Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fake MDMA kills one and critically injures another teen in New West

CBC is reporting that two sixteen year old girls took what they thought was MDMA or ecstasy at a party but it turned out to be something else. One is dead and the other is in critical condition. BBC is reporting that a 15 year old boy is dead after taking what he thought was MDMA, Two other teens were admitted to the hospital.

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  1. and still the politicians just sit around and wring their hands and want Ottawa to take charge. Well the medical system is a provincial issue and each province had better get to work before we look like some of the areas of Pennsylvania.

    At this point you'd think some government might want to get on the rehab stick, but not so much. Guess it costs too much money.

    It actually would be easy right now. Many of the camps the oil field companies have are empty. Simply rent them, they're good accommodation, move in medical staff with the clients and let them all do a min. of 3 months for starters. When they get out move them into decent housing away from their old haunts and a support system. Alas, this will not happen. A whole lot more middle class teenagers will have to die before the government does anything. Try to think back to when AIDS first hit in the early 1980s. How long did it take governments to get with the agenda? Ya a very long time. this too will take a very long time.

    Its very sad these youngsters died. I don't expect either the police to crack down on the dealers or the government to provide more medical rehabilitation. Its simply cheaper to let them die.


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