Thursday, November 28, 2019

BC Gang Task Force Fraud scams the Throttle Lockers in Kamloops and the Brother's Keepers in Chilliwack

The Vancouver Sun / Province is reporting that "A Kamloops gardening store owned by a close associate of a slain Hells Angels’ member has been raided by anti-gang police as part of a drug trafficking investigation. Corporate records obtained by Postmedia News show that Sunshine Gardens Greenhouse is owned by Zale Coty, a close associate of Hells Angel Chad Wilson, who was gunned down in November 2018." AYFKM?

Front Page of the Vancouver Province was a picture of the Hells Angel associate from the Throttle Lockers with Chad Wilson before the club killed him. So what does that mean? It means the compromised BC Gang Task Force is still working for the Hells Angels and doing their bidding. If Chad fell out of favor with the club so did his drug dealing associate. The club and the BC GTF both want to seize his assets just like in Thailand.

The fake headline is worded to give the false impression that the BC Gang Task force is cracking down on the Hells Angels drug trafficking when in reality the opposite is true. If they were really cracking down on the Hells Angels drug trafficking in BC the headline would read Ex cop arrested for human trafficking and selling drugs for the Kelowna Hells Angels. The headline doesn't say that so anything else they do is suspect.

The Throttle Lockers had already fallen out of favor with the club after the Kelowna disaster when the father and son team swarmed Dain Philips and beat him to death with hammers over a high school beef. Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas both received prison beatings after the East Van HAs put a bounty on their head for f*cking up.

If Zale Coty was selling for Chad Wilson and the Softside chapter then it is clear the Kelowna sh*thead sold them out so he could take over those profits. When I say Kelowna sh*thead I'm not referring to the Goldammers. I have no problem with the Goldammers. Just say'n.

Dr Kim is also reporting that the BC Gang Task Farce claims they have dismantled a drug dealimg operation in Chilliwack tied to the Brothers Keepers.Well if the Brother's Keepers sell drugs for the Hells Angels then the GTF is cracking down on the Hells Angels right? Wrong. Not even close. The BC GTF only arrest Hells Angels rivals. Chilliwack is one of the only places left where the UN still sells drugs. If the Brothers Keepers were selling in Chilliwack then some of them were selling for the other side after the club shot Ali.

How does it feel to betray the truth for a few pennies. How does it feel?

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