Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Alberta Gas Fraud continues

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Green party Leader Andrew Weaver is calling for a ban on the use of taxpayer money for political attack ads after the B.C. Liberals bought billboards blaming Premier John Horgan for a spike in gas prices. It's not the first time a provincial political party has used its caucus funding for partisan purposes and Weaver says that needs to change."

This is a con. Andrew Weaver is correct in that tax dollars should not be spent on partisan advertising. However, political parties should not be given tax dollars for partisan purposes. The Greens ushered in that change when they tried to get rid of Corporate and Union donations. Getting rid of Corporate and Union donations is one thing but replacing them with tax dollars is even more insane.

It is not John Horgan's fault gas prices are over the top in Metro Vancouver. That is a lie. We are being conned by the great Canadian gas fraud. It is not John Horgan's fault that Chicago and Detroit no longer want Alberta tar sands bitumen because of the petroleum coke byproduct. BC already approved an oil pipeline for unrefined crude. John Horgan did not change that. Alberta wants to force tar sands bitumen on us when no one else wants it. That is the problem.

It's OK. Next Jason Dick face Kenney will buy adds on the Superbowl to convince us it's John Horgan's fault and that tar sand bitumen is good for us when pipelines already exist for it to Chicago and Detroit but they don't want it. Go f*ck yourself Kenney.


  1. Oh, my do tell us how you really feel. '

    Hadn't seen the ads you're referring to, but I've seen the Conservative ads attacking Trudeau and comparing him to as similar to Trump.

    did enjoy the read on this post.

    I'm not in favour of using caucus funds to run ads. I am of the opinion that funding is to do the work of the MLAs but does not include advertising. Its meant, to answer questions for constituents, run their offices, hold open houses for their constituents.

    thank you for the information regarding Chicago and Detroit. Wasn't aware of that either. Hadn't seen that on the evening news.

    1. The MSM isn't saying a word about Chicago and Detroit. They are pretending Alberta's economic downturn is BC's fault when it is not. BC still has unrefined crude coming through the pipeline.

      It's not BC's fault Chicago and Detroit stopped accepting Tar Sands bitumen. We were actually considering accepting it until Rachel and Jason blew it. Their defiant arrogance killed the deal. It's their fault. They need to own that and stop blaming us.

  2. "Ads comparing Trudeau to Trump"? That's a sign of desperation if I ever heard one. There's a LONG list of reasons why there's actually no comparison between the two, this is obviously just pandering to those who've believe everything they've been spoon fed by a complicit media since 2016 AT (After Trump) but the most glaring difference is that Trump will be re-elected, whereas Trudeau would need to make a deal with Satan even after which the electorate will need to suffer from mass amnesia for this to happen. His public profile after the next election will be limited to Gay Pride parade appearances where he can do his Gene Simmons impression.

    Chicago is as hooked up and corrupt a town as exists anywhere in North America. When they won't take your money, that what we call an "indicator", known to many as "a clue".

    1. I was going to mention that comparing Trump to Trudeau is ridiculous and shows how absurd the CONservative add are. However, Chicago's past history with organized crime has NOTHING to do with their citizens protesting the mountains of petroleum coke left behind from refining tar sand bitumen.


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