Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Investment fraud was a form of fundraising for Iran Contra

While we’re on the subject of fraud, let us remember that the Agency was directly involved in the collapse of the BCCI. That bank failed because it was involved in illegal activity - namely arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering.

Let us remember that drug smuggling wasn’t the only source of revenue for the extended version of Iran Contra. Investment fraud was another avenue they used to raise money. Retired Navy Intelligence Officer Al Martin claims that Jeb Bush directed him to commit investment fraud to raise money for the cause.

The double dip was a scam they used to raise money. They would get a loan from a bank to invest in a fake or dry oil well. They would over inflate the value of the well and con investors to invest in it. The stock would crash and they would take the investors money as well as default on the bank loan with the promise of being bailed out with tax dollars.

Sometimes the investors were willing participants. They would invest their money knowing it was going to crash. They would be paid out half of their investment and write off the other half on their taxes. That way they broke even and walked away with an autographed picture of Bush and a warm fuzzy feeling they were helping rid the world of Godless Communism using fraud in the process.

The Bush family repeatedly used the scam of conning people out of their money through dry Texas oil wells. Harken Energy was no exception. Neil Bush was even caught in the mother of all conflict of interests by being on the board of Silverado Savings and Loans in Colorado that approved loans for one of his fake oil companies that defaulted on the loan and was bailed out with tax dollars.

The Bush family weren’t the only ones involved in that popular scam. According to Al Martin in his book the Conspirators, the CIA defaulted on many Texas bank loans during the S&L crisis which were bailed out with tax dollars. This is how the CIA did business. Is it any surprise Goldman Sacs helped rip off the EU by hiding the Greek investment fraud? We must open our eyes and protect ourselves from this kind of investment fraud. Our pensions and our liberty are at stake.


  1. you do far too much ranting about historical events that have little to do with local crime issues...its your blog so whatever - but I know I wont be visiting again. Too bad, I liked your take on actual crime events here.

  2. When the ATF sells guns to a Mexican cartel and brings back tons of cocaine into the United States then that is a crime. When a politician steals our pensions based on a lie, then that is crime. Point granted the general public really doesn’t care but they should. These are important things.

  3. uh, when was your pension stolen? Exactly what measures has the government taken that jeopordize your pension?

    Is it sustainable to keep the same structure for a pension fund when costs are expected to increase by ~400% (~$36B per year to $130B) over the next several years, and the workforce supporting that cost will decrease by half?

    You talk a lot about pensions being stolen, and Pensions being sacred, which is fine; but where do you think the money comes from that funds those pensions? With population demographics changing it only makes sense to restructure pensions. I'm not saying that I know what changes will be made, or that the government will make the right decisions. Anyone that does claim to know what will happen must know a lot more than anyone else, since the government has not released any details on what will actually happen. Any one saying that this or that will happen is merely speculating.

    Please don't misunderstand me: I'm not waving a flag supporting the Conservative Government here, BUT, I am saying that its logical to restructure a system that was designed years ago, for different population demographics. The money can't just keep appearing out of no where. Also: it should be noted that the govt has emphatically stated that those currently recieing pensions/ and associated benefits will not be affected by the changes/ will be exempt. Its also been stated thatthe changes will not be immediate, and that time will be given for people to make adequate changes to how they save/ spend, to ensure that they maintain a high standard of living. Whether this actually happens is the question. But to rant and rave about stolen pensions, and the the "Evil One"? Get real... Nothings happened yet. (*on a side note, the $75B was announced in the budget for 2009... so whats your problem with that? Maybe you should have a look around, and notice that Canada has one of the most stable economies in the world. Ya, the evil one REALLLLLY fucked us on that one.)

    Annnnnyways, could you explain, specifically, how the government will steal your pension? Could you also provide the source document for your argument? Its cute to go ahead and regurgitate what your favorite political party has to say, but without any FACT behind it, its just speculation.

  4. oops, I had my facts wrong for the bailout comment!! Sorry about that. bailout recieved close to no media coverage, and was announced as a $25B stabilization payment. My appologies!!

  5. No worries. I think that's a very good point. No one knows about the Canadian bank bail out because they have basically omitted that from the media. I didn't know about it myself until recently. You quote $25 billion but the Green Party posted that it was $65 billion. That must not have been the only "stabilization" payment. As for stealing pensions, where to begin. Deregulation which opens the door to investment fraud steals pensions. More specifically, as I've already stated, the Harper government used fraud to help steal pensions from Postal Workers. I'm not a postal worker but as soon as the government does that to one group of employees, others are at risk as well.

    Now Harper has announced changes to Old Age Security and plans on raising the retirement age from 65 to 67. My whole point is their bullshit propaganda is irritating when you see the real problem is obvious. The Harper government took us from a surplus in the millions to a deficit in the billions because he gave the banks $65 billion that he said they didn't need. Before we talk about any other twisted statistics we need to address those numbers right there.

    It's like the public concern in England with spending all that money on the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie, which Harper would have also done, and spending millions in a few minutes launching numerous scud missiles at Gaddafi when we were sent in to enforce a cease fire then turn around and say we now have to close schools, hospitals and pensions to pay for it. That my friend is inherently wrong.


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