Friday, November 29, 2019

BC NDP applies to profit from Prostitution

Dr Kim is reporting that the BC Government has applied to the courts for the right to seize a Vancouver home assessed at more than $1.1 million. "That lawsuit claims the 2014 house purchase was made with the proceeds of unlawful activity including drug trafficking, keeping a bawdy house, money laundering and failing to declare taxable income."

AYFKM? Have you no self respect? The BC GTF wants to seize a home for alleged prostitution while the Garden of Eden operates in Kelowna publicly and they do nothing to stop it. How about the Swedish Touch? Both known bawdy houses are owned and operated by the Hells Angels and the police do absolutely nothing to stop them. Is it because they get discounts at those facilities? They murdered Brandy for god's sake and you didn't even investigate the murder.

This is evil. The double standard shows the world the corruption in BC Gang Enforcement.

The government is superposed to stop crime not profit from it. God Damn you all.

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