Wednesday, February 1, 2012

George Wolsey back in the news

Another scam close to home. Slum Lord Greg Woolsey was in the news again today. Protesters and picketers claim he’s still saying his tenants who are on the methadone program must buy their methadone from him or be evicted. These are not new allegations. It is astonishing that it takes pickets to get something done about this crook. The protesters claim that George is using Pharmasave to get his methadone.

It also raises awareness about flaws in the methadone program. Like how medical doctors aren’t prescribing a reduction in dose, they are maintaining and increasing the dosage. The news claims that losing one methadone prescription could mean a loss of $6,000.00 for the pharmacy. That certainly opens the door wide open for white collar fraud.


  1. May I briefly note two current forms of pharmacy corruption; one here in Surrey; one, DTES.

    Here, one place dedicated just to methadone operates an open front area, with endless fresh coffee and great snacks. Street types sleep for hours on the floor, getting up to place calls on the Pharmacy phone (given freely) to their drug dealers, ordering more up/down. They rouse themselves to meet & smoke crack besides the place, then head back in; more animated, for their third round of coffee & doughnuts. It's all a lure.

    More important; people who get daily deliveries got $20/week paid when the script was brought in. $80/month is huge on welfare, who would turn that down? I know a guy who got it. Over $900/year; it is worth so much for the dispensing fee.

    Downtown, $10/week for daily drinks @ the Pharmacy. Delivered in an envelope, out the back; in the same alley where the crack dealers are waiting, of course. A big $10 rock to start the weekend with a zing. Again, I know that first-hand.

    A tiny fraction of the tidal wave of methadone sweeping the province, addicting now so many outside the original addict community.

    It's something I am reducing at a brutal rate, willing to get sick if I have to, I'll be rid of it this year. I don't take much any more.

  2. Thanks for the insights. There seems to be a lot of doctors and pharmacists making money off addicts. Being on the methadone program and smoking crack at the same time is somewhat of a contradiction.

  3. Back when I was a teenager, there was a kid that was stealing methadone from his parents, who were supposedly pharmacists. I always wondered why these people had massive amounts of methadone unsecured at their home. It never made sense to me. Lots of kids in the Brookswood area of Langley got hooked on the stuff after Colin Wolsey, George's son, started making money off of it by peddling it through some friends who were local drug dealers. The connection didn't occur to me until just today when I clicked a friend of a friend's fb link and there he was: Colin Wolsey. I guess i didn't know his last name back then.

    So, Colin Wolsey is a George Wolsey in training. I never knew the kid to have any morals or conscience. He went to school and is now a licensed pharmacy tech, working for Pharmasave in Vancouver according to his facebook. Check it out He brags about "slangin the legal shit". This guy is a replica of his father and is going to continue the legacy. He needs to rot in jail and/or hell just like his father, and so does everyone who lives the good life off of their profits, like George's wife and Colin's fiancee. You are all disgusting!!!!

  4. Check out what George's poor sister-in-law had to say under the article from 2008 CBC story about him:

    Not only does George Wolsey prey on all these people, he also preys on his own family. He has ripped off his own Mother for thousands and thousands of dollars and his own brother for thousands of dollars...and I know this how? I am married to his brother and now will be changing my name as I am ashamed to carry this name. He is a parasite and will steal from anyone only to line his pockets and to live in a mansion. I thought the last time he would have stopped his antics when Mr. Rand went to prison and George didn't....WHY NOT! why is he still practicing.....Good Lawyers, and he has the money to pay them ....I feel for my husband as he has to relive this everytime this cockroach pops into the news again...although he chuckles, he hurts inside....but knows that Dad would have been proud of him rather than George. I agree with 98% of you and wish I could answer you all individually, unfortunately I can't, but keep the comments me at least a good laugh every evening and sadness for those who are being ripped off.....wether they are addicts or not, they are still human beings and deserve help not ten dollars to go out the back to go and buy more cruel can George be.....I know!

    Nice guy, huh?

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  5. Wow on both counts. Very interesting connection with regards to his son.

  6. Interesting, yet disturbing. It is unsettling to know that Colin may be following in daddy's footsteps.


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