Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fatal shooting in East Van tied to Redd Alert - Update

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A woman who died in hospital after a shooting in East Vancouver has been identified. Janice Nicole Bryant, a 33-year-old Vancouver resident, was shot in the street near East 7th and St. Catherines Street around 5 p.m. Tuesday."

The Gangsters Out News Syndicate is reporting that this woman was the wife of a Redd Alert member known as G for Glen Nelson. Local Sources claim that G (glen Nelson) was a redd alert member that was the most well known and started the push back in the dtes 5 years ago.

G was shot by the skeena projects last year and survived. He found out he was shot by Steele who was a BC Redd Alert leader. Steele got shot in the stomach on pender street as I reported August of last year. Local sources claim that Steele retaliated the retaliation by shooting G's wife. With friends like that, who need enemies? Redd alert as we all know sell drugs for the Hells Angels and control the drug trafficking in the DTES for them. Not that anybody cares. Just sayin.

Update: On Friday at 8:30 there will be a candlelight vigil in Janice Bryant's honor against gang violence at commercial and broadway. Executing someone's wife crosses the line.

2nd Update: It was a wonderful ceremony especially the ending. They held the ceremony right in the middle of the intersection while police rerouted traffic. It represented the community pulling together against another attack on Indigenous women. The burning sage is sacred. It was an honour to participate in the drum circle. That was holy. Please don't blame Glen. He's hurting too. It's not his fault. He was betrayed by the Hells Angels because he became too powerful and that scared them. There is no loyalty in that game and there are no winners either. The only way to win that game is by refusing to play it. From my holy land to yours, Peace. A Gofundme page has been set up to help with funeral costs and with Janice's daughters education.


  1. "NOT THAT anyone cares". that is true because certainly I don't see a lot of evidence that the VPD and/or Vancouver City Council cares that much. Then on the other hand I don't think the citizens of Vancouver care that much either.

    Saw a "forum" with the mayor on drugs and those in attendance certainly didn't number in to the hundreds. I would suggest it is a symptom of becoming a tourist centre as opposed to a real city. As long as property prices remain high and the tourists keep coming, no one cares too much about crime.

    Don't think it will be too long before this crowd starts its "get even policy" by shooting the children of the other dealers. the H.A. might want to get their corporation in line before that starts.

  2. Redd Alerts done in the East End watch them fall one by one on the block. You all claim your all bro but none of your sons respect the first and 2nd in command. Care less about what happen to buddy last year but after what happened and your idiot "LIL BROS" are out there claiming this, detroyed all your reputation in the streets. Get real yall never chased GTS out the city they were too heat had to leave jokes...

    Yall shot a woman nice hope everyone u wanted to get downs gettin D now! Buncha puppets once Steeles gone your whole wannabe bikerclub dismantles like RS did nothing but snakes in dat circle. Teach your kids to work the block. Dont try to start up lines around the lowermain keep ur lil traps n block hustle this aint ur level cause ur BOSSES just take n give u minites anyways


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