Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kelowna Grow op bust and GHB

Another grow op bust in Kelowna in the 500 block of Gowen Place Friday. More than 1,200 plants were seized.

In the last two months police had shut down five marijuana grow-operations in the Central Okanagan including a business in West Kelowna (1,600 plants), two homes in Lake Country (1,800 plants) a warehouse next to a home on Belgo Road (3,600 plants) and a home in the Upper Mission (5,500 plants). Police also seized 23.5 litres of GHB, five gallons of unprocessed marijuana oil, over $12,000 in cash and several thousand dollars worth of growing equipment. Street value of the drugs is well over $100,000.

That's quite a shopping list. So in the past two months the police have raided five grow ops in the area and have also made a large date rape drug seizure. It doesn't say that the GHB was found with the pot but it does imply it. I suppose that technically could have been a separate bust.

What I find interesting is that we all know who controls the grow ops in Kelowna. If police found and seized date rape drug with or at a Kelowna grow op, then that would mean you know who was selling date rape drug again. Just sayin.


  1. I think if you'd do a little research about GHB, you might find that more often than not it's used as a recreational drug than it is to commit rapes. I realise that referring to it as 'date rape drug' adds fuel to your rhetoric, but it's a misnomer. Historically, I think you'd find that alcohol has been used to commit far more rapes, fueled more violence, and resulted in more deaths than GHB. I have yet to see you post anything about the evils of alcohol, even though empirical evidence that it's raw shit is anywhere you choose to look. Other than the numbers of people affected by booze vs. any other drug, the only difference is the crooks who peddle the shit wear suits and enjoy exemption from prosecution.

    Also, I know people who sell GHB who aren't club members and don't have any club affiliations. Believe it or not, there's not just one monster in the closet. The same goes for Kelowna growers. I know two guys in Kelowna who grow weed, and they've never dealt with the Angels.

    I don't mind that you have a giant chubby for the club. Chances are that sooner or later, you'll be called to reckoning for it anyhow. I do feel a responsibility to educate you a little about the way things really work, because you're choosing to perpetuate ideas that just aren't correct. I'm sure you'd like to make sure stuff you post is as accurate as possible.

    1. People who buy GHB buy it for one reason.

    2. Man, your ignorance is about the most profound thing on this blog.




      You're sitting in front of a fucking computer. Use it for some research before you choose to offer your wholly unqualified opinion.

    3. Not true. Its used for several purposes.

      "GHB is taken because users feel that it enhances the experience of being in a club or at a party; small doses of GHB are thought to act as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. GHB is sometimes referred to as G, liquid ecstasy, liquid X, or liquid E due to its tendency to produce euphoria and sociability and its use in the dance party scene.[12] Despite this nickname, GHB has entirely separate chemical and pharmacological modes of action compared to ecstasy."

      I've seen people take it at parties/ raves and the like. As far as I know they weren't looking to get raped, but hey, who knows?! Kids today...

      GHB's recreational use, and abuse, has been documented on shows Like Intervention, and Intervention Canada. In the media it is almost always refered to, exclusively, as "Date Rape Drug". That way it seems more dangerous than it is, worries the public more, and helps sell the story.


    4. Sorry Agent K, but you're dead wrong. I know only one person who has ever been "G'd" and plenty of people who use it recreationally. Double the therapeutic dose will knock you out. I've seen it happen to people who can't control themselves. Are you telling me you believe this bust netted "date rape drug" that was to be used in 2,350 rapes? Get real.

    5. I've explained my position below. Even if some people use GHB recreationally, GHB is primarily used for committing date rape. That is the fact that we need to address.

    6. I know a lot of people who have had something put in their drinks at a club. Many. It is a huge problem.

  2. haha again you seem to think you have it all figured out..
    Kelowna's grow ops are not "run" by anyone.everyone grows weed in kelowna,not the hells angels not the IS not the throttle lockers not the king pin crew..EVERYONE DOES IT !
    theres asians here growing and selling weed too but i guess you should have known that and those asians are probably hells asians in your eyes too.Triads idiot.kelowna is NOT run by one group.

    1. So are you saying they just use violence to take over the small towns? What was uncle Joe doing on his way to that Salmon Arm grow op with a car load of thugs and weapons? Why is it they beat the life out of anyone else selling pot in East Van?

  3. 'People who buy GHB buy it for one reason'

    You are wrong there Agent K. 'G-spotting' - taking GHB for recreational use, is becoming quite popular. While I don't dispute that there are many people that use it as a date rape drug, there are many more that are now using it for recreational use in smaller doses.

  4. I hear it is so but I am sceptical. A guy takes a little bit and offers some to his date. Try it, everyone is doing it. Then takes advantage of her. Even if some people do use it for recreational use selling it is irresponsible knowing what most people really use it for. It's kind of like saying we don't sell crack pipes we sell friendship roses knowing fully well they are used for crack pipes.

  5. "A guy takes a little bit and offers some to his date. Try it, everyone is doing it. Then takes advantage of her."

    Iv mentioned this before and i'll say it again..I know way more girls that do this drug than guys and they love it.Im involved in the bar scene and the night life so this is something i know a lot about.
    sure as shit i know that there are guys out there that will give it to their date to take advantage of them but its not a very large number here in BC.

    Agent KFeb 29, 2012 05:42 PM
    People who buy GHB buy it for one reason.

    No i really dont think that most of the GIRLS i know that buy it buy it to knock their boyfriends out lol they love the feeling and it doesn't do anything in the way of being a date rape drug unless its mixed with alcohol.

    agent k ya sure people sell crack pipes,its a living and the ones selling the crack pipes are not selling the crack to put in them.at least they dont collect money from the sales of drugs like the government who profits huge from narcotics,tobacco,alcohol.
    why is it not okay for a small time guy to make something and sell it to someone who can use it to smoke crack or weed or tobacco but its okay for the government to make billions yearly on those same drugs ?

  6. I just have a hard time believing that. One of the side effects of GHB is memory loss. Why would someone want to get wasted if they have no memory of what they did when they were wasted? Sure some people get pissed drunk to the point where they can't remember what they did the next day but the intelligence of such a practice is indeed questionable.

  7. this side affect from taking it is only a factor when taken in high doses and with consumption of alcohol.
    G does not get you "wasted" either,it just makes you happy and frisky lol.iv tried it and honestly the feeling is like your a bit drunk but still under control,till you add booze then things change but still fine until you either take too much ghb or too much booze then things get a little blurry.
    dont get me wrong.the way this drug is made is disgusting and taking it is just as gross but i just wanted to point out that it is a lot less of a tool for rape than people make it out to be.


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