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Who’s Killing the Rizzutos? Part Two

The Fifth Estate documentary was on again last night and this time I was able to watch it in it’s entirety. I will concede that there is a remote possibility that Sal the Iron Worker came to Canada and over did the demands for protection money and in so doing turned Rizzutos against Rizzutos. It is conceivable that Desjardins recruited the help of the Hells Angels to take out Sal to preserve the Rizzuto family for Vito’s return. However, I submit that there is also another possibility.

The most obvious question is who has the backing of the Bonannos in New York? Sal or Desjardins? One would think Sal had the backing of the Bonannos. Yet one has to wonder how the Bonannos can be on good terms with the Rizzutos after they gave up Vito Rizzuto to the police for his help with the triple murder back in 1981 that they hired him to do. Is Joe Massino on good terms with the Bonannos for rolling over? That’s hard to imagine. Was he the last Don? Are the New York crime families done?

Back in Ireland, when someone killed someone or blew someone up, someone would always claim responsibility. Whether it be the IRA, the UDA, the INLA, the UVF or some other splinter group, someone would claim responsibility. Let’s contrast that with how the Hells Angels do business. They never accept responsibility for a murder. They always deny it. In fact they have even been known to attend funerals of people they are the prime suspects in ordering the murder.

I don’t pretend to know anything about the Italian Mafia in Montreal. I have however, seen how the Hells Angels have done business in Canada. That pattern tends to repeat itself. In Western Canada the Hells Angels really haven’t been here that long. Before the Gypsy Wheelers patched over we really didn’t know first hand how they did business. Now we know. In a very short time they have completely taken over the drug trade and have used brutal violence to control that monopoly.

What we have seen in British Columbia is that they take over everything and they do not share. Look at how they took over the stripper agencies in BC. Look at how they used that same violence to take over the prostitution industry in BC. Look at how fast that industry has gone downhill in the province under their leadership.

Now, let’s peak at the Hells Angels in Quebec. It all started with the Lennoxville massacre. They murdered their own and created a huge division that resulted in long and bloody biker war. In Winnipeg they killed one of their own and created a drug war there too, but let’s stay focused. After the Lennoxville massacre was the Death Riders take over in Laval. They conspired with key up and coming members and killed the president. Hours after the president’s funeral Death Riders members were seen meeting with Mom Boucher and Biff Hamel. There was no loyalty or honour in that. Kinda like a driver shooting his boss in the back and leaving him in a car trunk.

Likewise we have seen this pattern of infiltrate and murder to take over virtually every gang in British Columbia except for the UN who they did business with and were friends with while they also did business with and were friends with their arch enemies, the Bacon brothers.

In steps Vito Rizzuto. 1981 he puts himself on the map doing a hit for the Bonanno family in New York. He then comes back to Montreal and takes over the drug trade. Yet someone else was also heavily involved in the Montreal drug trade at the time. The Hells Angels were fighting the Rock Machine for control of it. One source claims the Rizzutos gave the Hells Angels the heroin trade in the /80’s on the condition that they received a commission.

We know that the Hells Angels did business with the Rizzutos. Aside from documented cases, it was also mentioned in the book the Sixth Family. We know that Vito’s brother in law was kidnapped by a small clan in Granby that had the backing of the Hells Angels. We know that Del Balso's men shot a Hells Angels associate in 2006 for grabbing his throat and threatening him. We know the Hells Angels retaliated by murdering the Rizzuto under boss.

Call me crazy but I would think that when a Hells Angels associate grabs Del Balso by the neck and threatens him, that would imply a slight amount of tension between the two groups. When then Hells Angels retaliated for his murder by murdering the Rizzuto underboss named Domenico Macri, that to me would imply the Hells Angel associate who made the threat had the backing of the Hells Angels. It’s hard to conceive that he would make that threat without the backing of someone. It’s also hard to conceive that the ransom money for the kidnapping did not go to the Hells Angels.

Think about it. We currently have this war going on in Montreal where someone is killing the Rizzutos but nobody knows who it is that’s doing it. Isn’t that strategic genius? To wage a war without anyone knowing you are doing it? That avoids an all out retaliation. The plausible deniability confuses everyone. Rumors circulate but no one knows for sure who is doing it. Someone is.

Firebombing a funeral home was out of the norm. That’s not something the Italians or Sicilians would do. But it is something the Hells Angels would do. Shooting Rizzuto in his home in front of his family with a sniper in the trees was not something the Italians or the Sicilians would do. That sounded more like the military. Yeah I said it. Who else was involved with operation Fast and Furious selling arms to the Mexican cartel and bring back tons of cocaine into the United States? Who else was involved with the arms dealing, drug smuggling and the money laundering out of Mena, Arkansas?

Who else has returned Afghanistan into the largest producers of opium in the world after the Taliban had that production almost completely stopped? The same organization that cheerfully submitted Operation Northwoods to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for his approval. So who's in charge of the drug trafficking in New York now? The mafia or the military? You tell me. Let's ask Al Martin and Bo Gritz. We can’t ask Chip Tatum, he’s dead. Just like Gary Webb, Danny Casolaro, Barry Jennings and Dr. David Kelly.

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  1. American investigators suspect that Vito Rizzuto ordered the hit of mobster Salvatore Montagna, the New York Post reported Sunday.

    Montagna, who was an alleged rival of the Rizzuto crime family, was murdered north of Montreal in November.

    An alleged associate of Rizzuto's, Raynald Desjardins, along with three others, have been charged in Quebec with his murder.

    The Post also reported that a "law-enforcement source" said Rizzuto is looking to return to Montreal when released from U.S. prison in October, and avenge the death of his father and son.

    Citing another "jailhouse source," the Post reported that Rizzuto is planning to re-take control of his embattled crime family, whose members have slowly been picked off over the past several years by one or more rivals.

    "I don't just want to be godfather of Canada," Rizzuto allegedly told the source. "I want to be godfather of the world." (


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