Saturday, February 25, 2012

UN arrests in Mexico

We haven’t heard much from the UN after the arrest of Clayton Rouche and the crack down after the UN were charged with shooting at the Bacon brothers outside Tbarz in Surrey. Other than the recent UN member who was murdered in Mexico.

One reader sent me these articles about two UN members they claim were arrested in Mexico for money laundering. I can’t read Spanish and the pdf files won’t cut and paste in a online translator but I will link to the articles for your reference. Basically, the UN do what the Hells Angels do but are more on the radar so to speak.

This is a copy of the news article and this is a copy of the police report. The peanut gallery will claim that this wasn't sent in from any source at all and that I just made it up. Although I don't know Spanish.


  1. OUCH! Calling us the peanut gallery really hurts. We only think you're drawing stuff out of thin air when you can't provide documentation to some of the zanier claims you make.

    This does appear that Mexican officials have indeed arrested a few guys they contend to be washing loot for UN interests. Using penny stocks has long been a favorite way to launder money.

    Kudos, K, for posting some actual evidence.

    1. There's something there but I still have to dig into the translations.



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