Monday, May 8, 2017

NDP wants to scrap bridge tolls

Some NDP supporters were out with signs on 152nd street in Surrey right before the entrance to the Port Mann toll bridge today. Everyone claims the NDP will tax and spend but that is exactly what the BC Liberals are doing. The NDP want to scrap bridge tolls.

They also opposed the excessive regional gas tax. That would be a reduction in tax. Then the spin doctors change their tune and scoff how do they plan on paying for that? Wait 'till I tell ye.

The kool aid kids claim the only fair thing to do is to toll every bridge. Not. You cannot toll a bridge that has already been paid for. That is illegal. It also infringes on the mobility right in the Canadian Charter of Rights. Putting a toll back on the Lions Gate bridge after it was already tolled and paid for would be unfair. It would just be another tax grap for the Vancouver Mayors' glutton council.

The first thing they can do is contract in the collection of bridge tolls. That fact that we contract out the collection of bridge tolls to American companies is insane. The only reason a private company would agree to collecting bridge tolls is so THEY can make a profit and tax payers expense. That is why the American company that was collecting the toll on the Coquihalla kept the toll on long after it was paid off. So they could make a profit.

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  1. we can only hope the tolls come off. if we get a B.C. Lieberl/Green coalition, we will be paying tolls forever and Christy will give more breaks to her millionaire and billionaire friends.


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