Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 Tofino Summer Jam

This summer the Gangsters Out News Syndicate will be launching the 2017 Tofino Summer Jam. "If ya get jammed up, don't mention my name." Young Jeezy - Soul Survivor featuring Akon yo.

We will he spotlighting the misconduct of Greg Harney and the BCIMC Fraud as well as Clayoquot Action's campaign to stop Imperial Metal's obsession to turn Catface mountian into an open pit mine. So come to Tofino this summer on a warm San Francisco night.

Return to the sacred battleground of Clayoquot Sound. Take an eco tour and see the majesty of Catface mountain in the middle of the protected biosphere and stand with us once again to defend right from wrong. Let's do the timewarp again yo. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again. Word.

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