Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Exposing Alberta's lies once and for all

Not surprisingly, Jason Kenney's new Conservative party just won the election in Alberta. Four days ago I would have celebrated that victory with him. Now our relationship is dead in the water. Nevertheless, the boldness of the lies coming out of Alberta need to be addressed so we can both go our separate ways and get on with our separate lives.

Last election Alberta made history by electing a NDP government. What happened? There was an economic downturn and the ruling Conservatives planned strict austerity measures which the voters rejected. So what caused the economic downturn in the oil rich province?

Was it BC's fault? Not at all. BC had approved an oil pipeline from Alberta years ago and was shipping that oil to China out of the Port of Vancouver as per normal. Nothing had changed. So what did change? Wait 'till I tell ye. Chicago and Detroit stopped accepting Alberta Tar Sands bitumen. That was the only change. That had absolutely nothing to do with John Horgan or BC.

The reason why Chicago and Detroit stopped accepting Alberta Tar Sands Bitumen was because of the mountains of petroleum coke byproduct that was left behind from refining it. They finally got rid of the toxic mountains by shipping it off to India. Only India won't take it any more because it is more toxic to burn than regular coal. That was the change that casued the econimic downturn in Alberta. It had absolutely nothing to do with BC or John Horgan so stop lying and say it did.

After Raging Rachel was elected there was another downturn. The price of oil dropped. That was not John Hogans fault nor was it BC's fault. BC was getting completely f*cked over because while the price of oil dropped the price of gas in Metro Vancouver skyrocketed. BC has a right to complain about that fraud. This is the Irish potato famine all over again.

There were windmills set up in Ireland during the potato famine. Grain was sent to England while the rest of the country starved. That's what's happening right now in BC. We are shipping oil out of the port of Vancouver to China while we are getting completely screwed over at the pumps. BC has a right to complain about that fact especially since Justin Trudeau bought the pipeline with tax dollars. BC is now a shareholder in the pipeline.

The drop in the price of oil and the fact that Chicago and Detroit stopped accepting Tar Sands Bitumen is not our fault. Raging Rachel stepped up to the plate and tried to enforce her dinosaur trade union tactics on us. BC was actually considering twinning the pipeline for Tar Sands bitumen through our already busy port.

John Horgan simply asked what happens if tanker traffic becomes too much for our port to handle? How do we restrict the flow of bitumen through our port? Raging Rachel insisted that we have absolutely no say whatsoever on the amount of bitumen shipped through BC if tanker traffic becomes too congested. That is not fair. We need to have a say in the flow of bitumen. Signing an agreement without that provision would be insane.

John Horgan then asked what happens if there is an oil spill? Raging Rachel said that's not Alberta's problem. If there is a spill you pay for clean up. We don't pay a dime. That is unrealistic. If there is a spill we share clean up costs. Signing an agreement without that provision would be insane. Raging Rachel's greed killed the deal.

Now after Jason Kenney showed his true colours the deal is dead in the water. His threat to turn off the tap at will and thereby create complete chaos for no reason whatsoever clearly shows the need for BC to be protected from that future threat in any conceivable trade agreement. Signing an agreement without that provision would be insane.

Justin Trudeau bent over backwards for Alberta by spending $4.5 billion tax dollars to purchase the pipeline after Kinder Morgan decided to pull out. Enough is never enough for those spoiled brats. They are still trashing him to the grave and beyond. Justin Trudeau needs to see that and earn back BC's trust by using some of the oil from OUR pipeline for domestic consumption.

If Alberta refined the Tar Sands Bitumen at source they could use the existing pipeline to Vancouver and export more oil to China. We are not stopping them from doing that. That would require less ships because it would be already refined. If Alberta refined the Tar Sands Bitumen at source they could use the existing pipeline to Chicago and Detroit. There is no need to build yet another pipeline for unrefined bitumen.

Alberta has destroyed their business relationship with Chicago, Detroit and now Vancouver. Now their only hope is the Keystone pipeline to Texas. Don't burn that bridge too. You launched a trade war with BC and a trade war with Quebec. Nobody wants to do business with you any more. That's your fault. Own it. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems. Nobody likes a liar or a bully. Alberta has become both.

If you're hungry and out of work in Alberta you can always move to Kitimat. They're hiring. Green Justice supports LGN. Natural Gas is clean burning, thermal coal and petroleum coke is not. Protecting the environment is Right Wing just like balancing the budget and avoiding unnecessary debt. Protecting the environment is protecting the economy for our children.

Jason Kenney is just another brick in the wall. This isn't saber rattling or a pissing contest. Our relationship with Alberta is over. I don't want anything to do with you any more. From now on, stay on your side of the wall and don't read my blog. I don't want your business.

Quebec doesn't want Alberta Tar Sands Bitumen either.

Here's a present for Jason Kenney from Surrey with Love:

Yo Brokeback Mountain, how many bullets you got?

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