Friday, May 26, 2017

NBA Enes Kanter arrested for speaking out against Turkish President

SB Nation is reporting that Enes Kanter spoke out against the Turkish president. Now, there's an arrest warrant out for him in Turkey. The news article states "Oklahoma City Thunder big man Enes Kanter is wanted for arrest by his home country of Turkey, which has accused him of being a member of a terror group, according to AFP."

This is the problematic nature of removing civil liberty for everyone accused of being a terrorist. Once they remove civil liberty from accused terrorists, they accuse everyone that disagrees with them of being a terrorist. The same thing happened in England. With one wave of the pen they labeled everyone who participated in the Occupy movement terrorists and removed their right to a lawyer or a fair trial. This is a bad precedent for everyone.

This whole fraud was fabricated simply because Enes made a post on Twitter that called Erdoğan the Hitler of our Century and accused him of staging the coup and killing off those who opposed him. Enes was right. That fake coup was staged. There ya have it folks. Disagree with the dirty politicians and they'll arrest you for being a terrorist. Get a life and let the brother play ball.

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  1. Erdogan wants a dictatorship and he is working hard to get it. He has the support of Trump. of course Trump is working hard to get his dictatorship going also, but alas, even with the thug of Montana, the country struggles on.

    Erdogan will take Turkey into a state not dissimilar to Iran. a theocracy with out the Mullahs. he knows he won't be admitted to the E.U. and he is fairly confident he won't be kicked out of NATO, although at some future day France may take the initiate on that one.

    Erdogan is most likely hoping the U.S.A. will provide him financial support and the loss of tourism won't matter. Erdogan will take Turkey from a reasonabely secular state to a religious state. of course what he truly wants is to wipe out the Kurds who are a force to be reckoned with. Now that they are better armed he is trying to ensure he can go after them should the war in Syria ever be over. I suspect should the war ever be over in Syria we can expect Russian and Syrian jets to bomb the shit out of the areas in Iraq and Syria where Kurds live. The Americans won't care at that point, the Kurds will have served their purpose by doing the really tough fighting and winning.

    Some of the Kurdish fighting forces take a much more liberal attitude towards women and treat them as equals. i.e. they command troops. that won't work for erdogan.


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