Monday, February 6, 2012

Pot growers get more jail time than Pedophiles

Senate hearings began last week over Bill C-10 and why its mandatory minimum sentences gives pot growers more jail time than pedophiles. People wonder why I call Stephen Harper a traitor. Nothing else needs to be said. This is not Law and Order legislation. This is over burden your flailing jails and prevent violent crime from being addressed legislation.


  1. This is a picture from California. Do they stack them like that here?
    What would that picture look like with kids and pentioners being charged now?

  2. Yes, that picture is from Cali. No they don't stack prisoners three to a bunk here yet to my knowledge. I chose Cali as an example of a failed system we should not follow. First, they privatized their prisons. Big mistake. Second, they filled them full of nonviolent offenders. Second mistake. Third, the court ordered them to release one third of their prison population because they couldn't handle the over crowding. Only they lost track of who was in for what and arbitrarily released one third of their prisoners which meant some violent offenders were released instead of nonviolent offenders. I kid you not.


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