Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

There is no doubt Whitney Houston will be remembered as the talented shining light that she was. Glimpses of her funeral showed the love that she had for others and the love they share with her. That's likely the best measurement of success.

There has been talk about her struggle with drugs and checking herself into rehab despite the song that jokes about avoiding rehab. Yet no doubt that was such a small part of her life, her memory and her legacy will be filled with talent, love and light.

Glancing at some tabloids there has been some bizarre headlines from the typical trashloids. Don't buy those. Don't support the trash. I remember seeing someone I knew buy one of those tabloids and said buying that is supporting the people who killed Dianna. Indeed it is. Supply and demand declares that if people weren't consumed in the gossip, the paparazzi wouldn't be so ruthlessly invasive and shamefully negative.

Her passing brings two things to mind. First is the love and the loss that a premature death brings. I think of Jammie Kehoe who was senselessly murdered at such a young age when he had his whole life before him. No doubt his parents had bigger plans for him. The second is many good people have fallen because of drug addiction.

Somehow we need to rise above glorifying addiction without being judgemental realizing it could happen to any of us or to any of our children. There is nothing noble about profiting from exploitation. Coveting materialism does not make greed or exploitation good. The violence we have seen locally because of the gang war has made that clear.

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse is more likely to be remembered for her addictions as well as her talent because her drug addiction had such a dramatic physical effect on her appearance. One of the saddest things I ever saw was the release of a video one of Amy Winehouse's "friends" took of her smoking crack looking at her wedding picture. The betrayal of her friend was one thing but the whole using crack to escape the pain of a loss in a relationship was sad. She was human and those kinds of drugs are very addictive and very damaging. Before the drugs, Amy Winehouse was also a wonderfully talented singer. Not many rock stars haven't had a problem with drugs.


  1. This story has been un-covered after Natives were taken for various emergencies, from the far North, and they all started getting horrible withdrawal symtoms...:

    "An Ontario First Nations leader says a catastrophe is looming with the decision to stop manufacturing the drug OxyContin."

    "Nishnawbe Aski Nation chief Stan Beardy says thousands of residents of Ontario reserves are addicted to OxyContin, which is up to twice as strong as morphine."

    "Beardy says addicts will go into withdrawal, and that scares him."

    "Benedikt Fischer of the Centre for Applied Mental Health and Addictions at B.C.'s Simon Fraser University says there will be a lot of sick people."

    "He says without treatment to help deal with the addiction, a public-health catastrophe is imminent." (CBC)

    But where the heck did they GET the Oxy in the first place? It's a high-toned drug, $1 per mg., the pills are the most expensive around, how did they acquire them; or pay for them, this is thousands of addicts, a huge addict population! $40 for a standard 40 mg. pill.

    These reses. are the fly-in ones; in the exact middle of nowhere, where I've flown in for Heli-Attack. There must be some huge underground Native mafia; that is flying the pills in, it's the only way, any white man is instantly noticed, and they ain't too friendly. This is a huge, devastating problem, that few of us know or care about, it should be seriously investigated...

    1. Wow, that's a good question. Where did they get it from.

    2. Relax there, super sleuths, I can answer this one, and you can each have a third of the reward money, and donate my share to , because I'm so nice.

      ahem. And I quote:

      "It is our understanding that OxyNEO® will be replacing the OxyContin® brand altogether. What’s particularly interesting about the release of this new, ‘safer’ product is that OxyContin® is just about to come off patent, so the company is positioning itself to avoid having its product deemed interchangeable with lower cost alternatives that will be brought to market once OxyContin® loses its exclusive patent.

      It’s stunning to see that oxycodone addicts are already brazenly sharing information regarding extraction techniques for the new formulation of this drug on the internet. While this reformulated version appears to be a step in the right direction, narcotic addiction and abuse may not be materially reduced with this new formulation."


      Case closed. Now I know why you cops always drink coffee and eat donuts. Crimes are really pretty easy to solve, so you've got a lot of time to kill.

  2. Whitney never sang songs that joked about not going to rehab. It was Amy Winehouse.

    1. I was referring to when Amy Winehouse sang that song but I was under the impression that Whitney Huston also sang it before Amy did.

    2. and thats the problem with you Agent K. You "think" something and then write it on this site, without making sure your impressions or assumptions are correct. You have no problem with stating false information time after time, even as small as this. Just because you think it up and to you it sounds plausible, does not make it correct. And to think, information that is so easily found on the internet that would have informed you that Whitney Houston never sang that song was something you never bothered to look for. Those are facts that are easily accessible to anyone, yet you chose to open your mouth without doing your homework. Something so simple, yet you cannot even get that right. Do you think you are really qualified to be running your mouth about other things?

  3. Also, look up RJ Reynolds tax fraud on google, or Enron, child labor, third world exploitation, Bhopal,or corporate greed if you're having a hard time imagining a corporation being an instrument of avarice and evil.

    1. Will do. Don't get me started on Enron though. That's what they're trying to turn BC Hydro in to. One of the privatized BC Hydro scammers were accused of false billing along with Enron in Cali.


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