Sunday, May 26, 2019

10th Anniversary of the Gangsters Out Blog

Today is a milestone. It is the 10th anniversary of the Gangsters out blog. 10 years ago today was my first blog post. 10 years of death threats, legal challenges along with defamation campaigns and what have we accomplished? Not much. Not much has changed really. The police corruption and the political corruption that profits from gang violence continues unabated. That is my beef.

In my second ever blog post I noted how news of the Vancouver Gang war had spread to England. The Independent reported on the situation and said "From heaven to hell: 18 die as drugs war rages on streets of Vancouver." Since then a lot more than 18 people have died.

In 2013 I put out a pamphlet called Misconceptions: Connecting the dots between politics and organized crime. In 2014 I put out a free ebook called Stand True: Civil Liberty and the Hells Angels Drug Trafficking Network. This year I launched a new ebook called Finian's Inferno: What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. Stay tuned.

New Finian's Inferno Web Site


  1. Actually you have accomplished a great deal. You've provided a form of reporting, that isn't available elsewhere. Crime may not have gone down but people have been educated by your posts. If we are ever going to solve problems, people first need to know there is a problem and then to understand it. You're providing information which helps people do that. its way more than the MSM does. So thank you very much for all the work you do.

    I may not agree with all your opinions, but you do a first rate job! Thank you.

    1. Thanks but after taking one step forward in the summer of 2012 with he conviction of David Giles, we have taken three steps backwards. The Hells Angels are no longer confronted. Julian Sher was right:


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