Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kamloops turns up the heat

Kamloops the Week is reporting that Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said officers from the Uniform Gang Enforcement Team were in the Tournament Capital to help stop criminal activity and prevent organized crime groups from further establishing a presence in the community. “The joint efforts over the weekend targeted those individuals participating in illegal activities and resulted in both enforcement and disruptive measures being taken,” she said.

Let's see if they keep up the pressure on Johnny Newcome's latest chop shop in Kelowna. Although Crimestoppers' new Free Hugs poster campaign is somewhat bizarre, End Gang Life have some other thoughtful posters and videos. Proactive would be arresting the drug dealers selling drugs tainted with fentanyl. Stop the insanity: embrace the New York model.


  1. Given Fent. kills it ought to be declared a dangerous weapon just like some other things are and just confiscate all the drugs, don't even bother with the charges unless its large amounts and dry up the supply. Then offer real honest medically based rehab. Doubtful the photo op queen will go for it, that would cost money she'd rather give to her pay to play pals.

    A chop shop in Kelowna, surely you jest Watson. The premier's home riding a chop shop, my goodness gracious. how could that ever happen, right under the premier's noise.......

    1. I didn't realize Westside Kelowna was Christy Clark's home riding. That explains everything. Thats right beside David Giles' house.

      That explains why she disbanded the OMGU right after the Kelowna summer jam which resulted in the fall of Skeletor and the conviction of the Hells Angels chop shop. It would also explain why Johnny Newcome set up shop again right after he was released and paid the fine.

      Seizing the fentanyl from the drug dealers selling on the Surrey Strip would be a step forward but not pressing charges is still criminal culpability.

  2. quite agree it is still criminal culpability, but given the provincial government closed court houses when el gordo was in office and there aren't enough sheriffs in town, and the federal shortage of judges, that is the best we can do at this time. I'd suggest if the police take enough drugs, it will perhaps persuade some to find another line of work and leave at least some people alone.

    In the last election Christy Clark ran in el gorods' Point Grey riding. She lost to David Eby, who continues to have a good hold on the riding. The B.C. Lieberals were then faced with the challenge of finding a "safe seat" for her. of course that would be the old WAC Bennett strong hold of Kelowan. They got a winery owner to resign and she got to run in his riding. He got a nice gig elsewhere, over seas if I recall correctly.

    For a little history, back in my childhood, WAC Bennett and the Capolzzi's had a lock on Kelowna and Galardie, had the lock on Kamloops.


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