Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dartmouth shooting connected to Hells Angels

A man found dead on a Halifax-area road Sunday night had a Hells Angels connection and was shot in the back of the head, thechronicleherald.ca has learned. Halifax RCMP identified James Alexander (Sandy) Lyle, 55, as the victim and have declared his death a homicide. It’s Halifax's second homicide this year.

Lyle had a long history of drug dealing and was arrested in a major operation against the now-defunct Halifax chapter of the Hells Angels. In March 1991, Lyle received a five-year sentence – his only federal stint - for running a cocaine operation from his Maple Street home with his younger brother Martin Ellsworth Lyle. Lyle was also found guilty of possessing a loaded .45 calibre handgun. Martin Lyle was given three years.


  1. lol, nice twist on the headline. Big difference to between "shooting victim connected to Hells Angels" to "shooting connected to Hells Angels".

    There was a time when I put some faith and value in your blog, but as of recently I'm seeing it for what it really is. Nothing more than a venue for you to play spin doctor. Seems you cannot and will not acknowledge that there are people out there who commit crimes for thier own benefit.

    I'm waiting for the day when you blame the HA for global warming.

    and no, I am not connected and do not support the HA.

    1. Personally I don't see a huge difference between the two headlines.
      If A=B and B=C Then A=C.

  2. A Hells Angels associate is found dead. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math. I didn't say the Hells Angels killed him, I said the murder involved them which it does. If the Rock Machine murdered a Hells Angels associate then the shooting is connected to the Hells Angels just as if they killed one of their own like in the case of Randy Mersereau.

    1. Do you even read what you type Angent K? How do you know this man was still an associate(?), alot can change in 10 plus years since his last confirmed involvement with the HA.

      Where is the Rock Machine comment coming from, completely from left field if you ask me. Your finding boogey men everywhere where thier are none to be seen.

      Tell us what you know Agent K that makes you 100% positive that the HA were involved, for all you (and I) know this could have been a case of a jealous husband getting his revenge, a business deal gone bad, etc, etc.

      The possibilities are endless; so unless you pony up some info that was not in the article your statements are purely conjecture.

      I'm starting to suspect your good friends with Nancy Grace.

  3. Lol, here's the thing this agent bs... seems to believe there is only one main stream crime group in this country. He forgets about the rest of the main stream gangs that also exist. This is what humours me about his blog. Most of his stuff comes from the Vancouver Sun and the woman who writes most pulls it off the walls of people who would like to believe they are affiliated but aren't. In his little world, the lower mainland, he believes he understands the inner workings of these gangs. Why do you think he never writes about Toronto, cause nothing happens out here, its because he truly doesn't have a clue. Fact is there are more active members of the HA within Ontario than in any other province, but these people are quiet and remain quiet, why because powerful people within the HA don't come into the light. Thats what humours me about the lower mainland. They are highlighted and everyone knows who they are. I'm really surprised that the HA hasn't done a internal cleaning. If you ever ask Agent BS about his sources he has none. Thats because he reads articles and makes his on assumptions. Isnt that right Agent BS

  4. Well, the peanut gallery is sure feeling empowered these days. Someone was found shot dead in Dartmouth. He was a drug dealer and a Hells Angel associate. That is relevant. Ontario? What a crock of shit that is. Ontario are patchovers. That’s all they are. Gerald Ward – he was a drug dealer. They patched him over to take control of the drug trade. The Niagara chapter was nothing but old men on Viagra selling drugs. There are so many Hells Angel related drug convictions in Ontario that the courts there were able to define them as a criminal organization.

    I’m not from Ontario, I’m from Surrey. In BC the Hells Angels control all the drug trafficking gangs except for the UN. The Independent Soldiers used to be independent but the Hells Angels took them over and the IS work for them now. Same with the Red Scorpions. The Surrey Six murder killed off the old RS leadership who had beef with the Haney Hells Angels and were affiliated with the UN.

    After the Hells Angels got the Bacon Brothers to take over the Red Scorpions, they started working for the Hells Angels too. In Prince George even the GTS are affiliated with the Hells Angels through the Renegades. The last six drug related shootings in Surrey and Vancouver were drug dealers affiliated with the Dak Pack who are Hells Angels rivals. Clearly, in BC the Hells Angels are the biggest organized crime group that totally controls the drug trade here.

    In Nova Scotia, the Darksiders has assumed the position in an old Hells Angels Clubhouse. Bacchus are moving into NS from New Brunswick as well under the direction of the Anarchy Bikers. All of whom are Hells Angel puppets. Giles even had a couple of KPC pinheads out there keeping their eye on things a couple summers ago. Only now there are more rumors of the Pagans coming to Canada who are affiliated with the Rock Machine and would be considered Hells Angels rivals.

    Almost everything I get is in the public domain from newspapers and books. People do send me tips by e-mail. Some are BS, most aren’t. When I say once source claims, that means someone sent me an e-mail making that claim. I didn’t just make it up. Here in BC we want the violence to stop. We want the public executions to stop. We don’t want people selling crack in our neighborhood. We don’t want bullies like the Hells Angels telling us what we can and can’t do.

  5. Actually, the ciminal organization ruling had nothing to do with drug dealing. It was an extortion case. Not Drugs.


    Also, name one chapter of the HA in Canada that wasn't a patch over... BC: had the Satans Angels, AB had the Rebels and Grim Reapers and King's Court, Manitoba had Los Brovos, Quebec had The Popeyes (Patched over in 1977, First Canadian Chapter of the gang). All the HA chapters in Canada are patchovers. In ontario the Para Dice Riders, and Satan's Choice Mc's made up the most powerful of the Patchovers, and they are very hardcore HA's. Ontario actually has the highest population per capita of HA in the world, with members from several MC's like those mentioned above, and the vagabonds (and a few others). One of the most powerful HA's in Ontario is a patchover: Sasquatch Porter. Saying "Just patchovers" doesn't really make sense...

    How are the Pagan's affiliated with the Rock Machine? Hadn't heard that before...

  6. True the first organized crime status decision involving the Hells Angels in Ontario appears to have been for extortion. I’m of the understanding that there was more than one criminal org application in Ontario involving the Hells Angels. Gerald Ward is one I believe: http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?archive=true&e=1498372

    There have been a long list of drug convictions in Ontario involving the Hells Angels that in my opinion would build a case in support of the criminal organization status. You do make a good point about the BC chapters patching over. I’m not sure about the details of the transaction but I was under the impression that it wasn’t the same snap of the finger, wave the magic wand that it was in Ontario. I was under the impression that there was a process involved. Unlike in Australia where Chris Hudson was given a new Harley to betray his crew and patched over instantly.

    The RM Pagan association appears to be new. There were several people claiming the RM met with some Pagans in New Brunswick not long ago. I’m getting more people claiming the Pagans MC are coming to Canada and it involves a RM patch over which would surprise me. I would think it would be an affiliation more than a patch over.

  7. Thanks for the link agent K, and for the update on the Pagans and RM.

    1. No worries. I guess time will tell if anything comes of the RM / Pagan meetings. Although I'm all for free enterprise, I'm not very excited about more drug dealers shooting each other for a slice of the pie.

  8. The RM will become Outlaws before they become Pagans

  9. The lyles, sandy dead, John dead, Martin prolly soon dead too, little Lyle maybe smart enough to smarten up, Carla Lyle ex whore house owner with her gangsta bitch phone assistant Sam Sandra bezenar pimp out young victimized girls to perverts in Dartmouth and Halifax then buy the rodeo lounge and party it up with proceeds of crime crack n whore money, lol fuck off protecting these rodents dick head!


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