Saturday, May 13, 2017

Surrey RCMP Open House

We went to the Surrey RCMP Open House today. For the most part it was a huge success. They had the bomb squad on site with their robots and gear as well as the ERT and the CFSEU. They had a police dog demonstration, lots of quads and even a helicopter take off right from the courtyard. It was all very posative.

I was somewhat disappointed to see a harm promotion booth on site. That is once again taking us in the wrong direction. The DTES is a failed model Surrey would do well to avoid like the plague.

When we walked down the hall of fame and saw the pictures of the previous and current Surrey Police Chiefs I pointed to the last three: Fraser MacRae - good, Bill Fordy - bad, Dwayne McDonald - good. We've come full circle. As I said before, Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star. Bill Fordy was a flaming idiot. Dwayne McDonald was rock solid. He was our new hope.

Dwayne McDonald is a good man who did great things in Kelowna but someone has his hands tied and is preventing him from doing anything in Surrey. After his huge success in Kelowna he was was transferred to IHIT and the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit was disbanded by Christy Clark. He did such a great job the powers that be made sure he would never do that again. They dont want him interfering with the Hells Angels drug trafficking network.

All this sound and fury about the fentanyl crisis but nothing ever gets done to stop it. Instead we only bend over backwards to promote it. That is not the New York Model. Everyone knows Shakerz is still the hub for the Hells Angels drug trafficking network in Surrey. Randy and Trevor Jones were named in the US cross border drug trafficking indictment and Tbarz was named as the hub of that drug ring. It still is. The name change was just a smoke and mirror distraction to avoid having the bar seized under proceeds of crime in the US indictment.

Everyone knows Tito is a Hells Angels associate that is in charge of the drug trafficking out of Shakerz. Everyone knows they have runners that go from there to the Dell bowling alley who in turn have runners that supply the Whalley strip with drugs. Everyone knows that a Hells Angels prospect actually works at the Front Room a few days a week and that a Hells Angels associate named Wolfpack Roockie supplies the Lighthouse shelter with drugs. Everyone knows that.

I can verify that the police have known that for a year and have refused to do anything about it. So my question is why? Who has Dwayne McDonald's hands tied and is preventing him from doing his job? Once we answer that question we might actually be able to get something accomplished in Surrey. Until then, we never will.


  1. Now those are very interesting questions. Not knowing the real answers I can only suggest: follow the money.

    If drug distribution centres are known to the general public and the police are not taking any action some one is making money besides the H.A. and their affiliates.

    Given the number of deaths from fent. laced drugs would think the police would simply raid and arrest those who have the drugs on them. No need for huge investigations, just arrest, remove drugs and release if the government isn't going to pay for the trials. In my opinion they may not be pursing arrests because they don't want to pay for the costs of the trials. There will be several billion for a 10 lane bridge to no where over the Fraser, but arresting drug dealers who sell fent. isn't not going to be happening under the current government.

    1. One would think. Given that's not happening forces me to ask why not?

  2. Ya, why not?
    It starts with a more complicated question/answer
    Why does the Government have ICBC make mandatory, the use of stolen vehicle parts, a priority for all ICBC Certified Vehicle Repair Shops - before any other sources!
    Politicians are criminals first (& bad Lawyers) and are associated Gangsters making a LOT of MONEY - KICK BACKS!
    Need not ask from whom, when the money trail must continue without Dwayne McDonald Interference! MAKE SENSE?

  3. why not? because the premier and her party don't care enough. Its that simple. it doesn't effect them or their pay to play crowd. Now if it suddenly all moved into their neighbourhoods you can bet it would be all over quickly.

    Voters are more interested in things which impact them and even with the current death rate, the don't think the problem effects them. When they hold these town meetings to inform parents, have you ever noticed how few parents there are at these meetings? I'd have thought a few thousand would show up, but not so much.


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