Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hells Angels linked to Pickton Inquiry

Just as he was warming up to theories regarding Pickton's associations with drug dealing bikers, lawyer Jason Gratl was shut down by Commissioner Wally Oppal, who was clearly perturbed. Gratl was cross-examining RCMP Cpl. Mike Connor, the force's lead investigator on Pickton.

Connor admitted that he received a tip that a Hells Angel associate who worked in a "booze can" after-hours drinking club across the street from Pickton's Port Coquitlam, B.C., property "was chopped up in a meat grinder on the farm and fed to the pigs."

Connor said police knew Hells Angels went to Pickton's farm and attended "Piggy's Palace" — the nearby illicit nightclub run by Pickton and his brother Dave. However, Connor said he did not investigate the credibility of the allegation a male Hells Angel associate was disposed of on Pickton's farm.

During Pickton's trial, lab staff testified that about 80 unidentified DNA profiles -roughly half male and half female — have shown up on evidence.

This stunning new development in the inquiry shows us several things. First, that Wally the Limp Fish Oppal was the wrong choice to head the inquiry. Second, that police knew there was an illegal booze can ran by the Hells Angels across the street from the Picton farm. Third, that the DNA from many unidentified bodies were also found on the Pickton farm, half of which were men and that the police had received a tip that the Hells Angels had put one of their employees through a meat grinder and feed him to the pigs on the Picton farm.

These are all very significant findings. The fact that the police knew the Hells Angels ran an illegal booze can across the street from the Pickton farm and knew that Dave Pickton was a Hells Angels associate, are facts that need to be explored. They most certainly aren't to be shut down by a brain dead idiot who has done nothing for BC other than rationalize BC's judicial incompetence.

Is it true Jesse Hadden was involved with the booze can across the street from the Pickton farm? Is it true that Jesse's father Spike was the one that caused the rift between the Haney Hells Angels and the Mission City Hells Angels? Please advise.

The Court was told Dave Pickton knew about bodies. Court also heard that police believed a marijuana grow-op in an unlicensed "booze can" across the street from the Pickton farm was connected to the Hells Angels. So the grow op was in the booze can across the street...


  1. And the terrible toll of missing men;

    "Brian Mbaruk is just one of the 67 young men who remain missing in British Columbia's Lower Mainland since 2000, according to the RCMP's Surrey, B.C.-based missing persons centre, which monitors ongoing missing-persons cases from all of the province's police forces."

    "Those 67 unsolved cases all feature young men between the ages of 15 and 30 from all RCMP jurisdictions in the Lower Mainland, as well as all municipal police forces including Vancouver, Abbotsford, Delta, Port Moody, and West Vancouver."

    "Of those 67 cases, approximately 20 are considered presumed suicides, six are possible drownings, a dozen could involve foul play, eight are believed to be in hiding and the remainder have no apparent explanation, said Insp. Gary Shinkaruk, who oversees the centre." (

  2. So, 40 unidentified male DNA profiles....wonder if any of them is "Blackie"?

  3. There are a couple of websites I found a while back dedicated to the unexplained disappearance of so many young men in BC. Too many questions, no answers and a lot of of which is that the men are being taken for the harvest of organs for black market donations. Don't know how much I buy into that theory, however I do believe someone needs to be looking into this more. If I can find the links I will share them

  4. Good god, here's the thing, these people all do business within the underworld known as the Hells Angels so to speak and yet here we sit wondering why they are missing or dead. Honestly I care as much
    About the Bacon Brothers just as much as these saps. Their involved an have or are doing dirty business with the Hells. So when they go missing who the hell cares. One less pusher, one less criminal. You live by the sword you die by it. The Hells are a problem but you politicians are far worse a problem as they
    Do nothing cause the drug
    Trade in BC drives the economy.

  5. Ron: "Their involved an have or are doing dirty business with the Hells. So when they go missing who the hell cares."

    Huh? Did you bother reading my link, Ron? Doesn't look like it; NOWHERE in the BC *missing men* file does anyone infer that 67 dead men had anything in particular to do w/organized crime, right...?

    A few, that the RCMP has already stated, but that's all.

    In our societies' PC acceptance of anything radical left Feminists say or do; we have just completely forgotten the fact that men are Human Beings TOO.

  6. I been to that booze can back in the day. I used to do popawheelees on my ninja when I would leave at 5am. honestly I am not surprised because when I used to go there, you could tell bad things happened in there on the second floor. the neigbours hated that place, the police didn't give a fuck, actualy there were no police in Port Moody in the late 1990s, just 1 or 2 RCMP cruisers for the whole area of 1 or 2 small suburbs.

    listen this is all old news but obiously you guys know alot more than me because I was looking at the Pickton Piggy palace stuff on the net and was worried that, Piggy's, I thought was the booze can! fucking small world. I can say the bikers were good people too me, all these dead people, well that is a given, if there was a pig farm across the street. well I dont even have to be a detective to figure that one out. imo now that I look at the senerio, Pickton seems more the pervert type, type to kill messed up prostitutes, not guys, or anyone smart. I mean the guy looks like a the grimeiest guy alive, no respectable woman would go home with him, and no guy would let that idiot con them into a scenerio where they would be on his dirty pig farm to get murdered.

    the plot thickens, but I'm just saying no way that dirty little old grimey Pickton loured and killed a bunch of guys or pretty prostitutes. I mean I know alot of sad strippers none of them would fuck Pickton on a pig farm for a million dollars

    1488 777

    fuck Pickton, & those Hells are probably all dead by now. back in the day I used to see all kindsa Hells wearing their paches and pop'n bottles in all the clubs around BC, RCMP never bother with anyone. now cops are like ninjas and people get arrested for occuping the parks.

    can't win if you do, can't win if you don't... Boys keep ur noses outta trouble, and don't get urselves invited to the Pickton family reunion.


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