were moving out to the middle of nowhere in the Shannon Industrial Estate beside Paddy and Mic's sheep farm. Google moved their office to Dublin. That means all these people have jobs now and are working. Instead of collecting the dole, they are working and paying taxes. By lowering corporate tax, the government has much more tax revenue as a result. The people have more money and the government has more money. It's a win win situation. So let's use this logic and see where it takes us.

One of the few things I remember from high school is the transitive axiom of equality. If a = b and b = c then a = c. It makes sense. Now lets apply this to the Covid fraud. I say fraud because that is exactly what it is. Covid does exist like any other flu virus but the media is lying to us about the hospitalization rates and the death rates. Therefore, it implores us to determine why they are lying and thereby expose the intent of their fraud so that we can clearly see the truth.

Let's look at the clear cases first so there is no misunderstanding. Post Media News lied about the ICU numbers in Edmonton. Post Media News intentionally misrepresented the truth. CBC lied about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They straight up lied. Rebel Media caught them red handed. We need to ask ourselves why is the media misrepresenting the truth?

The answer comes down to ownership. When Rupert Murdoch supported Tony Blair, he did so because Tony Blair was a globalist. Murdoch's newspapers would run articles supporting Tony Blair and not run articles opposing him. It was straight up biased propaganda. The Vancouver Sun had a long proud history of credible journalism as did the Vancouver Province. Post Media News destroyed that legacy. Now it's all political propoganda.

When Post Media News took over the National Post they ran an article claiming Chairman Mao did great things. That was outrageous and demonstrates the problem with media mergers. When you merge media outlets, they become easier to control. Change ownership and they change the focus of their propaganda. Post Media News has killed the newspaper industry but they just bought Global television network. Global had a long proud history of credible news. Under Post Media News that too has been lost and Global News is now on Amazon Prime Video. Which means the high-tech bombardment of false propaganda has become far more persuasive.

Drea Humphries interviewed the wife of a man who died in Calgary because his heart surgery was cancelled due to Covid. The nurse wanted to put Covid as the cause of death on his death certificate. The wife was outraged. In a way it was Covid related because his surgery was cancelled yet he had tested negative for the virus.

This was one example of falsifying Covid death rates. In the US there were many. All of a sudden people who died in car accidents or died of gunshot wounds were having Covid as their cause of death. US doctors and Senators spoke out against that fraud. When you look at the Covid death rates in Canada we can clearly see that has happened here.
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson was banned from YouTube for exposing the fraud. CTV ran a report claiming that since the beginning of the pandemic, 10,947 people have died from Covid 19 in Canada. 10,781 of those deaths were the elderly living in care homes. Yet the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms uncovered that the same number of seniors died this year as the year before and the year before that. If 10,781 people had died from Covid in care homes, then that would mean 10,000 more seniors would have died this year than last year. The stats don't show that so it proves they have been claiming everyone who died in a care home died of Covid just like the guy in Calgary who had his heart surgery cancelled.
The motive for the fraud is to attack our civil liberty and our economic prosperity. Wuhan launched this pandemic and they aren't under any lockdown or wearing any masks. The motive for the fraud is found in the real ownership of Post Media News and the Chinese Communist Party.

Climatization and climate change

Today I want to talk about climatization. How we are being climatized to give up our civil liberty like the boiling frog syndrome and how fake environmentalism is using fake science to climatize us into giving up our rights. Remember the primary lie of communism states that you have to give up individual rights to allow for collective rights. In reality, once you give up individual rights there are no collective rights because no one has any rights. Slavery is the result.

Communist China is the biggest polluter on the planet. Burning industrial coal is the single largest contributor to CO2 emissions that exists. Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not green energy. It is a sinister fraud that is damaging our environment. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. If these fake environmentalists actually cared about the environment, they would support natural gas. Instead, they have a political agenda that supports pollution and slavery thanks to the slick salesmanship of the mainstream media. Hydroelectric power is green.
If China wants to build hydroelectric dams, let them. It's a lot better than burning industrial coal. If Germany wants to twin their natural gas pipeline to Russian, let them. It's a lot better than burning industrial coal. If China wants to buy Natural gas from BC, let them. It's better than burning industrial coal. We need to stand against the lies the fake news is spreading and defend the truth.

The fake news was complaining that China's hydroelectric dams are wrecking havoc on China's rivers and streams. GMAFB. Beavers build dams. It's natural. It doesn't damage anything. Not like the toxic fumes coming out of those industrial coal plants. We need to use our brains.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Moving forward 2021: Being comfortable in one's own skin

As I previously said, there is a bright side to the US 2020 Election Fraud. Now we don't have to listen to the completely toxic and shamefully biased media trying to jump all over every step Donald Trump takes. I know Trump haters that are absolutely obsessed with hating on his every breath. Now these social misfits will finally be able to get a life.

The election fraud has without question stained all of us yet we have learned from this mistake. Voting software companies should not be donating to candidates and they shouldn't have ties to Venezuela, Communist China or the Sappy Soros' shadow clubs. We have learned that Bill Gates and George Soros are Sith Lords and that the Microsoft News Network is worthless. It is time to walk out of the darkness and into the light. We need to promote commerce.

Moving forward we need to find alternate news sources because Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all compromised. The partisan fake checkers are ridiculous. Rumple and Bitchute are the platforms we can support. Simone Gold and Kulvinder Kaur are real doctors we can follow.

Another point I'd like to highlight in the New Year is being comfortable in one's own skin. I've mentioned this before but I think it's important enough to emphasize this all year long in 2021. Hating on Biden all year long is pointless. His ties to Communist China is a concern for everyone in the republic. His plan to raise taxes is a concern for everyone who works and pays taxes. Yet obsessing on everything he says and does like the Liberals do over Trump is toxic. He's an idiot and I don't care. He is nothing to me and he is certainly not a patriot. He's in bed with the CIA.

Being comfortable in one's own skin is essential for each of us to move forward in the New Year. People who do drugs don't know who they are. Getting pissed drunk all the time is childish and pointless. At some point in time we all need to grow up and get a life. To do that we have to be comfortable in our own skin. We have to accept who we are and where we are going.

That means we need to have a plan. We need to have goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In 2021 we need to find out who we are. What we believe in and what we stand for. It's being able to say I am a conservative and that's OK. Ensuring low taxes and protecting civil liberty with less government means we leave a bright heritage for our children. Spending their inheritance and ladening them with our debt is leaving them a legacy of slavery. That is irresponsible.