Monday, May 22, 2017

Opioid conflict-of-interest controversy reveals extent of big pharma's ties to doctors

This time CBC nailed it. The CBC is reporting that "Opioid conflict-of-interest controversy reveals extent of big pharma's ties to doctors. Financial ties between doctors, hospitals and the pharma field are widely accepted - but rarely discussed."

The article names Purdue as the pharmaceutical villain manipulating medical education to further its financial interests just like Macklemore boldly declared in his music video Drug Dealer.

The Globe and Mail has also named Perdue as the cause of Canada’s opioid crisis.


  1. That also confirms that BC Doctors can and do have financial ties to ICBC for financial ties and gains, in CONFLICT OF INTEREST, at the sufferance of VICTIMS - CLAIMANTS! I fully experienced this fact and saw their financial ties to the JUDICIARY!

  2. An offer is on the table to settle class action suite in Canada against purdue 20 million I think what a joke they make 5 billion and only pay 20 million so what stops these low life money mongers from doing it again? The whole upper echelon of the company should be charged with manslaughter.

  3. the previous suggestion certainly has some merit.

    if people are in such constant pain that doctors are scripting these drugs, you'd think the doctor would have sent the patient to a specialist to find out what was causing the pain or a pain management specialist. Malpractice on the part of the doctors also.


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