Saturday, February 25, 2012

BC Teachers Strike – Mediation or Legislation?

Nobody likes to see schools shut down from job action. Yet removing free collective bargaining rights from Canadians is a bad precedent for everyone. Throwing out collective agreements and rewriting them through acts of legislation is not only wrong, it is illegal. If you deem something to be an essential service, which may well apply to teachers in schools, then you need to adapt mediation and arbitration. Unilateral acts of legislation changing the status quo to impose a settlement are wrong. Education is important.


  1. Yawn. Teachers in the government run public school system moved from education to indoctrination decades ago. Why do you think anyone who can afford it sends their kids to a private school?

  2. I think you've overestimated teachers' roles by a long shot, trail. They're babysitters, but they deserve to be able to reach a collective agreement with their employers.


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