Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EU losses to Fraud

This buried headline in today's Vancouver Province could well be the most important story of the year. The European Union loses some $800 million to suspected fraud every year and it will consider setting up an office to combat it, a senior official said Tuesday.

This is relevant because that is a huge drain on the system. It is also relevant because the Greek financial crisis was the result of investment fraud. That massive fraud was hidden by Goldman Sachs who ripped off the EU of that massive bailout.

Allegations against Goldman Sachs highlight the pressing need to break up big banks and introduce strict financial regulation. Deregulation opens the flood gates wide open to investment fraud.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kelowna Grow op bust and GHB

Another grow op bust in Kelowna in the 500 block of Gowen Place Friday. More than 1,200 plants were seized.

In the last two months police had shut down five marijuana grow-operations in the Central Okanagan including a business in West Kelowna (1,600 plants), two homes in Lake Country (1,800 plants) a warehouse next to a home on Belgo Road (3,600 plants) and a home in the Upper Mission (5,500 plants). Police also seized 23.5 litres of GHB, five gallons of unprocessed marijuana oil, over $12,000 in cash and several thousand dollars worth of growing equipment. Street value of the drugs is well over $100,000.

That's quite a shopping list. So in the past two months the police have raided five grow ops in the area and have also made a large date rape drug seizure. It doesn't say that the GHB was found with the pot but it does imply it. I suppose that technically could have been a separate bust.

What I find interesting is that we all know who controls the grow ops in Kelowna. If police found and seized date rape drug with or at a Kelowna grow op, then that would mean you know who was selling date rape drug again. Just sayin.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ohio school shooting leaves one teen dead, 4 wounded

Another tragic school shooting in the States. This month alone, at least four shootings of students have occurred in schools across the country, including today's deadly attack outside Cleveland, Ohio. We can talk about guns, bullies and violence but one thing is certain - something is wrong.

The Columbine High School massacre occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999 where two students killed 12 other students and one teacher and wounded 21 others. Michael Moore's movie Bowling for Columbine was thought provoking.

The Robocall Scandal widens

The robocall scandal continues to widen. It certainly wasn't just one riding where one young kid was involved. Elections Canada and police are currently believed to be looking into reports that automated calls in as many as 18 ridings falsely advised voters that the location of their polling stations had changed. Opposition parties claim it's more like 27 to 34.

The Conservative Party does not need to look into "robocalls" made during the last federal election any further, Defence Minister Peter MacKay says. "It's certainly not something our party condones," MacKay said Sunday of the fraudulent calls to voters. "It's inappropriate behaviour to say the least." But he told CBC News in New Glasgow, N.S., that he believes the calls directing people to wrong or non-existent polling places were isolated incidents.

Yeah, right. It's not something we condone. Just like we don't condone torture of prisoners. Much. Harper initially said the Conservative party had no knowledge of the scam. Yet with the rapidly expanding magnitude of the scandal, that is really becoming hard to believe.

I'm not a fan of Bob Rae but he did say one thing in question period that made sense. When will Stephen Harper begin to take personal responsibility? Excellent question. Unfortunately the answer is never.

Elizabeth May was profoundly eloquent on the matter. She said she was enraged because this scandal is an assault on Democracy. Turns out the robocalls were used in her riding as well to discourage non conservative voters from voting by telling them where they vote was moved. Elizabeth May said we don't have a smoking gun here. We have a dead body on the floor. I like her. She is a welcome addition to the debate. Clearly the police should investigate the matter because it is fraud.

Hells Angels Arrested in Funeral Shooting

Police have arrested a Hells Angel gang member several months after he was suspected of fatally shooting a fellow member at a funeral for the regional leader of the motorcycle gang.

Steve Ruiz surrendered Saturday evening after San Jose police surrounded his motel in Fremont, police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said Sunday.

Ruiz, 38, had been the subject of a widespread manhunt since Steve Tausan was shot and killed during memorial services for Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew on Oct. 15. Police believe that Ruiz shot Tausan when a fight broke out at the San Jose funeral, which was monitored by police.


What's the matter? Isn't anyone going to scream and claim that the Hells angels didn't have anything to do with this shooting either? Just because the accused is a member of the Hells angels and just because the guy he shot was a member of the Hells angels and just because it happened at a Hells angels funeral doesn't mean it involved the Hells Angels. Much.

Dave Pickton's revolting cover up

Well, convicted sex offender Dave Pickton is in the news again. Earlier this month, scared women on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside put up posters warning that the brother of infamous serial killer Willie Pickton has been seen in the area. “BEWARE!!! Don’t be fooled!” reads the poster, under a 1995 picture of Dave Pickton.

Now, he contacts the newspaper claiming he has started another nonprofit and is fundraising for poor children in Africa. I think we have a legal liability to notify the good people of Ghana that Dave Pickton is a convicted sex offender.

Dave Pickton was convicted of rape in 1992 on the same pig farm his brother was convicted of murdering and mutilating numerous women. Not only that, but during Pickton's trial Dave was accused of another rape. The victim claimed in 1999 he tied her to the bed with bungee cords and tried to shove pills down her mouth. Sgt. Dan Almas said he was aware of that allegation, and agreed that pills and bungee cords were found in a search of the younger Pickton's bedroom but stated "Someone who is alleged to have committed a serious sexual assault does not a murderer make." No but someone alleged to have committed a serious sexual offense should be charged and tried for that serious offense.

One of the most disturbing elements of the Pickton case was that Dave Pickton knew where bodies were buried on the farm. If that doesn't make him an additional suspect it surely makes him an accessory to the crime.

Recently we heard that the Hells angels ran an illegal booze can on sight right across from the Pickton farm which also contained a grow op run by the Hells angels. Yet Dave Pickton was the one who ran another supposed charity called the Piggy Palace Good Times Society. So was it a Hells angels booze can or was it Dave Picktons? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Either way letting him raise money for the disadvantaged is shocking to say the least. It's rather disappointing he still shows no regard whatsoever for the East Vancouver homeless. You'd think he'd have a little more compassion and remorse since so many of them were murdered and mutilated on his farm.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Syrian Intervention

There’s a lot of talk about military intervention in Syria these days. Clearly the situation has gone from bad to worse. I’ll be the first to admit that military intervention in Libya and not Syria was suspect. Syria was firing on unarmed civilians. Libya was firing back at armed rebels. There was a huge difference. Even Saudi Arabia was firing on unarmed protesters at one point. Oh but they let US troops in and contribute massive amounts of money to US presidential campaigns. That means it’s OK if they shoot unarmed civilians. The bottom line was Libya had oil and Syria didn’t.

It was shocking that China and Russia both vetoed military intervention at the UN when Syria started firing on unarmed protesters. The allies didn’t wait for China and Russia’s approval to overthrow Gadaffi. They went in under the guise of enforcing a cease fire and started bombing one side. Why? Because Gadaffi was a socialist and he had oil just like Kuwait and Iraq did.

I remember arguing with someone during the Gulf war. They claimed the US went in to liberate Kuwait because they had oil. I said you’re crazy. Iraq invaded another country. Then I found out that not only did the CIA put Saddam Husseinin power, but Saddam asked the US what their position was if he invaded Kuwait before he did. They told him the United States has no position on that matter. Then when he goes in, the US freak out and lead a huge coalition of the willing while Saddam is scratching his head saying what the hell? They set me up.

So now we’re looking at Syria and it’s a mess. Russia argues that the protesters have now taken up arms and the UN is encouraging them. The UN is telling them if you keep fighting we will support you just like in Libya. That kinda makes sense but if I was protesting and the government started shooting at me, I think I’d take up arms too.

No one likes to stand by and watch a dictator kill civilians. Rwanda was a horrible genocide. Where was the UN there? Oh right, they didn’t have oil either. Clearly we are free to choose and we don’t have to wait for the UN’s permission to do anything.

Yet I’m not sure if military intervention in Syria is timely. We can say we oppose you killing civilians. We can say we won’t do business with you if you do that. That is the first step. The Arab League is meeting and discussing the matter and well they should. They are able to do something themselves. They don’t have to wait for our approval and they don’t have to wait for us to do it for them. One minute they’re burning flags and saying F the USA then the next minute they’re crying please help us.

The news showed footage of Syria and locals saying where is the UN? My response is where is the Arab League? It’s their neighborhood. The problem with using our military to overthrow a foreign dictator who hasn’t invaded any other countries, is that we don’t know who we are supporting in his place. In Libya, the rebels had ties to the Taliban. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just if you are trying to convince the world the Taliban is bad, supporting them in a separate conflict is somewhat hypocritical.

Don’t get me wrong, if Hitler hadn’t invaded any other countries and just started killing Jews or Muslims in his own country, we would still have been morally bound to stand against him. The situation in Syria does concern me greatly. I just think we should let the Arab League lead the way while we support them in trying to bring peace to that war torn nation.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Koran burning in Afghanistan

I was shocked to hear that US soldiers had accidentally burned a couple copies of the Koran that were accidentally placed in an incinerator. I realize that the Koran is a holy book just like the Bible. Burning it intentionally is offensive. Just like burning a country's flag is.

When that wacko false preacher in the States sent out press releases about his intent to intentionally burn a copy of the Koran, that was offensive. That is not something a Christian is supposed to do. Yet to kill someone over the burning of a holy book is in itself the epitome of hypocrisy.

The Koran and the Bible both teach thou shalt not kill. Historically, Jerusalem and Belfast have both misunderstood the old law of an eye for an eye. That primitive law meant that if you commit murder, you were to be put to death. It did not mean if someone commits murder that you randomly take some innocent person from the same race, religion or country and execute them. That would be another murder. That is what Martin Luther King meant when he said the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

The BBC is reporting 20 people have died since the protests began. The whole idea of murdering an innocent person because someone burned a holy books is disturbingly hypocritical. I don't think that is something the Dalai Lama or a Buddhist would do. Although burning a Bible is also sacrilegious to a Christian, I don't think you'll find many Christians who will murder someone, especially murder some innocent person, just because someone burnt a Bible. I think that says a lot about the two different religions.

The "activists" in Pakistan foaming at the mouth while they burn an effigy of the US look like crazed animals. They don't look like inspired holy men to me. So what does an enlightened sage really look like? Like Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King perhaps. Someone who's life is evidence of a peaceful enlightened mind. Not a crazed lunatic foaming at the mouth in a drunken rage of vengeance.

The whole mission in Afghanistan was tainted from the beginning. Bin Laden was found in Pakistan not Afghanistan and there is a huge amount of evidence questioning his involvement in 9/11. Osama and Colonel Gadaffi were both executed without a fair trial. Something a democratic society promises.

Three months before 9/11 the Texas oil barons were wining and dining the Taliban trying to win the contract for the oil pipeline. As soon as the contract for the oil pipeline was taken from UNOCAL and given to an Argentina firm named Bridas, Afghanistan was invaded and that decision was reversed.

Canada has been significantly involved in the Afghanistan mission. We have lost many good soldiers who went there to help the people of Afghanistan and gave their lives in their service. One name stands out in my mind. He was a reservist from Edmonton named Bill Turner. He was involved with the kites for kids program there. At his eulogy they said he was the type of soldier who would say "Hi, my name is Bill. I'm here to help." That was a good soldier. Just like the soldier who took his helmet off as a sign of trust meeting with some local elders and a crazed assailant attacked him from behind with an axe. That was a good soldier. He had also written about the missing women from the DTES.

Burning any holy book is disrespectful just like burning any country's flag is. Yet killing someone for doing so is shamefully hypocritical. We need to aspire to something higher.

UN arrests in Mexico

We haven’t heard much from the UN after the arrest of Clayton Rouche and the crack down after the UN were charged with shooting at the Bacon brothers outside Tbarz in Surrey. Other than the recent UN member who was murdered in Mexico.

One reader sent me these articles about two UN members they claim were arrested in Mexico for money laundering. I can’t read Spanish and the pdf files won’t cut and paste in a online translator but I will link to the articles for your reference. Basically, the UN do what the Hells Angels do but are more on the radar so to speak.

This is a copy of the news article and this is a copy of the police report. The peanut gallery will claim that this wasn't sent in from any source at all and that I just made it up. Although I don't know Spanish.

BC Teachers Strike – Mediation or Legislation?

Nobody likes to see schools shut down from job action. Yet removing free collective bargaining rights from Canadians is a bad precedent for everyone. Throwing out collective agreements and rewriting them through acts of legislation is not only wrong, it is illegal. If you deem something to be an essential service, which may well apply to teachers in schools, then you need to adapt mediation and arbitration. Unilateral acts of legislation changing the status quo to impose a settlement are wrong. Education is important.

Friday, February 24, 2012

From coast to coast a toast to the host we hate the most

Well here it is. In Stargate a host was a tapeworm or parasite that lived in someone else’s body. Yet unlike Stargate, this parasite doesn’t keep the person alive, it lives off of and sucks the life out of him just like Catherine Austin Fitts described in the tapeworm economy.

In the Rocky Horror Picture Show, everyone throws toast at the screen during the part when they make a toast. This gang war certainly is a Rocky Horror Picture show of lies and betrayal all in the name of greed.

The recent murder of a Hells Angel associate in Nova Scotia is timely. It comes not long after the Jeff Lynds suicide in prison. Jeff Lynds is the Hells Angel who admitting to shooting Randy Mersereau for the group many years ago and has now turned informant. Some speculate his prison suicide was part of a cover up to put him into protective custody. Some speculate that is why his sister recently tried to kill herself by overdosing on insulin. Because she’s afraid the Hells Angels are going to kill her to punish her brother. Now that is really messed up. Harming someone’s family for any reason is really messed up.

There’s an interesting connection between Vancouver and Halifax and it leads to Kelowna. David Giles. The rusty vibrator was originally from the Halifax Hells Angels chapter. He came to Vancouver then Kelowna after the Halifax Hells Angels were charged in the Lennoxville Massacre in Montreal.

Turns out the Halifax chapter was invited to the same party to witness the execution of their brothers from Laval. For some reason the police thought they were involved with the murder. Those charges didn’t stick so the spoils of war were divided between the surviving chapters.

The Halifax chapter was originally known as the 13th Tribe. For some strange reason they thought there was a legend about a 13th tribe of Israel that was bad so they named themselves after that tribe. Actually it was one of the 12 tribes that was predicted to fall which resulted in one of the other tribes receiving a double portion keeping the number of tribes at 12 but that’s besides the point.

The 13th tribe named themselves after a group of people they thought were bad. Turns out the 13th tribe lived up to their reputation and patched over to become Hells Angels thus once again securing the Hells Angels control of the local drug trade.

One news source claims they got a little too rough with a prostitute and ended up getting charged with living off the avails of prostitution which they were convicted of. So David Giles, a member of that chapter comes to Vancouver with Mike Christiansen, another member of that chapter who ends up in Kelowna with Giles.

Although Giles certainly isn’t as repulsive as Robert Thomas from the Kelowna Hells Angels who was nothing but a petty thief from Ontario who’s saggy ass and a few associates used baseball bats and hammers to murder Dain Philips in public. He has nonetheless been involved behind the scene in leadership roles of the club’s business for years.

When Revell and Remple were convicted of cocaine trafficking in Kelowna, Giles was caught on wiretap saying Revelle made him $30,000 in the previous few months. Although his lawyer argued in court that only proved Revelle worked for Giles not that Giles was involved in any criminal activity, his lawyer failed to show what legitimate business they did that earned him that much money in that short a period of time.

Likewise, the day Juel Stanton was murdered, one blog reader from Kelowna recognized Giles from the website and said they saw him having a heart to heart with a younger kid explaining something serious to him. Obviously the kid was wondering why Stanton was murdered. Another source claimed there was a court disclosure that connected Giles to Stanton that was not only embarrassing for the police but showed that Giles shad been hiding things from Bryce. Yet that disclosure has yet to materialize.

Giles’ trip back east right before Bacchus and the Darksiders expanded into Nova Scotia was somewhat suspicious. According to Neil Hall's book, Giles was the one the 2 1/2 tons of cocaine that was seized from the Western Wind was going to although no charges were ever laid. Speaking of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, how is his DUI charges going?

Gang rape victim speaks out

After the crown stayed the charges against one of the guys accused of participating in a gang rape at a Maple Ridge rave, the under age victim is speaking out. She is making an appeal for witnesses to come forward because she says there is no doubt in her mind that she was raped. She has been bullied after the assault.

Dropping the charges was a shocking turn of events. The accused's lawyer was quoted as saying the accused did nothing wrong and the victim accompanied him to MacDonald’s after the party. That kind of statement is so bizarrely offensive it diminishes all of us. The crown dropped the charges or more accurate the charges were stayed because of what they claim to be an unlikelihood of conviction.

Upon hearing the news one father I know said that’s it, I’m buying a gun. There is no justice in our system. When something happens you call the police. They have guns. Yet they can’t do anything and the courts won’t press charges. I’m buying a gun. No doubt it’s easy to see this father’s frustration.

There is a long list of disturbing events in this case. Dropping the charges is just the final straw. It’s not like the victim choked and didn’t want to press charges out of fear of retaliation. We know that does happen in cases of rape, especially in cases of date rape. Instead we have a victim that says I was raped and I want to press charges and we have a video proving it. There is no reason those charges shouldn’t proceed. It’s time for the Attorney General to step forward and make sure those charges do proceed.

The defense’s claim that it was consensual is absurd. It does not pass the test of believability. No doubt in the case of a single date rape, the accused will always try to get off by claiming it was consensual. The use of date rape drug or some other intoxicant over rides that argument. Yet the victim raised a very good point in her appeal. No one in their right mind would consent to that. Being raped by half a dozen guys at once at a party.

The idea of one guy sharing his girlfriend with others is disturbing in itself. Gang rapes are in themselves deranged. I’m going to share this woman with someone else or I’m going to have sex with this woman right after someone else has. That is messed up all on it’s own. Filming it and posting it on the internet adds to the depravity. Having witness stand around and not intervene diminishes all of us. This case makes us all look like criminals for not intervening and not proceeding with charges. It has set human rights back in this country 300 years. Not just woman’s rights but human rights. When we let something like that happen to any aspect of our society, we are all diminished.

Since the gang rape happened in Maple Ridge and since this blog if primarily about the Hells Angels I will point out that the Haney Hells Angels which are located in Maple Ridge were caught with the largest date rape seizure in the country. Supplying that drug to anyone is wrong. Profiting from that is deranged. Maple Ridge is also close to the location of the Pickton farm which involved the Haney Hells Angels.

Toronto Police Officer charged with Murder

Charges against a Toronto police officer have been upgraded from manslaughter to second degree murder where a suspect was found shot in the back. The police claim this is a bad precedent and might cause officers to second guess themselves in a life or death situation. Although there is some merit to that argument, if an officer second guesses himself before he shoots a suspect in the back, that might not be a bad thing.

Compare that to the murder that set off the London riots. Here we have not just one officer who committed the murder of an unarmed suspect, but two different departments caught lying about the events in an attempt to cover it up.

An anti gang task force from the Scotland Yard was accompanying the London police when they went to arrest a suspect from the Broad Water Farm Estates. I’ve been there. I used to live in Brixton right by the front line when I was in London but did visit the Broad Water Farm Estate in the north once. They claimed that when they tried to arrest the suspect, the suspect opened fire on them, hitting an officer in the chest. They claimed that the bullet hit the officer’s police radio which saved his life and said that after he shot the officer the task force used deadly force to shoot him dead.

Only the ballistic report showed that the bullet that hit the police radio was fired from a police issued gun. So here we had the police shoot an unarmed suspect dead, plant a gun on his possession then claim he fired on them first only to be caught in a bold faced lie. That is what set off the London riots. Although there is no excuse for looting, harsh charges against those rioters without charging the police with breach of trust for killing an unarmed suspect then lying about it is a shameful injustice from the motherland.

Irans’ death row

Although I am the first one to agree Iran persuing the use of nuclear energy is concerning in the event that they use that technology to make nuclear weapons is concerning, I also find it concerning that Canada has been selling nuclear technology to China, India and Pakistan for years which has helped them develop nuclear weapons. It is hypocritical for Canada to support nuclear technology in China, India and Pakistan but not in Iran because Iran might do the same thing with it, India and Pakistan has.

Although I am aware and somewhat concerned about England and American’s meddling in Iran’s politics to gain financial control of their oil through Operation Ajax, I am also concerned about Iran’s bizarre extremism regarding their death row. We can argue about capital punishment until the cows come home. Many are shall we say, deathly opposed to any form of capital punishment for any reason. Personally, I’m more concerned with capital punishment for stupid reasons.

Stoning a woman for adultery may be biblical but it is extreme. Especially when they only stone the woman and not the man she committed adultery with. Yet this recent case of a Canadian on death row in Iran for creating a software program for the Internet is so extreme it’s bizarre.

No one like an extremist. Whether it be a religious extremist telling us we have to do things their way or a secular extremist telling us we have to do things their way, no one likes being told what to do.

The latest news is about a Canadian resident named Saeed Malekpour who created a software program that let people upload pictures to the Internet. No doubt similar to facebook or photobucket. Then someone else used that program to upload porn. So they take the guy who created the program and put him on death row. They’re going to kill him. Holy Marc Emory Batman that is insanely extreme. That is not the example of a model society the rest of the world aspires to. It is the example of a backward nation we should avoid.

CARPe Diem

Looks like there is a new political activist group called CARP lobbying to protect pensions and public medical. More power to them.

Lenscrafter - The eyeglass monopoly

Last night there was a guy on the news from Ontario. He owns an eyeglass store and claims that producing eye glasses is much cheaper than they want us to realize. He just got out of jail because he was imprisoned for making eye glasses without a license to do so. The documentary is going to follow up on the monopoly that is gouging consumers.

Turns out that Lenscrafter is owned by a transnational that owns several other eye glass companies and their annual profit is in the billions. It reminds me of the monopoly and the political control the pharmaceutical companies have. How they exert control of rigid patents and gouge consumers. Unlike the man who found the polio vaccine and donated it to the public for free. Now transnational pharmaceutical companies gouge and exploit consumers all in the name of the almighty dollar.
Which also reminds me of the Rockefellers and their corporate control of oil company monopolies that gouge us at the pumps. We are starting to see it again recently how they are scamming us at the pumps with more daily increases just because they can. Vancouver’s intent to set up more electric car charging stations is a welcome incentive. As long as they don’t continue to turn BC Hydro into another Enron that is.

A traditional conservative supports small business not transnational monopolies. Transnational monopolies leads to something else. The removal of individual rights Which the neo cons claim they oppose but really support.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harper says party had 'no knowledge' of fraudulent election robocalls

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is denying the Conservative Party was involved in misleading phone calls sent out during the last election campaign directing voters to the wrong polling locations.

"In this case, our party has no knowledge of these calls," he told reporters in Iqaluit. "It's not part of our campaign." Anyone found responsible would face the full force of the law, Harper said. Yeah right, just like Bruce Carson was.

Elections Canada has traced fraudulent phone calls made during the federal election to an Edmonton voice-broadcast company that worked for the Conservative Party across the country.

Elections Canada launched its investigation after it was inundated with complaints about election day calls in Guelph, Ont., one of 18 ridings across the country where voters were targeted by harassing or deceptive phone messages in an apparent effort to discourage Liberal supporters from voting.

In Guelph, a riding the Conservatives hoped to take from the Liberals, voters received recorded calls pretending to be from Elections Canada, telling them their polling stations had been moved. The calls led to a chaotic scene at one polling station, and likely led some voters to give up on voting.

Harper’s Dirty Tricks

It appears that Harper’s dirty tricks haven’t been limited to automated election scams. They apologized for using an in and out scam to overspend on their election advertizing budget. This instills the idea of using propaganda to trick voters instead of using democracy to listen to voters. They were also involved with the scam that used automated phone calls to confuse voters a Liberal MP was going to retire.

The whole idea behind dirty tricks is to circumvent democracy not to promote it. It’s like all the voter fraud in Florida. Not just tampering with voter registrations of people unlikely to vote for their candidate, I’m talking about actual voter software that committed fraud and threw an election. The courts stopped the recount. That really happened. That is not the democracy we send troops in to help people establish. That is the dictatorships we help send troops in to topple.

Update: Young Tory staffer resigns amid robocall scandal. He's just a scape goat. This is an admission of guilt. Now the media is claiming it involved 20 to 26 ridings. This is the same guy who tried to seized a University ballot box. The executive assistant to Robert Moore. The circus continues...

Body ID'd as gangster

Police have identified the man found dead Sunday in an Abbotsford field as 31-year-old Edmonton gangster Jimmy Chau.

"An autopsy has been completed and, although the cause of death will not be released, I can tell you the injuries are consistent with a homicide," Sgt. Jennifer Pound of the integrated homicide investigation team said Wednesday. "Mr. Chau is known to police and, at this time, this appears to be a targeted and gang-related homicide."

Vancouver's unreported Homicide

This is another strange one. February 14 2012 the VPD announced Vancouver's second homicide of the year. A tragic Valentine's murder which was the result of a domestic dispute. Only that wasn't Vancouver's second homicide of the year, it was the third. There was another homicide that occurred in Vancouver the day before but it went unreported.

Jasmine Onland was found dead in the 3400 block of east 8th on MONDAY 13 TH at 12 30 pm from blunt force trauma. She was 22 and mother of two girls. Yet the police are even keeping the family in the dark about the murder. With all the murders going on all around us it is hard to understand why one would go unreported.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Personal Privilege

On a matter of personal privilege, I’d just like to point out the obvious. I did not create my web site and my blog to be an online forum for people to argue in support of organized crime. I created it to help raise public awareness about the driving force behind the gang war that is plaguing not only our city and province but our entire country.

The Hells Angels involvement in the national drug trade has become clear. The biker war in Quebec was, as we all know, a war over the drug trade. If anyone takes the time to read the book, The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada, it will become clear that I’m not the only person who is concerned about the Hells Angels taking over organized crime in Canada.

No matter what I write about someone will complain. When I first started blogging people kept complaining that I talked about the Hells Angels all the time. Then when I started posting about a few political issues directly or indirectly tied to organized crime, others complained and said stick to blogging about the Hells Angels because that is what I do best. Obviously it’s a no win situation because no matter what I write about, people will complain regardless.

It reminds me of the Ricky Nelson song Garden Party. It was about a musician who went to a garden party with some old friends. He tried some new songs that he thought his friends might like but it ended up being awkward. They just wanted to hear the old songs he loved and was known for.

His conclusion was that he had learned his lesson well. You can’t please everyone, you have to please yourself. Not in a selfish way, in more of a Shakespearean to thine own self be true kind of way. I will continue to blog about what I feel is important. It’s just a blog. I’m just one person. There are millions of blogs out there about a million different subjects.

If someone wrote a book about the Hells Angels and someone who reads the book complains that every chapter is about the Hells Angels, let me break it to you. That’s what the freaking book is about. If you don’t want to read about the Hells Angels, don’t read the book. Likewise, let me break it to you. My blog is about the Hells Angels. If you don’t want to hear about it then don’t read it. It’s that simple.

And yes, I do have political opinions. Yes some people have a hard time with statements like Harper’s evil agenda. Yet to me, that’s the only way to describe it because I don’t believe he is misrepresenting himself accidentally. I believe it is a cold hard agenda tied to corporate greed. When I hear some of the ridiculous nonsense it makes me want to scream. Blogging about it is a healthy and peaceful way for me to vent without doing anything stupid.

Some people got all freaked out because of the title of one of my blog posts. Instead of saying the Hells Angels are connected to a man found shot I said they were connected to the shooting. Because they are. If someone shoots a member or associate of the Hells Angels, then they are involved. Especially when the shooting was drug related and the guy was a drug dealer for the Hells Angels. Whether the Hells Angels shot him or the Rock Machine shot him, it doesn’t change the fact that they are connected to the shooting. They are involved with a huge amount of gang violence right now. The last thing we need to do is to get swept away with rage and denial.

Recently there was a guy shot at the Sheraton in Vancouver. He was involved with the drug trade and was involved with a group that was selling drugs in opposition to the Hells Angels. The Vancouver Sun produced a graphic containing the victim’s picture and the Hells Angels logo in the coroner. The graphic was an illustration of the obvious. If the guy was involved with a group who were Hells Angel rivals and he was shot dead, then the Hells Angels are most likely connected to his murder. It really isn’t brain surgery.

I’m not sure if I’m going to just stop having comments for a while. I don’t mind feedback but endless criticism is pointless. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It wasn’t my intent to create an online forum for people to argue. Kim Bolan’s blog is much more interactive and I most certainly don’t have the time to be a forum moderator.

Some people want to legalize marijuana. Others don’t. I shun extremism. Knowing there is a whole wack of people out there who want to legalize marijuana, going to the other extreme and imposing mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot is not only pointless but prevents us from addressing the current problems of prison over crowding, court backlogs and delays, and violent crime related to hard drugs.

I don’t agree with the legalization of all drugs. I think legalizing crack, crystal meth or date rape drug is socially irresponsible. Others who want to argue with me claim that because I disagree with the legalization of all drugs, I am stupid and I am a liar. I really don’t have the time of day for those people and won’t be perpetuating that argument any more. If they want to run a blog about the joys of crack then they are free to do so. Just not on my blog.

People will continue to send me links and tips and I will continue to post and blog about them. The reoccurring theme about who is involved in the gang violence from coast to coast is very relevant to all of us.

Pickton Inquiry Folds into Panel Discussion

Well Wally Oppal is up to his dirty tricks again fulfilling the mandate of his Red Herring Inquiry. As soon as the Hells Angels are mentioned and as soon as Terry Blythe is mentioned, Wally chokes, the Inquiry folds and is transformed into a Panel discussion. He switched to a “less adversarial” panel approach so the Hells Angels aren't mentioned any more. Go figure. When will Wally Oppal stop committing welfare fraud by scamming the taxpayers out of truth and justice?

Terry Blythe and Robert Pickton

Terry Blythe, the former Vancouver Police chief during the Pickton investigation took the hot seat at the Pickton Inquiry. Blythe was Vancouver's police chief from 1999 to 2002 - when serial killer Robert Pickton stepped up his pace of killing Down-town Eastside women - denied he knew anything about Pickton until just before his arrest.

Yet former chief const. Terry Blythe also insisted at the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry that he was a "hands-on" chief who was kept "fully informed" on a daily and weekly basis about the status of the investigation.

His high profile lawyer demanded that Cameron Ward, lawyer for the families of 25 murdered women, "put up or shut up" by proving or withdrawing allegations of a "cover-up" or "whitewash" by police, the inquiry or by Blythe himself.

"If the issue is that my client was involved in a cover-up or a whitewash or sanitizing documents received, or creating disorganized files, then [Ward] must present evidence," said Greenspan, "Or I propose to demand an apology.

Let's see... they are editing and withholding documents. That would make his request somewhat problematic indeed. One thing I do know is that when the other lawyer gets angry and starts yelling, that means you are onto something and he wants to shut you up because is afraid.

It is obvious the police are whitewashing and covering up their legal liability in the delay of arresting Pickton just like they did at the Airport Taser fiasco. The real question is not their delay because they didn't take the murder of sex trade workers seriously. The real question is the promise that the inquiry will hear evidence that off duty police officers attended parties at Piggy's palace. That would indeed open Pandora's box as to one possible motive the police dragged their heels in Pickton's arrest.

Another Pension Lie

The passionate assault on Canadian Pensions is as disturbing as the outrageous propaganda used to drive it. The latest absurdity the Harper government is using to rationalize the deregulation of pensions and raising the age of retirement is to protect the youth from having to support an aging generation. That is absurd.

One day, all the young people will retire. When you raise the age of retirement you are telling them everyone else was allowed to retire at age 65 but you're not. We've all been paying into the pension all our working life. Now Harper wants to take that away and give it to the banks. Well he already gave it to the banks. Now he wants to use our pensions to pay for that dasterdly deed. Young people will pay the price of not having a pension any more thanks to the Harper Government.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

B.C. rave rape charges stayed

Crown prosecutors have dropped charges against the only man accused of sexual assault at a notorious Pitt Meadows, B.C., rave, the man’s lawyer says. Colton McMorris, 19, was accused of assaulting a girl, 16, at a party in September 2010, while a young offender was charged with posting pictures of the incident — described at the time as a gang rape — on the Internet.

Another man, Dennis John Allen Warrington, 19, was charged with distributing child pornography. Lawyer Tony Serka said the Crown admitted in Port Coquitlam provincial court Tuesday that it did not have a strong enough case against McMorris to proceed with a trial.

This is deranged. They stood there and watched a girl under the influence be raped by multiple men. They filmed it. Police said during their initial investigation that as many as half a dozen men may have been involved in the assault and that the victim had been drugged. Yet the accused's lawyer now claims McMorris did nothing wrong and accompanied the complainant and her friends to McDonald's after the party, Serka said.

Let's see, date rape drug, takes away your memory right? Date rape. The girl is afraid of repercussions. This is another example of how our system is failing.

Victim speaks out.

Dartmouth shooting connected to Hells Angels

A man found dead on a Halifax-area road Sunday night had a Hells Angels connection and was shot in the back of the head, has learned. Halifax RCMP identified James Alexander (Sandy) Lyle, 55, as the victim and have declared his death a homicide. It’s Halifax's second homicide this year.

Lyle had a long history of drug dealing and was arrested in a major operation against the now-defunct Halifax chapter of the Hells Angels. In March 1991, Lyle received a five-year sentence – his only federal stint - for running a cocaine operation from his Maple Street home with his younger brother Martin Ellsworth Lyle. Lyle was also found guilty of possessing a loaded .45 calibre handgun. Martin Lyle was given three years.

VPD endorses dishonest bill

Well this is rather shocking. Right after Toews publicly claimed he was surprised by the content of the controversial bill C-30, the VPD publicly endorse it dancing around the inherit concern which has become obvious.

CBC radio pointed out that the bill provides for "exceptional circumstances" where police can request information from the ISPs even when they are not conducting "a specific criminal investigation. Toews claim that he was surprised by that section of the bill show that he is either lying or an idiot. The purpose of the bill is warrantless Internet surveillance. If the police has a suspicion of criminal activity they could get a warrant. The purpose of this bill is to do away with the need to get a warrant in order to obtain personal information about someone.

Vancouver Province Back Chat:

Many readers weren't thrilled to learn that police support Bill C-30, the controversial legislation that gives government agents easier access to the private information of Internet users. Fear of a police state continues to build.

Vic Toews, Stephen Harper, RCMP and local police just don't want to play by the rules. That is what the Constitution grants us all. If the police need to get information on a suspected child predator, they can obtain a court order. Otherwise, stay out of our private affairs. They already have enough power.


Cops are civil servants, not policy-makers. If the job is too dangerous, quit. There are lots of jobs available as dog walkers. Timmy's is hiring.


1984 : '(


Does anyone really think for one nanosecond that the police wouldn't love this surveillance bill? Of course they would. Could it be any other way. Given their druthers, the police would like to implant a locator in every Canadian's head and tattoo an ID number on their arms.


People need to calm down. The cops need this so that they can determine which of their officers are surfing porn sites.


These guys have gone too far with this Internet surveillance bill.


The police state will be upon us soon if these kind of laws are not stopped.

It has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with freedom.

Our fathers fought for freedom and your government is trying to steal it from you with laws that make Soviet Russia look free.


To protect the most vulnerable, we should be willing to compromise - no rights are lost unless you're the bad guy. Not true. When we give up our liberty and throw away the Charter of rights we are all diminished.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 year old in hospital after accidental GHB overdose

A seven-year-old girl from Langley is expected to make a full recovery after ingesting what police believe was the date-rape drug. On Saturday night, the child was found unconscious, possibly from a drug overdose, at her home in Langley and was rushed to Surrey Memorial Hospital.

RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks said police believe the girl may have ingested GHB by accident. "It is possible that it was contained in a water bottle, that she would have drank it innocently," Marks told "I don't know why or what purpose it served in the residence."

Police have interviewed the girl's mother and a man who is currently staying at their home. The Serious Crime Unit will continue the investigation to determine whether criminal charges will be recommended.

“The thought that this drug would have been laying around a residence where a seven-year-old girl could pick it up is obviously disturbing,” said Marks. Indeed, what was that drug doing in the home at all? This drug is much to available in BC.


Another bizarre twist to a sad saga of deception and theft. Vic Toews was the scoundrel that came out supporting Harpers' warrantless Internet surveillance bill. The had the audacity to claim it had anything to do with catching criminals when it clearly did not. Then he came out with the ultimate offensive lie and said that anyone who doesn't support warrantless Internet surveillance stands in support of child pornographers. This is what I mean about and evil government. Making outrageous lies that are absolutely inflammatory to steal our liberty and rob our pensions.

After he made that outrageously offensive lie, someone opened up a Twitter account called Vikileaks and started quoting things from his divorce affidavits. The fact is while the Vic Toews was billed the "minister of family values" he was embroiled in a messy divorce after fathering a child with a much younger woman.

It is shameful that the outrage has been the violation of his privacy. Justine Trudeau even came out with a bizarre support for Toews after the twitter account was opened. This is what's wrong with North America. A guy like Newt Gingrich can get so far in politics when he is a known adulterer. Vic Toews another Neocon pushing the neo con lies was supposed to be a good family man, then turns out having an affair and farthing a child with a much younger woman. That is relevant. What about the violation of OUR privacy when the Harper government throws away the charter of Rights passes a bill that authorises warrantless Internet Surveillance?

Surprised by content of online surveillance bill

Now Toews says he's surprised by content of online surveillance bill. What, are younow claiming you didn't read it?

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says he is surprised to learn that a section of the government's online surveillance bill provides for "exceptional circumstances" under which "any police officer" can request customer information from a telecommunications service provider.

In an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House, Toews said his understanding of the bill is that police can only request information from the ISPs where they are conducting "a specific criminal investigation."

But Section 17 of the 'Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act' outlines "exceptional circumstances" under which "any police officer" can ask an ISP to turn over personal client information.

"I'd certainly like to see an explanation of that," Toews told host Evan Solomon after a week of public backlash against Bill C-30, which would require Internet service providers to turn over client information without a warrant.

"This is the first time that I'm hearing this somehow extends ordinary police emergency powers [to telecommunications]. In my opinion, it doesn't. And it shouldn't."

He's right it shouldn't but I say it's bullshit he didn't know it did. That is the intent of the bill. If the police were conducting a specific criminal investigation, they could get a warrant. The purpose of this bill is WARRANTLESS online surveillance. Just like when Harper's' gestapo kicked out a University student from one of his rallies because she posted a picture of herself with another candidate on facebook.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

There is no doubt Whitney Houston will be remembered as the talented shining light that she was. Glimpses of her funeral showed the love that she had for others and the love they share with her. That's likely the best measurement of success.

There has been talk about her struggle with drugs and checking herself into rehab despite the song that jokes about avoiding rehab. Yet no doubt that was such a small part of her life, her memory and her legacy will be filled with talent, love and light.

Glancing at some tabloids there has been some bizarre headlines from the typical trashloids. Don't buy those. Don't support the trash. I remember seeing someone I knew buy one of those tabloids and said buying that is supporting the people who killed Dianna. Indeed it is. Supply and demand declares that if people weren't consumed in the gossip, the paparazzi wouldn't be so ruthlessly invasive and shamefully negative.

Her passing brings two things to mind. First is the love and the loss that a premature death brings. I think of Jammie Kehoe who was senselessly murdered at such a young age when he had his whole life before him. No doubt his parents had bigger plans for him. The second is many good people have fallen because of drug addiction.

Somehow we need to rise above glorifying addiction without being judgemental realizing it could happen to any of us or to any of our children. There is nothing noble about profiting from exploitation. Coveting materialism does not make greed or exploitation good. The violence we have seen locally because of the gang war has made that clear.

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse is more likely to be remembered for her addictions as well as her talent because her drug addiction had such a dramatic physical effect on her appearance. One of the saddest things I ever saw was the release of a video one of Amy Winehouse's "friends" took of her smoking crack looking at her wedding picture. The betrayal of her friend was one thing but the whole using crack to escape the pain of a loss in a relationship was sad. She was human and those kinds of drugs are very addictive and very damaging. Before the drugs, Amy Winehouse was also a wonderfully talented singer. Not many rock stars haven't had a problem with drugs.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BC Prisons – Letting the system work

We’ve talked a lot about the problems within the BC Judicial system. We’ve talked a lot about how Harper's new over reaching crime bills make the situation worse without fixing the inherit problems within the system.

Let’s look at over crowding. BC prisons are currently operating at 157% of capacity rate. Some say it's closer to 200%. Clearly the first problem is funding. Recently we did away with the two for one pretrial credit. That was a good step. Yet that is going to cost more money. The next thing that has to go is mandatory statutory release after two thirds of the sentence. Time off for good behavior is one thing but mandatory statutory release after two thirds of the sentence is served is wrong. This too will cost more money.

The question is how much money do we want to spend and what do we want to spend it on. Obviously everyone would rather spend money on schools and hospitals than on prisons. Yet prisons are essential. Privatizing prisons is wrong. Making prisons for profit is an abomination. No one should profit off of incarceration.

The problem is violent crime. We ask for mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime and they come back with mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot. Someone isn’t listening. Someone has an agenda and it is not in the public interest.

The problem is funding. The hated Campbell government has consistently slashed funding for prisons while they lined their own pockets with huge pay raises and gold plated pensions. The very pension Campbell originally campaigned against. That was a breach of contract. Now Harper wants to take away our pensions to pay for a bank pay off. This isn’t a hidden conspiracy. It is an evil agenda.

So yes, to fix our broken judicial system we’re going to need some more money. We’re going to need to build some more prisons. But we don’t need to fill them with nonviolent criminals. Our prisons are at 157% capacity as it is. We need to fix this. Over crowding in prisons is not in the public’s best interest.

We’re going to need to address violent crime. Murder and sexual assault are serious crimes that need a significant consequence. Likewise investment fraud where white collar criminals embezzle millions and steal pensions from seniors is like mugging a little old lady times a hundred. Bre-X, all the fake companies on the stock market that rip people off, steal pensions and destabilize the market, these need to be addressed and are a lot more important than nonviolent crime. Clearly Stephen Harper does not have his priorities right - morally or financially.

You don’t have to privatize a prison to offer inmates employment. We should have working prisons where inmates can work if they so chose. I’m not talking about forced slave labour. I’m saying if you want statutory release, then you have to work and help pay for your incarceration. You can earn a token amount of spending money but most of the wage goes to paying for your room and board with the promise of getting early release if you chose to work while in prison. That is a system based on incentive. Learn a trade in prison? Why not? That would be in the public’s best interest. There is nothing worse than getting a life sentence to do nothing. We all need to be doing something.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oshawa man arrested over Pickering dungeon

Remember that abandoned house in Ontario that had a dungeon in it? Well Robert Edwin White, from Oshawa was arrested Monday in connection with a mysterious dungeon discovered in an abandoned Pickering farmhouse late last year. I am told that the Hells Angels still have a large presence in Oshawa even after their clubhouse was seized.

I am told that after the police shut down their Toronto clubhouse they moved in to Pickering and went low key. I am told Durham county is crawling with Hells Angels. Pickering and Oshawa would both be part of Durham county in Ontario.

15,000 Slaves in Canada

15,000 slaves in Canada, 80% of those are women and children. The Salvation Army is running more commercials about human trafficking in Canada. Some say the ads are controversial because they come at a time when some sex trade workers are making court applications to legalize prostitution. Clearly the prostitution industry is facing problems just like the marijuana industry in Canada. Will legalization stop the exploitation? I can't see how it can.

Human trafficking in Canada is a serious problem. I've already mentioned about my friend from Montreal who claimed he saw a crack house in Montreal where prostitutes were chained to the bed, had a bucket to go to the bathroom in and were paid for their services in crack. When the Salvation Army runs an add claiming that the truth isn't sexy, I have to agree. Neither is profiting from that kind of exploitation.

When I think of forced prostitution and the Hells Angels I'm reminded of the Surrey House of Horrors where they tried to force Donny Harder's girlfriend into prostitution to repay a $300 debt they electrocuted her boyfriend for. She left town instead. How many others have they forced into that lifestyle with threats? I saw a crack dealer at Surrey Central try and recruit a 14 year old girl after he boyfriend bought some crack and sold out his girlfriend in the process.

I am also reminded of Adam Hall, the Sergeant at Arms for the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Hells Angels. Court affidavits claim he forced three women into prostitution and told them "You work for me now," he allegedly told one woman "There's no way out of it." One confidential informant told police the forced prostitution took place at the group's clubhouse on Woodland Road in Lee.

Fighting online Surveillance

Harpers' warantless online surveillance is in the news again. Warrantless Online Spying Bills Target all Canadians; Unpopular Legislation Tabled as Petition Tops 80,000 Signatures. Conservative Government Ignores 8 in 10 Canadians.

"Snoop and spy" bill could be costly overreach - The Globe and Mail.The petition is at

The Harper government claim this over reaching bill will help them catch criminals like pedophiles.That is a bold faced lie. This warrentless Internet surveillance has absolutely nothing to do with catch criminals.

Under the current legislation,formed in accordance with the Canadian charter of rights protecting citizens from unnecessary searches and seizures states that the police can get a warrant to tap a phone or do any kind of surveillance on a suspect if there is enough or any reasonable suspicion that person is involved in criminal activity. That law already exists. We have seen it in action.

We have seen inept or corrupt judges in BC throw out good wire tap evidence when a warrant was issued. In the David Giles case the judge said well I didn't hear what you heard on the wire tap but that was not true. His lawyer admitted his client said convicted cocaine dealer Dave Revelle made him $30,000.00 in the past several months. His lawyer argued that only proved Revelle was working for Giles not that they were involved in criminal activity. Nonsense. His lawyer failed to show what legitimate business Revelle was doing for Giles that earned him that much money in such a short time.

So the issue of getting warrants for suspected criminal activity is not a problem. The problem is when the government wants to spy on people for political affiliation not for suspected criminal activity. That is why they want to change the legislation then foot us the bill after cutting funding for our pensions.

Remember the last election. The Harper government was caught kicking a young activist out from attending one of his speaking engagements because they has seen her post a photo of herself with another candidate on facebook. That was documented. They realty did that. How on earth did they know she had posted a picture of herself with another candidate on her facebook? That is way too intrusive and is a clear example of spying for political affiliation not for criminal suspicion.

Giving them even more parameters for warrantless surveillance then making taxpayers pay the bill is wrong. This is not a conservative bill. Conservatives oppose warantless surveillance. Stephen Harper is not a conservative. He is a neocon.

Nick Diaz

Speaking of recreational pot use, how about that Nick Diaz decision? He tested positive for pot. Who freaking cares? Pot is not a steroid. It’s not a synthetic performance enhancer. Why one earth are they making such a big deal about it? Turns out he even has a California medical prescription for it. These guys getting all freaked out about it, over turning one of his victories and fining him huge amounts of money is bizarre. A salute to Nick Diaz and a middle finger to the league that refuses to recognize his California prescription.

Right now we caught between two extremes. One growing group want to legalize pot. Another smaller group wants to implement mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot. Both are extremes. Decriminalizing pot or at least prioritizing violent crime and hard drugs like crack and meth will take us forward as a society. Focusing on nonviolent crime like growing pot will simply prevent us from dealing with violent crime in out already over burdened judicial system

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Association of Independent Grow ops

Looks like it's time to form a Union or at least an Association of sorts. Hells Angels being accused of ripping off their own growers? A Hells Angels grower recently found dead in a ditch? Hells Angels accused of using violence to take over independent grow ops? Another Surrey guy caught speeding outside Kamloops with a gun and a cell phone jammer. We won't know his name until April 23rd but Haney runs Kamloops. I think it's time growers pull together and form an association.

Obviously, there are two ways of doing this. Some will ask for help from the UN or the Rock Machine. Those enforces will shoot their enforcers until everyone is left blind or at least shot. The other way is to go legit. Get a permit for a medicinal grow op and just grow for people with a prescription. Once you do that, you can call the police any time the Hells Angels threaten to take over your grow. Since their threats entrench their criminal organization status, every time they make a threat, the police need to seize a clubhouse or piece of their property. Cause and effect. The seizure of the Victoria clubhouse has been upheld. Time to take the next step.

Growers have a right to be independent. The Hells Angels greed and injustice has gone too far. When the Hells Angels use violence to take over existing grow ops, they ruin things for everyone. A free market is a free market. Some people say they like to buy pot from the black door because they always give you a fair price and it's always a good product. If that was the case, then that should be enough to drive their business. Customers would go to them because they could be trusted. Customers would be happy with the price and the product. Back in the day, customer service mattered.

Now they just use extreme violence and beat the tar out of anyone selling or they shoot their competitors. That is not a free market. It opens the door to a whole world of deranged violence driven by greed. It's time to rat out the real rats and stop the deranged violence.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Haney Grow Rip

Speaking of the Haney Chapter controlling Maple Ridge, here's a strange hypothetical situation for ya. What if there was a deranged criminal organization tied to the Pickton farm that controlled all the grow ops in Maple Ridge?

What if they told the growers on one of their grow ops to go on holidays right before a harvest? What if they ordered them to? What if, after the growers were away because they followed their orders, someone came in and ripped off the grow? What if the deranged criminal organization then said to the growers, you fucked up but we'll let you make it up to us.

The grower wants to say, but I think YOU ripped me off. Yet if he does that, he'll be put in the meat grinder. So he bends over and sucks it up knowing that he was just ripped off by his own employer. Here I thought they said people who do grow rips are the lowest life forms on the planet. I guess they're partly right.

Speaking of growers getting ripped off by their employers, what ever happened to Brandon Howson anyways? What affiliations does Adam Deboo have anyways? He appears to have a record of enforcing. I wonder who for?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hells Angels linked to Pickton Inquiry

Just as he was warming up to theories regarding Pickton's associations with drug dealing bikers, lawyer Jason Gratl was shut down by Commissioner Wally Oppal, who was clearly perturbed. Gratl was cross-examining RCMP Cpl. Mike Connor, the force's lead investigator on Pickton.

Connor admitted that he received a tip that a Hells Angel associate who worked in a "booze can" after-hours drinking club across the street from Pickton's Port Coquitlam, B.C., property "was chopped up in a meat grinder on the farm and fed to the pigs."

Connor said police knew Hells Angels went to Pickton's farm and attended "Piggy's Palace" — the nearby illicit nightclub run by Pickton and his brother Dave. However, Connor said he did not investigate the credibility of the allegation a male Hells Angel associate was disposed of on Pickton's farm.

During Pickton's trial, lab staff testified that about 80 unidentified DNA profiles -roughly half male and half female — have shown up on evidence.

This stunning new development in the inquiry shows us several things. First, that Wally the Limp Fish Oppal was the wrong choice to head the inquiry. Second, that police knew there was an illegal booze can ran by the Hells Angels across the street from the Picton farm. Third, that the DNA from many unidentified bodies were also found on the Pickton farm, half of which were men and that the police had received a tip that the Hells Angels had put one of their employees through a meat grinder and feed him to the pigs on the Picton farm.

These are all very significant findings. The fact that the police knew the Hells Angels ran an illegal booze can across the street from the Pickton farm and knew that Dave Pickton was a Hells Angels associate, are facts that need to be explored. They most certainly aren't to be shut down by a brain dead idiot who has done nothing for BC other than rationalize BC's judicial incompetence.

Is it true Jesse Hadden was involved with the booze can across the street from the Pickton farm? Is it true that Jesse's father Spike was the one that caused the rift between the Haney Hells Angels and the Mission City Hells Angels? Please advise.

The Court was told Dave Pickton knew about bodies. Court also heard that police believed a marijuana grow-op in an unlicensed "booze can" across the street from the Pickton farm was connected to the Hells Angels. So the grow op was in the booze can across the street...

B.C.Missing Men

Concern and frustration are mounting among the families whose loved ones — all young, athletic men - have mysteriously vanished in B.C.'s Lower Mainland in the last year. Daniel Bouchard of White Rock went missing Monday night on the way back to his basement suite from a local pub. Sounds very similar to the Aaron Derbyshire case in Kelowna.

The most recent cases reported to the province's missing persons unit include:

- June 9: Daniel Bouchard, 20, of White Rock disappeared after leaving a local pub.

- April 10: Michael Scullion, 30, of Chilliwack disappeared in Agassiz.

- March 19: Kellen McElwee, 25, of Burnaby was last seen outside a Langley restaurant.

- Jan. 1: Derek Kelly, 32, of Langley vanished near Bridge Lake.

- Nov. 2, 2007: John Kahler, 29, was last seen at a four-by-four truck rally at Stave Lake.

- June 1: Bryan Braumberger, 18, disappeared somewhere near the Coquitlam and New Westminster boundary.

Matthew Huszar has been missing since December 16th, 2011. He was last seen on Water Street in Gastown, Downtown Vancouver.

Whistler DJ Michael Grefner has not been seen since January 17th 2012. There's a large Facebook Group set up for him.

Update: Daniel Bouchard is back home

Friday, February 10, 2012

Saanich store manager stole guns from his own store

Vancouver Island police have arrested a store manager accused of ordering 159 guns and stealing them for his personal collection. Lucky Jhagra, 40, was arrested Thursday and a search of his Saanich, B.C., residence later that evening turned up a cache of 159 guns, including rifles, shotguns, Glock pistols, antique revolvers, a semi-automatic assault rifle and a collector's-edition Desert Eagle handgun.

Stolen guns in Saanich. Gee I wonder who that's connected to?