Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and the Royal House

Jeffrey Epstein is in the news again even though he's dead. CNN is reporting that "Two Bureau of Prisons guards were charged by a federal grand jury Tuesday with conspiracy and filing false records in connection with their actions the night Jeffrey Epstein died in prison." That is ridiculous. Another circus side show. He did not commit suicide and the guards did not fall asleep.

Whitney Webb mentioned that Jeffrey Epstein had ties to the Intelligence community and was running blackmail ops for them. That falls within the realm of believability. Epstein was collecting dirty on prominent people so the CIA could extort them.

Jeffrey Epstein was indeed a sleazebag but he had no remorse. He had a fetish for young girls. He was seen with them all the time. The repeated allegation is 17 year old girls being paid to be prostitutes for rich men. Like Harvey Wallbanger who used his position to con women into providing sexual favors in exchange for the hope of a role in a movie.

No doubt in both scenarios many women were exploited. Yet many slept with Harvey Weinstein willingly to advance their careers. After all, that is what the Hollywood sleaze is all about.

It's like the Stormy Daniels facade. Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore. Not because she was a porn star but because she knowingly slept with a married man when she was an adult and tried to get rich after extorting him. That was cheap. Under age exploitation is completely different.

In the Jeffrey Epstein case all the accusers say they were young and vulnerable and he misled them. Very true but I'm not sure what percentage of the cases were consensual. It's not my place to decide. That whole world is something I have nothing to do with. It's like all the patch pounders lurking with the HAs. Most of it is consensual because the patch pounders are delusional. They think that patch is something magical. The New York City girls are more educated and have more self respect. That's why I encourage people to travel.

Epstein's clients included "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well‐known Prime Minister, and other world leaders."

Prince Andrew was just one of many. We remember Prince Andrew for being married to Fergie. Fergie may well have been a bit of a a wild child but we liked her because she was Irish. Having a member of the royal family marry an Irish girl was welcoming.

Some people get a little obsessed with these pedophile rings. They claim that having sex with 17 year old girls is nothing. We're talking about them having sex with babies. Really? I find that hard to believe. I totally believe Bill Clinton liked to party and was a skank but I do not believe he was having sex with babies. Nor do I believe the royal family is a reptile race. That is ridiculous.

On a more somber note, Prince Charles is reporting that while Andy is withdrawing from official royal duties, he will be foregoing his 250,000.00 pound sterling salary from tax dollars. Wow. Why was that guy getting that much money as an annual salary for doing nothing? How much do MPs make? The royal family owns a lot of land. There is no reason they can't make money from that through wealth management and be less of a burden on taxpayers. That's reminiscent of King John who over taxed the people in the days of Robin Hood while his brother Richard was off fighting crusades. Robin Hood supported Richard the Lionheart.

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