Saturday, November 30, 2019

Addressing homelessness without promoting crime and addiction

With rising rents and skyrocketing land prices, homelessness is still an ongoing concern and it is completely separate from addiction. People living out of their cars or RVs are not a threat to social order or world peace. These tent city toilets full of addiction and lawlessness are.

This week in the morning on my way to work I noticed a light in a tent in the forest just off the freeway exit a few days in a row. This person is not a threat to anyone. It is however freaking cold to be staying overnight in a tent right now.

I supported the Woodwards squat but I don't support the tent camp at Oppenheimer Park. Aside from promoting addiction and rape, the camp at Oppenheimer Park is part of the problem not part of the solution. Many years ago when Doug McCallum was mayor, I was opposed to council's attempt to shut down the Front Room, a homeless shelter in Whalley. Then I saw what it became and realized I was on the wrong side. The Front room was a drug house full of brutal exploitation.

When Linda Hepner and the Surrey RCMP shut down the addiction camp outside the Front Room on the Whalley Strip I was in complete support. People need homes not drugs. The BC NDP provided modular housing and the residents were told to go into housing or leave. That was fair and in everyone's best interest.

At that time, there were anti poverty groups trying to oppose the move. Consequently their arterial motives were revealed. Up until that time they pretended to be activists for social housing but when the government offered them housing and they refused, their real agenda became clear.

These weren't anti poverty activists. These were Anarchists and Communists promoting lawlessness. They wanted a place where they could smoke crack and crystal meth in public and say f*ck the Police. They opposed law and order. I do not. I am not an anarchist. Promoting addiction is in no one's best interest. Treatment saved Kati not lethal injection sites.

The Portugal model implemented mandatory treatment. If you want to talk about the Portugal model, talk about that. The problem with the new modular housing is that they have become drug houses just like the Lookout and the Font Room which are all supplied by the Hells Angels. People who don't do drugs are ostracized and bullied until they leave. This needs to change.

Zoning for rental units is a step forward for everyone. Just because they are rental units doesn't mean they have to become drug houses and cease pools of lawlessness. We need to maintain law and order. That is in everyone's best interest. Tenants can get evicted for breaking the law.

The Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation is a good idea. Unfortunately its administration has become corrupt and needs to be fixed. That would be in everyone's best interest.

Shots fired at Surrey House Party

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Surrey RCMP responded to reports of shots fired at aNewton home late Friday (Nov. 29). Staff Sergeant Duane Honeyman said police were called to a home in the 5500-block of Bakerview Drive just before midnight."

"When officers arrive, Honeyman said, they did locate some evidence to suggest shots had been fire in that area. Honeyman said a huge number of people were identified at the time, but no one has been arrested as of Saturday morning. (Nov. 30). He said there were no injuries reported to police. At this point, Honeyman said, there is nothing to indicate the incident is related to the ongoing Lower Mainland drug and gang conflict. But he added the incident is still under investigation." Shots fired in Surrey but it's not related to the gang conflict. WTF?

30 kilos of cocaine seized but it's not related to the gang conflict. Sounds like someone has been breaking into the evidence locker again. The Peace Arch News has posted an interactive map of the recent shootings in Surrey. Nothing to see here folks. Much.

Update: Global is reporting that 30 have been arrested after shots fired at a house party. OK that might not be gang related but if he's carry a gun to a house party he is likely a drug dealer and gang affiliated. Non gang members don't take guns to house parties.

Conservatives and the Carbon Tax Fraud

Conservatives oppose a carbon tax because they see it for what it is, another tax grab dressed up to con the public. Conservatives are not opposed to the environment. Raging Rachel Notley is the perfect example of how polluters can be on the left and the right. The Main Stream Media is called the Corporate Media because it promotes an agenda that will make it's paid advertisers money at the taxpayers expense. Corporate Communism is where the left meets right at the opposite end of the spectrum. At Dictatorship instead of Democracy.

The Conservatives did not lose the last election in Canada. They won. Andrew Sheer received a greater over all popularity vote than Justin Trudeau. That was significant. The Liberals won more seats because the Conservatives failed to make inroads within Quebec. It had nothing to do with their refusal to address the sky is falling climate change fraud that the MSM is pushing.

Pollution is bad. Protecting the environment is like balancing the budget. It leaves our children a better world to live in. A sustainable world. Unnecessary debt is not sustainable. Banning straws and plastic bags but promoting coal out of the Surrey docks shipped to China is the perfect example of how insane the MSM really is. Industrial coal is the real problem.

Canada's share of global emissions decreased from 1.8% in 2005 to 1.6% in 2014.

GreenPeace declares that "Coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions. This makes burning coal the single greatest threat facing our climate. A huge portion of China's carbon dioxide emissions come from burning coal. If we are to stop climate change, then China must move away from coal to renewable energy."

Friday, November 29, 2019

Surrey RCMP seize 30 kilos of cocaine. Not.

Post Media News claims the Surrey RCMP seized 30 kilos of cocaine but I think they are lying because their tainted press release is full of contradictions. Oh they did have 30 kilos of cocaine on display but what was that really from? Was it the cocaine they seized from Glen Hehn before they became compromised?

The RCMP arrested six men but the men have been released from custody pending charges, which have not yet been determined. No names have been released so there is no way to verify whether or not what they are saying is true.

The tainted press release claims "Most of the cocaine was seized during a targeted traffic stop on Nov. 22 in the 11900-block of 80 Avenue, which saw two people arrested. During the traffic stop, officers found a suspicious bag inside the vehicle that contained 30 individually wrapped packages of suspected cocaine. Cash totaling $5,000 and a $25,000 money order were also found and seized. The rest of the drugs — 392 grams — were seized on Nov. 8 during another traffic stop just before midnight in the area of 152 Street and 81 Avenue."

30 portions plus 392 grams does not equal 30 kilos.

Police say the cocaine seized amounts to 120,000 doses.

"Wright said there’s no indication any of the seizures or suspects are linked to the Lower Mainland gang conflict, but did say they’re all part of an unnamed criminal network." How can 30 kilos of cocaine not be linked to the lower mainland gang conflict?

The reason why I'm skeptical is because the RCMP are watching the drug trafficking out of Shakerz and defiantly refuse to do anything about it. When Leanne Yardley bought what she thought was cocaine from a Hells Angels associate in Shakerz and died because it wasn't cocaine it was straight fentanyl, the Surrey RCMP didn't release her name or the name of the bar she died in. They simply said other drugs are being found laced with fentanyl now.

Post Media news is not credible. They have an agenda. Doug McCallum won the election in Surrey with a promise to promote Skytrain over LRT and a municipal force over the RCMP. Right after he won the election, Post Media News continued their campaign to thwart the democratic will of Surrey by pushing LRT and keeping the RCMP despite the fact that Surrey's South Asian temple leaders push solicitor general to let city replace RCMP. Oh that was CBC that reported that not Post Media Trash. CBC has credibility. Post Media News does not.

Post Media reports are not news. It is sheer propaganda. One article here, one article there. Another over there. They all promote the same thing through different outlets to make it look like independent news outlets confirm the propaganda when in reality they aren't independent news outlets. Post Media news owns them all and is pushing Corporate Communism. The tax and spend insider trading fiscal irresponsibility Surrey First was famous for. That is what the Corporate Media does. They don't report news. They push an agenda where their sponsors get rich from tax dollars and give them a kickback in advertising.

As I said before, the Surrey RCMP have cub pack associates in the Witness Protection Program who get police escorts to sell cocaine. It's time to cut them loose. Just ask Morgan Nicholson.

If the RCMP were confronting drug trafficking, Len Pelletier would be in jail. Whatever happened to the charges against Lenny? They magically disappeared. Do the math.

BC NDP applies to profit from Prostitution

Dr Kim is reporting that the BC Government has applied to the courts for the right to seize a Vancouver home assessed at more than $1.1 million. "That lawsuit claims the 2014 house purchase was made with the proceeds of unlawful activity including drug trafficking, keeping a bawdy house, money laundering and failing to declare taxable income."

AYFKM? Have you no self respect? The BC GTF wants to seize a home for alleged prostitution while the Garden of Eden operates in Kelowna publicly and they do nothing to stop it. How about the Swedish Touch? Both known bawdy houses are owned and operated by the Hells Angels and the police do absolutely nothing to stop them. Is it because they get discounts at those facilities? They murdered Brandy for god's sake and you didn't even investigate the murder.

This is evil. The double standard shows the world the corruption in BC Gang Enforcement.

The government is superposed to stop crime not profit from it. God Damn you all.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

BC Gang Task Force Fraud scams the Throttle Lockers in Kamloops and the Brother's Keepers in Chilliwack

The Vancouver Sun / Province is reporting that "A Kamloops gardening store owned by a close associate of a slain Hells Angels’ member has been raided by anti-gang police as part of a drug trafficking investigation. Corporate records obtained by Postmedia News show that Sunshine Gardens Greenhouse is owned by Zale Coty, a close associate of Hells Angel Chad Wilson, who was gunned down in November 2018." AYFKM?

Front Page of the Vancouver Province was a picture of the Hells Angel associate from the Throttle Lockers with Chad Wilson before the club killed him. So what does that mean? It means the compromised BC Gang Task Force is still working for the Hells Angels and doing their bidding. If Chad fell out of favor with the club so did his drug dealing associate. The club and the BC GTF both want to seize his assets just like in Thailand.

The fake headline is worded to give the false impression that the BC Gang Task force is cracking down on the Hells Angels drug trafficking when in reality the opposite is true. If they were really cracking down on the Hells Angels drug trafficking in BC the headline would read Ex cop arrested for human trafficking and selling drugs for the Kelowna Hells Angels. The headline doesn't say that so anything else they do is suspect.

The Throttle Lockers had already fallen out of favor with the club after the Kelowna disaster when the father and son team swarmed Dain Philips and beat him to death with hammers over a high school beef. Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas both received prison beatings after the East Van HAs put a bounty on their head for f*cking up.

If Zale Coty was selling for Chad Wilson and the Softside chapter then it is clear the Kelowna sh*thead sold them out so he could take over those profits. When I say Kelowna sh*thead I'm not referring to the Goldammers. I have no problem with the Goldammers. Just say'n.

Dr Kim is also reporting that the BC Gang Task Farce claims they have dismantled a drug dealimg operation in Chilliwack tied to the Brothers Keepers.Well if the Brother's Keepers sell drugs for the Hells Angels then the GTF is cracking down on the Hells Angels right? Wrong. Not even close. The BC GTF only arrest Hells Angels rivals. Chilliwack is one of the only places left where the UN still sells drugs. If the Brothers Keepers were selling in Chilliwack then some of them were selling for the other side after the club shot Ali.

How does it feel to betray the truth for a few pennies. How does it feel?

Trump signs Human Rights and Democracy Act into law

CNN is reporting that "Protesters in Hong Kong will hold a celebratory, pro-US rally Thursday after President Donald Trump gave them what one prominent activist termed a "timely Thanksgiving present." Trump signed an act in support of the protest movement despite a potential backlash from Beijing that could derail delicate US-China trade talks, after it was passed almost unanimously by both houses of Congress."

Finally someone out here with some balls. Executing political prisoners for their organs is evil and so is anyone who supports that. Canada should support human rights in Hong Kong. That is a hell of a lot more important than banning straws or plastic bags.

Monday, November 25, 2019

International student identified as Surrey murder victim

Tragically the Peace Arch News is reporting that the murder victim in the implied murder Suicide last Friday is 21-year-old Prabhleen Kaur Matharu. She had come to Canada for studies in 2016 and was supposed to return home to Jalandhar in January next year.

Similar to the Maple Batalia case. If she doesn't want to be with you get over it.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Deontay Wilder knocks out Luis Ortiz

MMA Mania is reporting that "Deontay Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KO) successfully defended his WBC heavyweight title last night (Sat., Nov. 23, 2019) live on FOX PPV from inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, as he finished perennial contender Luis Ortiz (31-2, 26 KO) with a vicious knockout punch in the seventh round."

It will be nice to see the rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury in February. After that perhaps an Andy Ruiz Deontay Wilder showdown will be in the cards. Then Anthony Joshua can take on Tyson Fury for the bronze perhaps. It would also be nice to see a match up between Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz. Maybe it will be a rock paper scissors like the World cup rugby.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hong Kong supporters rally at Metrotown

There were some Hong Kong supporters rallying at Metrotown today. Members of the Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement were there and have an informative website covering past and future events. The literature they were handing out states This is not an independence movement. Hong Kong is defending its basic law. They are defending Hong Kong's Constitution which was created by the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

"The Sino–British Joint Declaration is an international treaty signed between the People's Republic of China and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on 19 December 1984 in Beijing. The Declaration stipulates the sovereign and administrative arrangement of then-British Hong Kong after 1 July 1997, when the lease of the New Territories was set to expire according to the Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory."

The BBC is reporting that "When Hong Kong was handed back to China on 1 July 1997, following more than 150 years of British control, the 'one country, two systems' principle was established as the foundation of the relationship. While Hong Kong is part of China, the policy has given the Special Administrative Region (SAR) a high degree of autonomy."

Hong Kong is concerned with the extradition of political prisoners from Hong Kong to mainland China for obvious reasons. The Communist Party of China is executing political prisoners for organ harvesting. Only they don't call them political prisoners. They make up false charges against them and say these are criminals when in reality they are simply political prisoners.

Dr Zheng Shuen is a murderer from mainland China. This doctor of death kills people so the Communist Party can make money from selling their organs. It is big business and it has nothing to do with criminal justice and everything to do with the execution of political prisoners and the complete destruction of civil liberty. This isn't just a movie. This is real life.

Hong Kong's concerns are valid. We need to support them.

B.C. jail guard accused of sexually abusing 200 inmates

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "MacDougall, a long-time government employee, is described as one of Canada’s most prolific sexual offenders, with more than 200 former inmates who have already come forward in a lawsuit filed last month on behalf of 61 men with outstanding civil claims." CBC reported on the law suit in October.

“The telling of (MacDougall’s story) is long overdue,” said Megan Ellis, a Vancouver lawyer who has represented survivors of sexual abuse for more than 25 years, including at least 10 of MacDougall’s alleged victims. “It is a shameful blot on the history of this province and the responsibility of the provincial government.” Indeed, this story needs to be told.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Driver shot, Lamborghini stolen in Toronto carjacking

City News is reporting that "York Regional Police are investigating after a male was shot during a carjacking incident Friday night. The call came in at around 8:30 p.m. for a report of a shooting in the Major Mackenzie Drive and Woodbine Avenue area, police said. Police said the male driver of the vehicle was approached by three suspects and was shot in the leg. The suspects then took off in a red Lamborghini that has the licence plate number 8EIGHT8. The shooting victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and is being treated in the hospital. Investigators said that if you see this vehicle, do not approach it or the suspects. Instead, call the police right away."

Surrey Shooting

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Surrey RCMP say a man was injured in a targeted shooting Thursday night. It happened around 9 p.m. on Nov. 21 near 146th Street and 83rd Avenue, not far from Enver Creek Secondary. Police responded to the scene after gunfire was reported. Officers arrived to find a vehicle that had crashed into a fence and a man inside with an apparent gunshot wound. He was taken to hospital but is expected to survive."

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Police say two people have been found dead in a house in Whalley, and one of them is believed to be a homicide victim." That would imply a murder suicide. Not related to the shooting at Enver Creek.

Global is reporting that "Homicide investigators have identified the owner of a vehicle found burning in an Abbotsford field with a body inside last weekend. However, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) says it's still not clear if Sukhdev Dhaliwal is the victim of what appears to be a suspicious murder."

CTV is clarifying that Sukhdev Dhaliwal was the last person to rent the vehicle.

Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver names 9 clergymen in sex abuse scandal

CBC is reporting that "The Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver has named nine clergymen who have criminal convictions or lawsuits settled against them related to cases of sexual abuse dating back to the 1950s. In a report published Friday morning, the diocese revealed the results of a months-long investigation into cases of sexual abuse by its clergy, but says it can't name all the accused because of privacy laws." City News posted a picture of those named.

"For those occasions when we failed to protect you or when we were more concerned with the Church's reputation than with your suffering, I am truly sorry and ask for your forgiveness as I strive to make amends and bind your wounds." Wow.

"CBC's The Fifth Estate has reported that this is the first of Canada's 60 Latin Rite archdioceses and dioceses to make information about convicted priests public. Clergy who were criminally convicted: Paul J. Blancard, George Gordon, John McCann, OMI Harold McIntee, OMI Alfred Frank Louis Sasso, Clergy with lawsuits settled: Lawrence Edward (Damian) Cooper, Antero Sarmiento. Clergy named in other public cases: Edwin Budiman, John Eason. Some of the charges against the men date back to the 1950s and involve child victims as young as six or seven."

"McIntee, who worked in parishes in Ucluelet and Tofino, in the Diocese of Victoria, was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse in 1989. He served two years in jail for abusing 17 boys in British Columbia over 25 years. Many of his victims were boys in residential schools in Kamloops, Prince George, and Victoria."

"McCann was convicted in 1991 of six counts of sex abuse of girls under 16 in the 1970s when he was serving at St. Augustine's Parish and St. Peter's in New Westminster. After serving 10 months in jail, he served as a priest in the Diocese of Victoria and the Archdiocese of Ottawa."

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and the Royal House

Jeffrey Epstein is in the news again even though he's dead. CNN is reporting that "Two Bureau of Prisons guards were charged by a federal grand jury Tuesday with conspiracy and filing false records in connection with their actions the night Jeffrey Epstein died in prison." That is ridiculous. Another circus side show. He did not commit suicide and the guards did not fall asleep.

Whitney Webb mentioned that Jeffrey Epstein had ties to the Intelligence community and was running blackmail ops for them. That falls within the realm of believability. Epstein was collecting dirty on prominent people so the CIA could extort them.

Jeffrey Epstein was indeed a sleazebag but he had no remorse. He had a fetish for young girls. He was seen with them all the time. The repeated allegation is 17 year old girls being paid to be prostitutes for rich men. Like Harvey Wallbanger who used his position to con women into providing sexual favors in exchange for the hope of a role in a movie.

No doubt in both scenarios many women were exploited. Yet many slept with Harvey Weinstein willingly to advance their careers. After all, that is what the Hollywood sleaze is all about.

It's like the Stormy Daniels facade. Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore. Not because she was a porn star but because she knowingly slept with a married man when she was an adult and tried to get rich after extorting him. That was cheap. Under age exploitation is completely different.

In the Jeffrey Epstein case all the accusers say they were young and vulnerable and he misled them. Very true but I'm not sure what percentage of the cases were consensual. It's not my place to decide. That whole world is something I have nothing to do with. It's like all the patch pounders lurking with the HAs. Most of it is consensual because the patch pounders are delusional. They think that patch is something magical. The New York City girls are more educated and have more self respect. That's why I encourage people to travel.

Epstein's clients included "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well‐known Prime Minister, and other world leaders."

Prince Andrew was just one of many. We remember Prince Andrew for being married to Fergie. Fergie may well have been a bit of a a wild child but we liked her because she was Irish. Having a member of the royal family marry an Irish girl was welcoming.

Some people get a little obsessed with these pedophile rings. They claim that having sex with 17 year old girls is nothing. We're talking about them having sex with babies. Really? I find that hard to believe. I totally believe Bill Clinton liked to party and was a skank but I do not believe he was having sex with babies. Nor do I believe the royal family is a reptile race. That is ridiculous.

On a more somber note, Prince Charles is reporting that while Andy is withdrawing from official royal duties, he will be foregoing his 250,000.00 pound sterling salary from tax dollars. Wow. Why was that guy getting that much money as an annual salary for doing nothing? How much do MPs make? The royal family owns a lot of land. There is no reason they can't make money from that through wealth management and be less of a burden on taxpayers. That's reminiscent of King John who over taxed the people in the days of Robin Hood while his brother Richard was off fighting crusades. Robin Hood supported Richard the Lionheart.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In Defense of the Royal Family

Randy Andy is in the news again. Now it appears that Prince Andrew is stepping down or at least stepping back from royal duties. Some media outlets refer to it as a royal resignation if there is such a thing. I will comment on the Jeffrey Epstein saga in a separate post but before I do I want to set the record straight. Prince Andrew may well be the black sheep of the family but he isn't a bad guy. He's a bit of a flake and thank God nothing like his older brother Charles. I guess it was kind of hard growing up in the heir's shadow. I'm not sure why. Prince Harry is rock solid.

William and Harry have dignity and class as do their lovely wives. Someone recently sent me a link to a YouTube video trashing the royal family and it was so toxic I couldn't watch it. It's really not healthy to dwell on that kind of hate. The video trashed on Meghan Markle for being American. Really? You're going to hate on her for that? Meghan Markle is a huge step forward for the royal family just like Princess Diana was. Meghan Markle is a wonderful person as is Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton carries the class, competence and compassion of Diana. Kate and Megan are the wives of Princess Diana's sons. Have a little respect.

I'm not a big fan of monarchies. I'm a fan of democracy. History has shown us that the difference between a good leader and a bad one can be colossal. This royal family is the epitome of good. Charles carries the dignity of the royal family nobly. He married Dianna because he was told to. Most older men covet the young bride thing. Charles didn't. After Dianna passed away he married his true love, Camilla. Charles wanted to be with someone his own age. That exemplifies his self respect. Dianna's legacy is forever entrenched in her children but Charles is a man like unto Robert the Bruce. Remember him? Charles is a descendant of the Bruce.

In the movie Braveheart, Longshank was a bad king who did horrible things. William Wallace supported the Bruce. The Bruce was good as was Richard the Lionheart. God knows all of us have had good leaders and bad leaders in the past. We need to support good leaders.

We are told that there will be a monarchy in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are told that Jesus is the king of kings and will one day sit on a throne. Will we support him or will we trash him? Given his zeal, we can fully support him. Having said that, Israel at one time was ruled by kings. David and Solomon are the most famous but there was a long succession of kings in Israel before they were replaced with judges. Judah is one of the 12 tribes of Israel most of the Jews descend from. It has been said that the sceptre shall not depart from Judah. King David was of the house of Judah as was Jesus Christ who was also a descendant of David. Jesus is the lion of the root of David.

Although the Queen of England is of Scottish ancestry, legend has it that she too is of the house of David. After King Zedekiah's sons were killed, the prophet Jeremiah took two of Zedekiah's daughters to Egypt during the Babylonian captivity. That is recorded in scripture. From there, legends claim that Jeremiah left Egypt with Zedekiah's daughters on the ships of Tarshish and sailed to Spain where one of the daughters married into Spanish royalty.

The other daughter came with Jeremiah to Ireland along with the stone of scone where the other daughter, Tara Tephi, married Irish royalty who the Scottish kings and the current royal house descend from through Fergus Mór Mac Earca. In fact, before that, legend claims Pharez's twin brother Zara Judah was the father of British royalty who the daughter of Zedekiah married into.

Some believe that when Christ returns he will sit on the British throne. I personally think that's a bit much to expect but I do believe that the current royal family descend from the house of Judah and are of the house of David in fulfillment of the prophecy God made through Moses.

God save the Queen yo. Lest we forget the Queen of Hearts.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Body found after SUV set on fire in Abbotsford field

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Shortly after 10:30 p.m., firefighters responded to reports of a vehicle on fire in the 5300 block of Bates Road, where the body was found inside after the flames were doused. The death is being treated as suspicious. Bates Road is blocked off between Townshipline and Harris roads. The location is on a secluded section of the road between large farm properties – an area that has been home to criminal activity before."

"The body of 24-year-old Alexander Blanarou was found dead of a gunshot wound in the field adjacent to the same section of Bates Road in December of 2017. Close to 30 containers of suspected drug-lab material were found dumped in the same area in April, 2015."

Update: Global is reporting that "Homicide investigators have identified the owner of a vehicle found burning in an Abbotsford field with a body inside last weekend. However, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) says it's still not clear if Sukhdev Dhaliwal is the victim of what appears to be a suspicious murder." CTV is clarifying that Sukhdev Dhaliwal was the last person to rent the vehicle.

Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Rematch December 7th

The rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz will be December 7th in Saudi Arabia.

Watch Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua Online

Andy Ruiz sparred with Evander Holyfield when he was 19 years old.

Andy Ruiz worked with Freddie Roach for seven years.

Andy Ruiz on the Ladder - Barstool Pizza Review

Friday, November 15, 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Warren Lowe named in Calgary drug bust

Global is reporting that "Law enforcement officials say a fentanyl seizure in Calgary last year is believed to be the largest Canada has ever seen. The drugs were discovered as a part of a two-year investigation between the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. DEA) dubbed Project Coyote. The fentanyl, which ALERT said would be valued in the range of $4 million to $6 million, included 250,000 pills, which were found in a Calgary apartment on Feb. 16, 2018."

"Along with fentanyl, Project Coyote also saw officers in Texas intercept an 81-kilogram shipment of cocaine they believe was headed for Canada. ALERT said that in total, $15 million in drugs was seized during Project Coyote, including five kilograms of methamphetamine and 626 methamphetamine and ecstasy pills. In addition, $4.5 million in cash and assets and 13 firearms were confiscated." So they get to profit from crime and get some lethal drugs off the street.

CBC is reporting that "ALERT alleges that the man at the centre of this drug scheme is Warren Lowe, 53, of Calgary." This bust happened last year but ALERT has just named Warren Lowe.

"Seven people are currently facing 77 criminal charges, including: Warren Lowe, 53, from Calgary Elizabeth Fisher, 49, from Calgary Richard Fisher, 44, from Calgary Emanuel Amha, 30, from Calgary Olivier Kenge, 52, from Calgary Cole Leblanc, 30, from Calgary Victoria Pon, 29, from Vancouver ALERT alleges Lowe oversaw an extensive drug distribution network that spanned from British Columbia to Ontario."

"Based in Calgary, the 53-year-old man faces multiple criminal charges relating to organized crime, drugs and firearms. ALERT alleges Lowe orchestrated cocaine supply lines and sent Fisher to Texas to facilitate the supply. She was arrested on May 18. “The cocaine shipment was being transported in a rental vehicle in the outskirts of Houston, Texas,” Wallace explained. Fisher was arrested on May 18 and has remained in a Texas prison ever since. She is due to appear in a Houston court on March 2, and a Canadian warrant for her arrest has been issued.

Cocaine from Texas? I guess they were competing with Operation Fast and Furious.

The CIA's drug trafficking does effect Canada.

Blog Comments Closed

Well, all good things must come to an end. I've decided to close comments on this blog completely once and for all. I decided to give it one more chance after the Remembrance Day fiasco but I'm convinced keeping comments open on this blog is pointless. Very few readers comment and those that do have become so extreme it's just unhealthy. I am not a Socialist and there is a reason why I am not. I do not support the CIA and there is a reason why I don't. Nor do I support the Inquisition and there is a reason why I don't.

Adapting a single State religion is as bad as abolishing religion all together. In fact, the scriptures imply that adapting a single state religion is in fact a stepping stone to abolishing all religion. I believe in religious freedom. I do not believe all religions are true but I do believe all religions have a right to exist and most encourage us to aspire to something higher which has always been a consistent theme of this blog.

The Inquisition was not a good thing. Claiming it was is right out of the Twilight Zone. I have a lot of friends who are Catholic and they are good people. Yet the Catholic church is without question riddled with problems that they need to fix. The amount of sexual abuse within that priesthood is great and abominable. That needs to be addressed.

Communism is an abomination. It has nothing to do with social justice. Communism is the same thing as Fascism. It promotes the complete destruction of civil liberty. I support a Free Republic as defined by the US Constitution, the Irish Proclamation and the Canadian Charter of Rights. Hating on religion is no different than hating on Gays. It is unhealthy.

The CIA is a criminal organization that has been deeply involved with drug trafficking since the Vietnam war. Gary Webb was right. Iran Contra never stopped. The CIA has crashed banks through arms dealing, drug trafficking, money laundering and investment fraud. That is their MO.

I have not created a social media platform. I have created an alternate news source. Many people email me links without commenting on the blog. That is very helpful since I work full time and blog on the side. The bottom line is, if people want to read my blog, go ahead and read it. If they don't want to read it then don't. It's that simple. There is nothing to argue about.

I stand as a witness that Donnie McWhirter is not in prison which means Gang enforcement in BC is completely compromised. That needs to be fixed before we do anything else.

The reason Blaze is so determined to convince people it's not him posting that nonsense about me on the Dirty is because he wants to come back when his sentence is over. He wants to be able to say Hi guys. I served my time and I'm out now. Only we all know he hasn't served his time. Joey Verma is serving his time. Blaze is a worthless rat that lies for the PoPo in court about rivals so he doesn't have to go to jail for trafficking crystal meth. History has recorded that.

Confronting police corruption was a crucial element of the New York Model

Kill the Messenger - Crack in the System - The Seven Five

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Metro Vancouver gas fraud is no mystery

CTV is reporting that "The B.C. Utilities Commission issued a supplementary report Tuesday, upholding a previous conclusion that British Columbians are paying up to 13 cents/litre more for gas than others, despite gas companies putting forward explanations for the difference. The follow-up report comes after a government-ordered review into how gas is priced in B.C. That report found a mysterious 13 cents/litre premium on wholesale prices paid by B.C. drivers."

The higher costs in metro Vancouver is no mystery. It is price fixing due to the oil monopoly. I was speaking with someone from Manitoba over the weekend and he said gas there was 87 cents a litre. Global is reporting that "The B.C. government is considering potential legislation that would require oil and gas companies to disclose confidential supply and pricing data to help solve the mystery of the province’s high fuel prices." Considering?! Do it. Price fixing is illegal.

Break the monopoly. Fort St John has oil. Nationalize it like ICBC and build a refinery in BC. That will lower prices at the pump and increase tax revenue which will counter skyrocketing ICBC premiums from the Chrity Clark Fraud. Nationalizing BC's oil like Norway will be a win win situation for taxpayers. F*ck Jason Kenny. Alberta should not own refineries in BC.

Why Alberta is considering severing ties with the RCMP

CBC is reporting that "One of the major bullet points emerging from Premier Jason Kenney's speech in Red Deer on Saturday was a proposal to establish a provincial police force. If the measure were to find support, Alberta would join Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador as the only provinces to operate a provincial police force outside of the RCMP. Like much of what was announced Saturday, establishing a provincial police force is part of a bigger strategy to give Alberta greater autonomy from Ottawa."

More autonomy and better fiscal responsibility aren't the only reasons provinces are ditching the RCMP. It's to overcome RCMP corruption and reinstate law enforcement.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fatal shooting in Surrey is Andrew Baldwin

Global is reporting that "Surrey RCMP were called to 124 Street and Old Yale Road in Surrey on Monday night. They found a man suffering from critical injuries and the victim later died on the scene." The Peace Arch News is reporting that Police have identified the Surrey homicide victim as 30-year-old Andrew Baldwin. Three weeks earlier, his brother 27-year-old Keith Matthew Baldwin was shot in downtown Chilliwack. He died later in hospital.

October 8 2019 Andrew James Baldwin was in Surrey Provincial court for a stay of proceedings on possession for the purpose of trafficking charges from October 2015. November 13th 2019 (Yesterday) he was scheduled to appear in Surrey Provincial court for more drug charges from November 2015 which resulted in a stay of proceedings I assume because he's now dead. Keith Baldwin has a criminal record for robbery and theft.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the fatality in Surrey November 11th was from a shooting.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Jasmohan Singh Bains sentence review November 29th

Last January I reported that Jasmohan Singh Bains was in court in Victoria to set a date for an application. This is the cocaine connection to BC Rail. Neal Hall wrote a summery of the charges in 2007. Jasmohan Singh Bains is Dave Basi and Aneal Basi's cousin.

"Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi was an aide to then finance minister Gary Collins and Bobby Singh Virk was an assistant to then transportation minister Judith Reid. Both men were sentenced to two years less a day under house arrest for breach of trust and accepting a benefit. Aneal Basi, cousin of Dave Basi and a low-level communications officer in the Transportation Ministry, was charged with two counts of money laundering for allegedly handling payments to Dave Basi, but charges were later stayed." They cut a deal and the RCMP's contract was renewed.

Well the CSO is reporting that Jasmohan Singh Bains will be in Victoria court November 29th for a Review of Sentence. He was found guilty September 11th 2008. The Globe and Mail reported that John Scallon and Michael Doyle were charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine. While Jasmohan Bains, Brahm Mikol, Blythe Vernon and Mr. Scallon were charged with one count of conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Their sentence will also be reviewed November 29th.

30 years for cocaine trafficking is excessive especially when the ring leaders got off Scott free.

2020 Theme: Taking responsibility for our own choices

Since it's relevant I'm going to set the stage for the blog's 2020 theme early: Taking responsibility for our own choices. In our toxic world, a lot of people look for ways to blame others for the choices they make. Without question the choices we make affect others yet we are all responsible for what we do. Personal accountability is a fundamental principle in life.

In the movie Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom, it talks about a quest for "a new world. A better world than has ever been seen. There you are not what you are born but what you have it in yourself to be. A kingdom of conscience... That is what lies at the end of a crusade."

In the new Terminator Dark Fate movie the rising star says "F*ck Fate." Meaning we can change the future by the choices we make. That is the theme of the new resistance.