Thursday, May 11, 2017

6 Hells Angels arrested in Langford

Global is reporting that "Six full-patch member of the Hells Angels gang were arrested during a traffic stop on Vancouver Island. Investigators say West Shore RCMP officers stopped a limousine on Highway 1 near Leigh Road in Langford on Saturday. They say the limousine was stopped after it was seen committing a Motor Vehicle Act offence."

"During the traffic stop, police gathered evidence which led to the arrest of all occupants of the vehicle. When the vehicle was searched, police found a loaded handgun with several full magazines and various suspected drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and other suspected controlled substance in tablet forms."

It will be interesting to hear which names were involved. Langford is home to the Devils Rejects.


  1. Maybe they won't know how the magazine got into their socks ...

    I bet they will be putting an awful lot of pressure on the driver to take the fall and say it was all his stuff (in their minds it will not be the fact they had all this illegal stuff on them that was the problem that got them arrested but the driver's driving that allowed them to get pulled over to begin with ...).

  2. Would not want to be the driver who was pulled over for talking on his phone

  3. IT IS FUNNY. Wasn't that long ago that another bunch were pulled over for speeding and arrested for other things.on their way to somewhere......
    First order of business all H.A. members and their drivers need to bone up on their driving skills so they don't get pulled over while at work.......


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