Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sheila Fraser's review of RCMP lawsuits

Speaking of the resignation of Bob Paulson and Craig Callen. CBC is reporting that The women who were the subject of Sheila Fraser's review of four lawsuits launched in British Columbia about harassment and sexual harassment hope the the federal government and the RCMP will apply all of the recommendations and bring about actual change within the police force. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale asked the former Auditor General to conduct the review after the women contacted him in November 2015, asking for help. They said they had no confidence in the RCMP's internal mechanisms to deal with harassment."

"Sheila Fraser says the four cases illustrate the existing grievance process is "inefficient and bureaucratic" and calls for a panel of outside experts - not police - to oversee harassment complaints and measures to prevent reprisals against those who complain of harassment, and also for health services to be "delivered by an independent external party or parties."

"Fraser reviewed how the RCMP handled the sexual harassment cases of Catherine Galliford, Atoya Montague and Susan Gastaldo and the harassment case of Alice Fox. Her long-awaited report was released earlier this week, along with the report of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission headed by Ian McPhail." This is an overview of the review Sheila Fraser presented to Parliament and this is a copy of the actual report.


  1. what happened to Dr. Mike Webster?

    I have been trying to find out for many month, anyone know?

    Psychologist Mike Webster says RCMP old-boys network explains why Don Ray is still a Mountie via @georgiastraight

    1. Good question. Mike ran a blog and got shafted. Don Ray is a clown. The fact that he is still employed by the RCMP is a national disgrace:

  2. I know this was already sent to you and not to harp on this subject, but you must start with the systemic SICK/TOXIC federal RCMP attitude that is very much part of Sheila's review!
    You know it has been studied many times, but just released is another one:
    Just today CBC news carried the announcement that Robinson, a dirty cop since the days of known Vernon Dirty Dozen who later became Supervisor to the Dziekanski KILLING
    is furthering efforts to have the Supreme Court of Canada overturn his conviction.
    Simply put, there are many of these Bad Officers operating under direct orders from RCMP BRASS!
    The Federal Government has deliberately been avoiding this SERIOUS SYTEMIC PROBLEM!

  3. Sheila Fraser. New RCMP Commissioner. Has a nice ring to it. She knows what she is doing, has integrity, she is already familiar with what ails the RCMP, knows how the government works and doesn't work.


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