Sunday, May 14, 2017

Stingray antenna outside Surrey Pretrial

Well this is rather amusing. Yesterday when we were at the Surrey RCMP Open House we walked past the Surrey Pretrial detention centre. I have been to that courthouse a million times and never realized Surrey Pretrial was right across from the courthouse. North Fraser Pretrial is in Port Coquitlam. Surrey Pretrial is a different facility. It's location is pretty ingenious with the ability to transfer prisoners underground from the detention centre to and from the courthouse.

So I'm standing in front of Surrey pretrial reading the sign out front. As I look up the first thing I see is a stingray antenna. Have a look for yourself. It's the same antenna they have installed outside my house. It's the same antenna they have on top of the courthouse in the DTES.

When I made the post about Stingray antennas being used in Surrey someone said it's just a Yagi antenna. Yes it is, but what the hell do you think this antenna is connected to outside the Surrey Pretrial? It's not a radio antenna. They use it for intercepting cell phone communication.

I have to admit I'm not entirely opposed to its use at Surrey pretrial. From an intelligence gathering position it's a pretty smart location. It's the ones outside my house and all over Surrey recording regular civilians wireless communication without a warrant that upsets me.

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  1. RCMP have used cell surveillance since the start of that technology and grossly abused it for all types personal gains!
    It's use in the S. E. Sector is well known to Organized Crime!
    Officers have used it for personal gains, but has diminished in the last decade because Gangs use other methods of communications!
    But, it speaks volumes to the systemic problem of the SICK/DYSFUNCTIONAL/HARASSING work environment that prevents many officers from doing an uninhibited good job!


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