Friday, November 1, 2019

Hells Angels Overview: The motive behind Internal Purges

There has been a flurry of news stories about the Hells Angels of late that all report on the Hells Angels involvement with drug trafficking and murder. Times have changed. When I first started this blog 10 years ago, the Hells Angels kept crying about how they didn't sell drugs they just rode motorcycles. Those days are long gone. The overwhelming amount of jurisprudence is indisputable. No one says they don't sell drugs any more.

However, I still contend that not all Hells Angels sell drugs. The David Giles declaration admits that not every member is involved with criminal activity but whenever anyone uses the name of the organization for criminal activity, they must have that activity approved by the local executive. That means every time a member or associate is charged with drug trafficking or murder, the president of that chapter is culpable and should be charged.

Most recently David Bishop is in the news again. He has been charged in the swarming at the Gatekeeper clubhouse. Bacchus used to be a well respected MC in Albert County, New Brunswick. Then they started to expand into Halifax and signed up a bunch of low life drug dealers. The same thing in Saint John and PEI. That's why Bacchus received criminal organization status in Nova Scotia. David Bishop is not a motorcyclist he is a drug dealer. That is why he will never be respected no matter what patch he wears.

The motive behind an Internal Purge

Normally in a gang war the Hells Angels will murder a rival drug dealer to secure a monopoly on the drug trade. An internal purge is no different. It ties in with the David Giles declaration.

George Christie once said the Hells Angels aren't a criminal organization because the members who are involved in criminal activity are cheap and don't share the proceeds of crime with the other members. That is believable.

Usually what happens is one member is in charge of an associate who sells drugs and does so with the approval of the local executive. That means the president and the individual member gets the proceeds of crime not all the other members. Eventually someone is going to want to take their place. That's why they killed Ernie Ozolins and his girlfriend Lisa Chamberlain. The rules say you’re not supposed to kill a patch member. So they kicked him out first. They also stole Ernie’s land from his brother and mother after they killed him. This pdf file talks about the fraud that was committed regarding the lot at 6925 128 Street in Surrey that Ernie owned.

In Thailand the Hells Angels killed one of their own so another Hells Angel could take over his drug business. Although sometimes the Hells Angels murder police informants like Eugene Uyeyama and his wife Michele, more often than not, an internal purge means someone wants to take over the drug business from that member like in the recent DTES shooting.

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  1. those boys really need a new and better business model.

  2. It's the same "business" model since the beginning of recorded time.

    Just look at Cain and Abel...

    1. Funny you should mention Cain and Able. I was going to cite them in a post about how the Redd Alert refer to the Hells Angels as their brother's and keepers.


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