Sunday, February 12, 2012

Haney Grow Rip

Speaking of the Haney Chapter controlling Maple Ridge, here's a strange hypothetical situation for ya. What if there was a deranged criminal organization tied to the Pickton farm that controlled all the grow ops in Maple Ridge?

What if they told the growers on one of their grow ops to go on holidays right before a harvest? What if they ordered them to? What if, after the growers were away because they followed their orders, someone came in and ripped off the grow? What if the deranged criminal organization then said to the growers, you fucked up but we'll let you make it up to us.

The grower wants to say, but I think YOU ripped me off. Yet if he does that, he'll be put in the meat grinder. So he bends over and sucks it up knowing that he was just ripped off by his own employer. Here I thought they said people who do grow rips are the lowest life forms on the planet. I guess they're partly right.

Speaking of growers getting ripped off by their employers, what ever happened to Brandon Howson anyways? What affiliations does Adam Deboo have anyways? He appears to have a record of enforcing. I wonder who for?


  1. I didn't see anything in the hotlinks you posted which confirm your conjecture that Deboo is an enforcer for you-know-who, or any indication that Howson was employed by them. What I saw there was the criminal record of an impulsive hot head at best, and just a name and birth date for the other guy. If a bird chirped that in your ear, say so in the piece or it looks like you're blindly slinging shit.

    What I did see in the hotlinks was:

    Pound told The Province it appears the two men knew each other.

    She said it’s unlikely Howson’s death was gang-related.

    If you want to speculate, reading this as a lover's quarrel seems much more likely. If you have solid information, let's hear that you do instead of playing semantic grab ass. Otherwise you're potentially making disparaging comments about a young man who died a violent death.

    Though I strongly believe if one chooses to swim with sharks in a seal skin suit that they have to anticipate getting bit, being criminally active or rather nebulously known to the police doesn't justify being murdered. Acknowledge that you have information, or show some respect to the dead guy.

    1. The criminal history link shows threats and assaults. Typical of an enforcer. A private source told me Howson was a grower on a local grow op. That means he must have worked for the boys because no one else is allowed to have a grow op if they don't. Yet another source told me that they knew of a case where growers on a Hells Angels grow op in Maple ridge were told to go on vacation and were robbed while they were away. They claimed that hypothetical situation was real but was a while ago. Either way, if he was a grower on a Hells Angels grow op Deboo would not have killed him unless he had permission or was instructed to do so.

  2. For the police to say it is not gang related is crap. He had known ties to RS. It was gang related. His friends and family sadly know that, and they mourn the loss of a great guy that went down the wrong path.

  3. Well, Shaun;

    "...criminal record of an impulsive hot head at best"

    Er, Deboo's got a life-long rap sheet of serious threats of violence, and violence, going back decades, and you think he just does all this 'cuz he kinda likes it? It's the perfect enforcer's sheet, wake up! He said he won't go back to jail alive, will kill as many cops as possible instead...his history is one of total, life-long consistency; NOT impulsive-ness.

    Nothing *hypothetical* about the dead guy, look @ the pic. of Howson @ the riot, weight-lifter, full tats., shaven head, no gang member look like that, eh...? AND, a trafficking charge in the works. Cops say the killing was *targeted*, "lover's quarrel", you think they are homosexuals in love with each other & fell out? Ha Ha.

    Shaun, how long ago did you get out of yer spacecraft from Neptune...?

  4. Freddy,

    sorry if I in some way offended your sensibilities, but we're talking about people here, and not caged animals.

    I wasn't attempting to refute Deboo's violent past, or the possibility that either he or Howson had gang affiliations. Deboo made some Billy The Kid statements, which sells soap for advertisers when quoted in print, but I don't recall reading anything about a shoot out to the death with the police. I do remember seeing that he was in custody. I am forced to assume that he didn't put up a fight, or the media would have made quick work of milking it for everything it would be worth.

    Have you ever spent any time with violent psychopaths, Fred? I have, and I'm here to testify that impulsiveness can play a large role in violent acts. I've seen guys shooting guns in quiet residential areas because someone looked at them the wrong way. I've seen fingers chopped off for very minor drug debts. Beatings delivered for misinterpreted jokes. I can tell you that these abhorrent acts aren't the actions of cool, calm and collected master criminals. They're rash acts, born out of an inability to take a deep breath and assess a situation. There's no law which states that impulse and consistency are mutually exclusive.

    As for Howson's appearance, I call bullshit. Sure he might have looked just like you say, but I've seen police who fit that description, and I myself have a shaved head and lots of tattoos, but I'm not a member or criminal affiliate of any gang.

    All I was seeking to do was get K to provide a little clarification, and he did. I used the potential of a gay affair to illustrate that there were many possible explanations to the criteria K presented in his initial posting.

    Also, there are tonnes of closeted gay gangsters out there. If the eyebrow waxing, chest shaving and widespread wearing of purses and lip gloss aren't a tip off, I don't know what is.

    I hope I've put that into terms which are clear enough for you Fred. Apparently those of us from Neptune have a greater acuity for reading comprehension than the average Earthling. If you have trouble with the big words, try using, because I can't be bothered teaching you shit you should have had down pat years ago.

  5. Brandon was not working for the HA's. Yes he had affiliation with RS but that's not why he was killed. Brandon bailed this piece of shit out of jail less than a week prior to being killed. Not the first time he bailed Deboo out. When Brandon asked Deboo to start paying up Deboo killed him. It's my understanding Deboo is in a PC unti now cuz he knows his time is coming.


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