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Another bizarre twist to a sad saga of deception and theft. Vic Toews was the scoundrel that came out supporting Harpers' warrantless Internet surveillance bill. The had the audacity to claim it had anything to do with catching criminals when it clearly did not. Then he came out with the ultimate offensive lie and said that anyone who doesn't support warrantless Internet surveillance stands in support of child pornographers. This is what I mean about and evil government. Making outrageous lies that are absolutely inflammatory to steal our liberty and rob our pensions.

After he made that outrageously offensive lie, someone opened up a Twitter account called Vikileaks and started quoting things from his divorce affidavits. The fact is while the Vic Toews was billed the "minister of family values" he was embroiled in a messy divorce after fathering a child with a much younger woman.

It is shameful that the outrage has been the violation of his privacy. Justine Trudeau even came out with a bizarre support for Toews after the twitter account was opened. This is what's wrong with North America. A guy like Newt Gingrich can get so far in politics when he is a known adulterer. Vic Toews another Neocon pushing the neo con lies was supposed to be a good family man, then turns out having an affair and farthing a child with a much younger woman. That is relevant. What about the violation of OUR privacy when the Harper government throws away the charter of Rights passes a bill that authorises warrantless Internet Surveillance?

Surprised by content of online surveillance bill

Now Toews says he's surprised by content of online surveillance bill. What, are younow claiming you didn't read it?

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says he is surprised to learn that a section of the government's online surveillance bill provides for "exceptional circumstances" under which "any police officer" can request customer information from a telecommunications service provider.

In an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House, Toews said his understanding of the bill is that police can only request information from the ISPs where they are conducting "a specific criminal investigation."

But Section 17 of the 'Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act' outlines "exceptional circumstances" under which "any police officer" can ask an ISP to turn over personal client information.

"I'd certainly like to see an explanation of that," Toews told host Evan Solomon after a week of public backlash against Bill C-30, which would require Internet service providers to turn over client information without a warrant.

"This is the first time that I'm hearing this somehow extends ordinary police emergency powers [to telecommunications]. In my opinion, it doesn't. And it shouldn't."

He's right it shouldn't but I say it's bullshit he didn't know it did. That is the intent of the bill. If the police were conducting a specific criminal investigation, they could get a warrant. The purpose of this bill is WARRANTLESS online surveillance. Just like when Harper's' gestapo kicked out a University student from one of his rallies because she posted a picture of herself with another candidate on facebook.


  1. Ha Ha... The loser Toews is *surprised* by his "own" Bill! What a horrific, public admission of complete incompetence, he should resign on this!

    Hey, I'm *surprised* my forest-fire took a twenty-Km. run today, I'm the Fire-Boss, and knew nothing! Fired in a heartbeat.

    1. Toews coming right out and saying if you aren't for us you stand with the pedophiles then admitting he is surprised by the content of the bill is rather bizarre indeed. It is as you say, an admission of incompetence. He screams he supports the bill in one breath then claims he never read it in the next. It reminds me of a clip from Michal Moore's movie Capitalism a Love Story. He was interviewing a US Senator about the contents of the Patriot act and he asked the senator how they could vote on it with out having actually read it. The senator said sit down my son. Let me break it to you. We don't read most of the bills we vote on.

  2. Agent K, you should link to the Stop Online Surveillance site. Folks need to sign that petition & email their MP, can all be done from there. link:

    1. I linked to it in the text of the post but I should make a clear link to that site because as you say it's important. Cheers.

  3. "This is what I mean about and evil government. Making outrageous lies that are absolutely inflammatory to steal our liberty and rob our pensions"

    There you go again with the pension stealing bit... Since there is NO INDICATION that anyone is stealing your pension, or anyone else's I'd say that you are making outrageous lies. There is no truth to the statement that the Govt is stealing pensions. You are speculating.

    Also, "Just like when Harper's' gestapo kicked out a University student from one of his rallies because she posted a picture of herself with another candidate on facebook."

    I'm a little confused as to what the problem is with firing someone that openly supports your opponent. Would the RCMP be "gestapo" for kicking out a member that posed in pictures with the HA? I know the analogy is a little over the top, but its the same principle. If some that works for you supports your opponent, then I'd say you have the right to terminate any association you may have with this person... And I'm assuming someone will bring up the whole, " how did they know she was posing with so and so..." bullshit. DUH, if her profile was set to public, they can access pictures, just like you do every day.

    Stating your opinion regarding government policy is one thing, but making up shit about pension stealing, and secret police is another. Its pretty funny that in order to try and discredit, and tarnish peoples names because you decided they are lying, you've become a liar too! Go Figure!!

    1. Fire someone? Harper didn't fire the girl. She was a university student who attended one of his rallies during the last election. She had her picture taken with Iggy as well as Jack Layton because she wanted to get her picture taken with the candidates she listened to. She just went to Harper's rally to hear what he had to say and he kicked her out because of private information they obtained through cyber stalking. Harper is stealing our pensions. The OAP. That's the first step. Some of the Reformers used to call OAP welfare for the elderly. He did recently steal pensions from Postal workers through over reaching back to work legislation after the company locked out their employees for voting to to losing their pension.

    2. No, the government is not stealing your pension. You are delusional. You're apparently one of those people out there that think because you "deserve a pension" that unlimited money is just sitting around to fund it. You obviously understand nothing about sustainability.

      "Both Air Canada and Canada Post, which have billions worth of unfunded pension liabilities, entered contract talks determined to create two-tier pensions. Existing employees would continue to get a guaranteed income at retirement. But new hires would be put in a defined-contribution plan, in which the employer makes regular payments into employees’ pension funds but offers no commitment to what the payout will be. (Canada Post has since taken this demand off the table, but it’s still insisting that new employees work five years more to qualify for a full pension)."

      So, in your mixed up, small little make believe world, the pensions described above should have stayed as they were prior to negotiations. BILLIONS IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES. yeah, that will surely work. Keep things the way they are because "pensions are sacred" so that way everyone can have nothing.

      Also, your a huge hipocryte. Cyber stalking? They checked out people that wanted to attend a rally by looking up their profiles on facebook. YOU DO THIS ALL THE TIME! take a look in the mirror. That makes you a cyber stalker. Oh, but i'm sure you can justify you doing it by coming up with some self righteous statement. That seems to be your MO these days.

    3. Mark my word, stealing pensions is a corporate priority. Stephen Harper supports big corporations not small business. Yes I believe that if I work all my life and pay into a pension then I deserve that pension. First the big corporations saw the vast amount of capital sitting dormant in employee pensions and they wanted to start using that money, making profit from the interest, then returning the principle to the pensions fund. Employees said no way. If you invest in high risk stocks you could lose our pensions. So they decided to have their cake and eat it too. Idiots like Catherine Swift wrote the new CEO of Canada Post and told him to stand strong on the corporation's bid to roll back pensions and stop pensions for new hires. Thus through attrition, stealing Canadian's pensions. She said that most employees in the private sector don't have a pension at all. Public sector Unions should bite the bullet and give up their pensions. Their pensions means a negotiated benefit where the employee makes a contribution every month and the employer matches that contribution. That is what they want to do away with. If employees simply contribute to their own RRSP, then the employer doesn't have to match that contribution in a pension. That way they can have the principle and the interest. That is where the big corporations want to take us and that is where the Harper government is more than happy to enable. It's not a matter of billions in unfunded liabilities. That is a lie. It's more like $65 billion given to the banks for a secret bail out that they didn't need.

    4. K.

      Pension funds rarely sit dormant, or there'd be no possibility of every paying out those eligible to collect. Without investment, your monthly payout wouldn't yield more than a point or two. Most long term portfolios will have a portion dedicated to high risk investments, since they pay well when they pay, and any loss can be recovered in the duration.

      The situation in the eurozone didn't come about magically. It was poor management of funding, gross over payment of benefits to state employees, and unrealistic values put on property and currency. If some kind of measures aren't taken now to make workers responsible for their retirement, we're about ten years from becoming Greece.

      There's a lot to hate about the current regime, but in this case, Harper's displaying some remarkable foresight.

      You don't want your tax dollars going to help sick addicts, and I don't want mine going to float you and your wife through your retirement as snowbirds in Florida.

      Austerity is necessary for survival. If it comes down to tightening my belt a notch now, or full blown starving in ten years so that I can nurse a bunch of boomers who didn't invest properly, it's a no-brainer. Money doesn't grow on trees, bud, and despite what the heads in the markets may want you to think, there's a cap on how much growth can happen. Relying on warm meals from the federal tit is a thing of the past. Look into buying potash and energy.

  4. It is now even worse than Canadians thought;

    'Gag order' in Internet snooping bill prevents Canadians from knowing whether personal information is handed to authorities.

    "A "gag order" written into the government's proposed Internet snooping bill makes it an offence for telecommunication companies to tell customers whether their personal information has been handed over to investigators, police or government, according to one privacy lawyer."

    "The law would compel Internet service providers to hand over a person's name and home and emailing addresses to the government, RCMP, CSIS or even the Competition Bureau. But that individual has no right to know their information was tapped -- even long after an investigation has been closed."

    "The "gag order," as a leading privacy lawyer called it, is contained in Section 23 of Bill C-30. The paragraph is very technical and references provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act."

    "Under that law, if an individual asks about a disclosure of their information, the commercial entity -- so in this case the telecommunications companies -- can not disclose it unless the RCMP, CSIS or whoever gives express permission. It would be an offence for the company to hand over that information," said David Fraser. "That's a gag order."

    "Fraser, who is partner with the McInnes Cooper firm in Nova Scotia, suggested this provision could violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- but the gag order would prevent a Canadian from ever knowing their rights were violated."

    "So you're never going to have standing to challenge it," he said." (Global)

    Now that IS like a Police State; it's really terrible.

  5. It's your duty as a blogger to publish this information which would stop freedom in Canada.

  6. Truth. I guess the rage and denial is in itself suspicious. These over reaching bills take away our freedom. That is what wars are fought over. Failing to object before it comes to war would make us complacent of our duty.


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