Thursday, February 2, 2012

‘Fast and Furious’ congressional hearing

Speaking of congressional hearings, the Operation Fast and Furious scandal has started it's own congressional hearing ironically enough. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. testified Thursday for more than four hours on Capitol Hill in a showdown with House Republicans, who threatened to hold him in contempt if he does not quickly turn over more documents on a botched gun operation.

During a morning of partisan theater, the Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee criticized Holder’s management style, interrogated him about internal e-mails, and demanded to know what Justice officials knew about “Operation Fast and Furious” and when they knew it. The Democrats, in turn, defended Holder, advocated stronger gun control laws and accused their GOP colleagues of grandstanding.

What a side show indeed. Republicans pointing fingers at Democrats over arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering. Why this all sounds like the Clinton's and the Bush's Mena, Arkansas to me. Corruption is clearly nonpartisan. Holder's got that Olly North look in his eyes. Isn't this just a continuation of the extended version of Iran Contra? After all Iran Contra was about a lot more than Iran. It was about arms dealing and cocaine smuggling out of Nicaragua. Now they're doing it out of Mexico. Has anything really changed?

Speaking of Oliver North, that criminal returned to the scene of the crime recently. At least back then they pretended it was for a cause. Now they're forced to admit the arms dealing and drug smuggling is just about the money.

On another case, in a rather troubling move, it appears that the leadership of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment had a documentary filmmaker arrested on Congressional property for daring to try to film a hearing that was taking place on the subject of "fracking" -- an issue for which this filmmaker, Josh Fox, is well known for covering in his documentary Gasland.


  1. "The Democrats, in turn, defended Holder, advocated stronger gun control laws".

    Which was the whole plan to begin with. Democrats learned the hard way when Al Gore lost Florida (and thereby the Presidency) by less votes than the number of NRA members in that state that to just fuck with American's Second Amendment rights would cost them politically.

    So, we need a crisis to spook the herd. Enter ATF claiming that 80-90% of the guns used in drug crime in Mexico were traced back to the US. Then it turned out that was BS. How embarrassing. Then it turned out a lot of these guns that WERE traced back to the US had been ALLOWED to go south by ATF on the premise of identifying the Mexican users. Um, yeah.... THOUSANDS of guns basically handed over to the cartels by the very agency charged with preventing it. Who then push further reporting requirements by dealers who were trying to warn them and were ordered by the agency that controls their license to go along with the scheme.

    ATF instructing gun store owners who were reporting suspicious buy attempts to ATF to let the sales go through, KNOWING these guns were going to south to kill Mexicans. (And as it happens, American LEO's on the border as well.)

    Holder is a lying piece of shit. He is refusing to turn over 90,000 documents because he knows if he does, he's going to jail and BHO's chances of re-election drop to zero.

  2. When 9-11 happened I got upset and interested.

    Then I learned about the Gulf of Tonkin, The Manhattan Project, etc.

    Now Fast and Furious - only the scam names are getting better but its the same predictable crap.

    Watching this stuff unfold is like learning to track life by analyzing the shit it leaves behind. And to me, it seems to be getting deeper.

  3. Indeed. Sometimes there ain’t no shovel big enough.

  4. Whether the software was screwed with or not, the number of votes he lost by was less than the number of NRA members in that state. Very few NRA members vote Democrat. That message was received loud and clear. When BHO was elected, the usual suspects started crowing about gun control laws they planned to pass and, with a Congressional election coming up in 2010, were quickly told to STFU.


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