Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lindsay Buziak Memorial Walk

This February second is the four year mark for the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. In her honor and in efforts to keep the investigation alive, there will be a walk from Royal Oak Burial Park, Saanich, B.C. starting at 10 a.m. February 2, 2012 to the Saanich Municipal Hall via 1702 De Sousa Place. Your participation would be greatly appreciated by Lindsay, her family and friends. This is a copy of the poster.


  1. Isteppedinjill: Thanks, I'll look into it. Cheers.

  2. I hope the Buziak memorial walk was a success. Do you think this murder will ever be officially solved? I sure wish Lindsay's dad was able to name those five people that he suspects are behind it all. Before the year ended, I was reading around on the net about Lindsay's murder. I like going to forums, blogs and comment sections in online news sites. Posters can say crazy shit, but honestly, there's usually some grain of truth to what a group of people are saying. The sentiment I noticed was a bit of a second look at Lindsay's boyfriend. I truly wonder if the answer to her murder lies in the world of her ex?

  3. I don’t know if it will be solved in this life. Miracles do happen. Turns out she was in the process of leaving her boyfriend who was also in the real estate business and had a lot of friends in the drug trade. Tragic.

  4. Sarah Trebble, a West Vancouver realtor, was acquitted this year of a charge of occupying a vehicle in which there was a firearm. The charge was laid after Trebble was found in a car involved in a shooting outside of the T-Barz strip club in Surrey in 2009. Police have alleged that Trebble is a known associate of high-ranking United Nations Gang member Barzan Tilli-Cholli. She also shares a car lease with boyfriend Larry Amero(HA full patch member)
    Real Estate has been a way to clean dirty money. One of my first deals, as a salesperson, was selling a house for $500,000 cash to a guy with a numbered company. He was to pay in 1 week. 8th day I traced the company to a "high profile" Lawyer in Vancouver, who denied knowing anything about the deal. 4 days later my buyer called and told me he was delayed, but now that the lawyer was exposed the deal is dead.
    Buziaks boyfriend is too obvious. To find the killer you would have to go deeper.

  5. I remember the Trebble case well. Interesting about the high profile lawyer connected to the cash real-estate deal. Send me an e-mail. I'm very interested in the money laundering in BC real estate. Lindsey's former boyfriend has many similar friends and associates.


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