Friday, February 24, 2012

Irans’ death row

Although I am the first one to agree Iran persuing the use of nuclear energy is concerning in the event that they use that technology to make nuclear weapons is concerning, I also find it concerning that Canada has been selling nuclear technology to China, India and Pakistan for years which has helped them develop nuclear weapons. It is hypocritical for Canada to support nuclear technology in China, India and Pakistan but not in Iran because Iran might do the same thing with it, India and Pakistan has.

Although I am aware and somewhat concerned about England and American’s meddling in Iran’s politics to gain financial control of their oil through Operation Ajax, I am also concerned about Iran’s bizarre extremism regarding their death row. We can argue about capital punishment until the cows come home. Many are shall we say, deathly opposed to any form of capital punishment for any reason. Personally, I’m more concerned with capital punishment for stupid reasons.

Stoning a woman for adultery may be biblical but it is extreme. Especially when they only stone the woman and not the man she committed adultery with. Yet this recent case of a Canadian on death row in Iran for creating a software program for the Internet is so extreme it’s bizarre.

No one like an extremist. Whether it be a religious extremist telling us we have to do things their way or a secular extremist telling us we have to do things their way, no one likes being told what to do.

The latest news is about a Canadian resident named Saeed Malekpour who created a software program that let people upload pictures to the Internet. No doubt similar to facebook or photobucket. Then someone else used that program to upload porn. So they take the guy who created the program and put him on death row. They’re going to kill him. Holy Marc Emory Batman that is insanely extreme. That is not the example of a model society the rest of the world aspires to. It is the example of a backward nation we should avoid.

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