Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hells Angels associate convicted in Toronto Murder

This is why I think the true crime movement would be diminished without Kim Bolan. Kim is reporting that "Former B.C. resident and long-time gangster Rabih “Robby” Alkhalil was convicted in Toronto of first-degree murder May 11 and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years." I completely missed the fact that Alkhalil was convicted and sentenced. As we all know locally he was a Hells Angels associate also charged in the murder of rival drug dealer Sandip Duhre at the Wall Centre in Vancouver.

Kim is referring to the murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto. The Toronto Sun reported that "Nick Nero, Martino Caputo and Rabih Alkhalil conspired to murder a fellow cocaine dealer so they could steal the dead man’s drugs and divide the enormous profit, a jury heard Wednesday."

Johnnie Raposo was the drug dealer and Dean Wiwchar was the hitman they hired to murder him. Robby Alkhalil and Dean Wiwchar are Hells Angels associates from Surrey and Vancouver. Nick Nero is a juiced up drug dealing Hells Angels associate from Ontario.

This murder in Toronto along with the Wall Centre murder in Vancouver shows the Hells Angels direct involvement in murdering rival drug dealers across Canada. Julian Sher was right. In his book The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada he nailed it. What we are seeing now is the validation of everything he wrote in that book. It even ties into the recent murder of Janice Bryant in Vancouver who was not a rival drug dealer. Her husband took back all the drug dealers in the DTES for the Hells Angels. He became too powerful so the Hells Angels killed his wife. That is f*cked up. That is what we are now dealing with.


  1. perhaps the easiest way to start to diminish the financial status of the H.A. is to simply start confiscating the drugs from their lower level dealers. That will be a start.

    Interesting article in the Vancouver Sun on Friday, two drug dealers who had been given suspended sentences were jailed each upon an appeal by the Crown. the appeals court ruled given the nature of the drugs, death, they ought to be sent to jail. Perhaps some one has seen the light. Selling F. really is murder and ought to be treated as such

  2. I think the easiest and quickest way would simply be to have an inquest (or Grand Jury in the USA) and then ban all clubs found to be criminal.

    The hard part would be the potential for a LOT of money to be offered as bribes to ensure it would not happen.

    (Think Elliot Ness in Chicago.)

  3. closing clubs which had drugs being sold in them would simply result in too many court challenges. Where would it end? closing Wal Marts, shopping mall, country clubs, tennis clubs, golf courses.


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