Tuesday, February 21, 2012

VPD endorses dishonest bill

Well this is rather shocking. Right after Toews publicly claimed he was surprised by the content of the controversial bill C-30, the VPD publicly endorse it dancing around the inherit concern which has become obvious.

CBC radio pointed out that the bill provides for "exceptional circumstances" where police can request information from the ISPs even when they are not conducting "a specific criminal investigation. Toews claim that he was surprised by that section of the bill show that he is either lying or an idiot. The purpose of the bill is warrantless Internet surveillance. If the police has a suspicion of criminal activity they could get a warrant. The purpose of this bill is to do away with the need to get a warrant in order to obtain personal information about someone.

Vancouver Province Back Chat:

Many readers weren't thrilled to learn that police support Bill C-30, the controversial legislation that gives government agents easier access to the private information of Internet users. Fear of a police state continues to build.

Vic Toews, Stephen Harper, RCMP and local police just don't want to play by the rules. That is what the Constitution grants us all. If the police need to get information on a suspected child predator, they can obtain a court order. Otherwise, stay out of our private affairs. They already have enough power.


Cops are civil servants, not policy-makers. If the job is too dangerous, quit. There are lots of jobs available as dog walkers. Timmy's is hiring.


1984 : '(


Does anyone really think for one nanosecond that the police wouldn't love this surveillance bill? Of course they would. Could it be any other way. Given their druthers, the police would like to implant a locator in every Canadian's head and tattoo an ID number on their arms.


People need to calm down. The cops need this so that they can determine which of their officers are surfing porn sites.


These guys have gone too far with this Internet surveillance bill.


The police state will be upon us soon if these kind of laws are not stopped.

It has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with freedom.

Our fathers fought for freedom and your government is trying to steal it from you with laws that make Soviet Russia look free.


To protect the most vulnerable, we should be willing to compromise - no rights are lost unless you're the bad guy. Not true. When we give up our liberty and throw away the Charter of rights we are all diminished.


  1. Are you surprised? Really? This is VPD we're talking about.

  2. lol No doubt the police would support any measure which gave them more power to spy on the public. After all they did oppose the plan to get rid of the long gun registry. I can kind of see their point on that one but I think it's a good example of how the government in one breath says big brother shouldn't be spying on us then does the exact opposite and makes it easier for them to do exactly that.

  3. "No doubt the police would support any measure which gave them more power."

    Agreed. They always do, it's their nature to want more tools in the toolbox, and once they have them, they will use them. By this method is liberty eroded slowly over time. The not so amusing part of this dynamic is how the people given responsibility for safeguarding liberty and freedom steal it a bit here and a bit there, and I'm referring to politicians as well. And it's always "for the good of society". It's fucking depressing, we know all about this cycle and yet we appear to be powerless against it as obvious as it is.


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