Friday, February 24, 2012

From coast to coast a toast to the host we hate the most

Well here it is. In Stargate a host was a tapeworm or parasite that lived in someone else’s body. Yet unlike Stargate, this parasite doesn’t keep the person alive, it lives off of and sucks the life out of him just like Catherine Austin Fitts described in the tapeworm economy.

In the Rocky Horror Picture Show, everyone throws toast at the screen during the part when they make a toast. This gang war certainly is a Rocky Horror Picture show of lies and betrayal all in the name of greed.

The recent murder of a Hells Angel associate in Nova Scotia is timely. It comes not long after the Jeff Lynds suicide in prison. Jeff Lynds is the Hells Angel who admitting to shooting Randy Mersereau for the group many years ago and has now turned informant. Some speculate his prison suicide was part of a cover up to put him into protective custody. Some speculate that is why his sister recently tried to kill herself by overdosing on insulin. Because she’s afraid the Hells Angels are going to kill her to punish her brother. Now that is really messed up. Harming someone’s family for any reason is really messed up.

There’s an interesting connection between Vancouver and Halifax and it leads to Kelowna. David Giles. The rusty vibrator was originally from the Halifax Hells Angels chapter. He came to Vancouver then Kelowna after the Halifax Hells Angels were charged in the Lennoxville Massacre in Montreal.

Turns out the Halifax chapter was invited to the same party to witness the execution of their brothers from Laval. For some reason the police thought they were involved with the murder. Those charges didn’t stick so the spoils of war were divided between the surviving chapters.

The Halifax chapter was originally known as the 13th Tribe. For some strange reason they thought there was a legend about a 13th tribe of Israel that was bad so they named themselves after that tribe. Actually it was one of the 12 tribes that was predicted to fall which resulted in one of the other tribes receiving a double portion keeping the number of tribes at 12 but that’s besides the point.

The 13th tribe named themselves after a group of people they thought were bad. Turns out the 13th tribe lived up to their reputation and patched over to become Hells Angels thus once again securing the Hells Angels control of the local drug trade.

One news source claims they got a little too rough with a prostitute and ended up getting charged with living off the avails of prostitution which they were convicted of. So David Giles, a member of that chapter comes to Vancouver with Mike Christiansen, another member of that chapter who ends up in Kelowna with Giles.

Although Giles certainly isn’t as repulsive as Robert Thomas from the Kelowna Hells Angels who was nothing but a petty thief from Ontario who’s saggy ass and a few associates used baseball bats and hammers to murder Dain Philips in public. He has nonetheless been involved behind the scene in leadership roles of the club’s business for years.

When Revell and Remple were convicted of cocaine trafficking in Kelowna, Giles was caught on wiretap saying Revelle made him $30,000 in the previous few months. Although his lawyer argued in court that only proved Revelle worked for Giles not that Giles was involved in any criminal activity, his lawyer failed to show what legitimate business they did that earned him that much money in that short a period of time.

Likewise, the day Juel Stanton was murdered, one blog reader from Kelowna recognized Giles from the website and said they saw him having a heart to heart with a younger kid explaining something serious to him. Obviously the kid was wondering why Stanton was murdered. Another source claimed there was a court disclosure that connected Giles to Stanton that was not only embarrassing for the police but showed that Giles shad been hiding things from Bryce. Yet that disclosure has yet to materialize.

Giles’ trip back east right before Bacchus and the Darksiders expanded into Nova Scotia was somewhat suspicious. According to Neil Hall's book, Giles was the one the 2 1/2 tons of cocaine that was seized from the Western Wind was going to although no charges were ever laid. Speaking of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, how is his DUI charges going?


  1. "Some speculate that is why his sister recently tried to kill herself by overdosing on insulin. Because she’s afraid the Hells Angels are going to kill her to punish her brother. Now that is really messed up. Harming someone’s family for any reason is really messed up."


    There's no account of this woman meeting any harm by club members, nor have you explored whether or not she had other reasons to want to commit suicide.

    1. True. I don't even know if she was really hospitalized. I'm just saying what some locals are thinking. We do know that Rob Shannon threatened his co accused's grandmother. Rob Shannon wasn't a patch holder but he ran drugs for patch members. The fact that some locals are discussing the possible motive for her alleged suicide attempt means it's worth investigating.


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