Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kyle Nelson is a Punk

I can’t believe the strange extremes we’re finding with regards to police and gangs, especially in Kelowna. Recently another Kelowna police officer was in the news and was found guilty of committing assault. The conditions of that case were very different from the Geoff Mantler disaster.

In this case a drunken punk gets out of a nightclub and starts yelling at a cop trash talking him being very rude. The cop gives it right back to the guy and gives him the finger. The guy keeps beaking off. The cop walks up to him and the guy runs away. The cop chases him into an alley and is like what do you have to say now?
There is no recording of the subsequent conversation but the bottom line is the guy was beaking off in front of a crowd and when the cop got him alone and punched him in the head once, the guy rolls over and plays the victim.

Compare that to Mantler who drags an innocent suspect out of his vehicle before it comes to a complete stop, punches him repeatedly in the head as he takes him to the ground and grinds the suspects face into the pavement with his knee. The suspect lost a tooth and the road rash on his face was very visible. The picture of Kyle’s face was like is that a bruise or a freckle. It was not noticeable at all.

Compare that with Mantler kicking a compliant suspect in the face while he was on his knees in the process of lying face down on the ground. These are two very different situations. Right now the gang mentality and the Hells Angels are completely out of control in Kelowna. Robert Thomas and Norman Cox beating a father to death with baseball bats and hammers is a prime example. A Mission city Hells Angel and another local Hells Angel jumping a cop from behind while the cop was breaking up a fight outside a Kelowna nightclub is another.

Justice is not a complicated mystery. The reason a scale is used to symbolize justice is because justice requires a logical balance that reflects common sense. Mauling a suspect’s face after he is on the ground is excessive. Giving someone the boots and caving in their face when they are on the ground is excessive. Tasering someone after they are on the ground or hogtied is excessive. Punching a loud mouth punk in the head once when he’s alone in the ally really isn’t a big deal. Why would we make a big deal about that but not the other? Common sense appeals for balance.


  1. Come on now buddy... there's no justification for any police officer to ever commit an offense against the same set of rules they've been charged with upholding. If you let shit like this slide, it's just a short trip down the slope to it being acceptable for cops to completely kick the shit out of citizens at their whim.

    In this society, we hold the law as something sacred. It's what keeps us from devolving into another Mexico. As much as this retarded, drunk loud mouth deserved a shot or two in the melon, I'd be a lot more comfortable if the guy delivering the beating wasn't in a uniform. Tax dollars to solve crimes, not commit them.

  2. True enough but we don't want to go to the other extreme either which is where we are now. Giving a loud mouth punk one shot in the head in a back alley is very different than giving compliant suspects the boots and caving in their face. Claiming that this loud mouth punk is anything but a loud mouth punk is a distraction from the real issue. I'll be the first one to agree that Mantler is a wack job and should be fired. Yet there is nothing noble about coming out of a night club and trash talking the police then running with your tail between your legs when it's one on one. After all, we know both gangs and loud mouth punks don't fight one on one.

    Remember this incident happened not long after two Hells Angels jumped a Kelowna police officer from behind when he went in to break up a fight outside a local night club. Some of the Hells Angel puppet idiots were making ridiculous statements on the Castanet forum complaining about the police parking outside the Liquid Zoo when it was closing. They wanted the police to go so they could show people who disagree with their lifestyle what a real man does by ganging up on them and giving them the boots. That isn't what a real man does. These idiot bullies who never grew up are the first ones to cry and play the victim whenever they are confronted. In the words of the Happy Bunny, they such and that is sad.


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