Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Two more shootings in Surrey after the one in my crib

Global is reporting that "A man is in critical condition after a pair of overnight shootings in Surrey which investigators believe were unrelated. The first incident happened just after 2 a.m., in a home near 148 Street and 91 Avenue, according to police. Surrey RCMP arrived at the scene to find a man with gunshot wounds. He was taken to hospital in critical condition. Police said a dark-coloured SUV was seen fleeing the area. The shooting is believed to be targeted."

"The second shooting reportedly happened just after 2:45 a.m., outside of a home near 142 Street and 110 Avenue. Police received multiple reports of shots fired, but when they arrived at the scene, they found the home vacant and no victims at the scene. The shooting is believed to be linked to the drug trade, police said."

Cpl. Elenore Sturko said “We will continue to strategically target individuals and groups who put the public at risk through violent criminal activity.” Obviously your strategy isn't working. Giving the Wolf Pack police protection and arresting their rivals is not strategic. It is treason.

Ticketing construction workers jay walking across King George Hwy on their lunch break to buy a pop while you allow drug dealers to sell crack and crystal meth right beside them is not strategic. It is treason. If all these shooting are connected to the drug trade it's time we confronted drug trafficking instead of trying to profit from it. That is the New York Model.

Instead of disbanding the RCMP in BC completely maybe we should just trade the BC RCMP leadership with the RCMP leadership in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. There the RCMP do their job. Here they do not. It' that simple. Surrey's new crime problem is tied to the great fraud.

Addressing gun violence in Surrey with the New York Model

Surrey Shooting outside my crib


  1. "Ticketing construction workers jay walking across King George Hwy on their lunch break to buy a pop while you allow drug dealers to sell crack and crystal meth right beside them"

    That's just so unbelievably chickenshit. Words fail me in expressing how pathetic a creature would wear a badge and act like this. IDGAF what they tell you at roll call, this is just fucking wrong, period. A good cop would be out there hunting these guys in the street like it was deer season, against orders that contravene the Criminal Code if you have to, but this is what happens when you hire fear biters and people of little consequence to be your police officers. No fucking backbone. No wonder no one respects them anymore.

    The RCMP pays shit anyway, but that just makes it worse, that officers would give a pass to those who steal people's lives in exchange for a "career" that pays that little. Wouldn't be any different if it was a million a year understand. To fight organized crime, especially 1%'ers you need hunters of men, not social workers or yes-men.(or yes-women)

    Anyone who's been in the military has been trained to understand the lack of duty to obey an order they know to be unlawful. Ordering officers, either directly of otherwise not to pursue drug dealers, IS AN UNLAWFUL ORDER. If you are not willing to disobey such an unlawful order you have NO BUSINESS in law enforcement. You should be working in a field that does not require a spinal column. Apparently to be a cop in Canada, that is optional and actually not desirable. Fucking pathetic. "True North" my ass.

  2. Drug dealing, jay walking? Jay walking, drug dealing. O.K. arrest the drug dealer, I've thought about it long enough.

    Perhaps it is time some one asked the A.G. and the Mayor of Surrey what is going on. Taxpayers deserve an answer if they are arresting jay walkers instead of drug dealers. Now it maybe that their "instructions" are that officers working patrol are not to arrest drug dealers, that is to be left to the "drug squad". However, that does seem a tad lame.

    The RCMP does not pay "shit". Its salary range is less than police forces in cities, that is true. Many people aren't interested in joining the RCMP because of the harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc.

    It would be interesting to see if they brought out the senior officers from the Maritimes to B.C. what would happen.

    I am still of the opinion, drug dealers operate in an area because the police permit it and the police permit it for a reason which usually has nothing to do with policing but everything to do with money, real estate and politics.

    surrey did change its politicians, but it would appear, the relationship between the RCMP and the drug dealers hasn't.

    1. Things have greatly improved with the new Mayor and council. The problem is the mayor and council have submitted a resolution to form a municipal police force in Surrey that is more countable to the city but the BC NDP are trying to stall it off. Right now that's the real problem we face.

  3. The HA are Public Enemy #2. Public Enemy #1 goes to the crooked politicians you elected, and their enforcers. It's pretty obvious these folks feel no accountability to the electorate, achieving political office seems to attract only those with their own best interests at heart. Once they're in, they entrench to be able to enrich themselves as much as possible in the time they have. They've managed to buy off the cops with "You don't come after us and we'll not come after you". Your only chance is to get rid of them all, wake up and realize that they are lying to you no matter what they say. It's their stock in trade.

    You guys need fucking tea party or something. Problem is, they will sic their (willing) dogs on you if you try. ("I have to follow orders", LOL)

    The only reason a politician or a policeman wants you to give up your gun is so they can safely do something to you that it would be dangerous to try if you kept it. And they're not into danger, they're into getting paid, for NOT doing their job.

    Canadians mostly gave up their guns in the last 40 years, and they make you jump through hoops to get one now, of any type. Y'know, "for the children". And voila, look what you have. I promise you that if there was a credible threat from the citizenry for their thievery and malfeasance, they would be much better behaved. But that's too "American" for most Canadians. Bon appetit.

  4. It's so pathetic it's laughable. I recieved a ticket once for smoking a cigarette too close to a doorway ok my bad, but the guy smoking crack 2 feet away and the guy selling him the crack were ignored.


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