Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vancouver's unreported Homicide

This is another strange one. February 14 2012 the VPD announced Vancouver's second homicide of the year. A tragic Valentine's murder which was the result of a domestic dispute. Only that wasn't Vancouver's second homicide of the year, it was the third. There was another homicide that occurred in Vancouver the day before but it went unreported.

Jasmine Onland was found dead in the 3400 block of east 8th on MONDAY 13 TH at 12 30 pm from blunt force trauma. She was 22 and mother of two girls. Yet the police are even keeping the family in the dark about the murder. With all the murders going on all around us it is hard to understand why one would go unreported.


  1. Police won't release details if they figure that doing so will hinder their investigation. They must be taking a good look at the family if they're withholding information from them.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. It's sad when the system lets us down.

  3. they found the gun that killed her on another floor of the house two days after they found her, and that they will be giving it back to its owner, is what they told me,and it took over three years .to get that out of them, somethings very wrong !

    1. Well its been another year without u and stil no justice miss you jazzy. :(

  4. If that's true and that just came out now then that is shameful indeed.


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