Friday, April 19, 2019

Vancouver supports Montreal's Mayor

There has always been a kinship between Vancouver and Quebec, especially Montreal. It goes back to the Postal Strike of 1965. CBC is reporting that "Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has been the target of an escalating series of violent threats, apparently sparked by her staunch opposition to the provincial government's secularism bill." I support Valérie Plante, Quebec's Joan of Arc.

"Bill 21, which, if passed, will prohibit public school teachers, police officers and judges, among other civil servants, from wearing religious symbols." OK let's do the math. It's not called the religious freedom bill it's called the secularism bill. Toronto opposes the bill but Communist China supports it. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why.

Historically the French Revolution was a model for a free republic. The motto of the revolution was Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The secularism bill bans people from wearing religious symbols - teachers. There are a lot of Catholic schools in Quebec. At those schools priest and nuns are teachers. This bill would ban priests from wearing collars and nuns from wearing their head pieces at public schools. That is why communist China endorses it - it opposes a free republic.

Here in Surrey, many Punjabi police officers wear turbans. No one cares. That is their right. Banning religious clothing is a step back into the dark ages which created the need for the French Revolution. Vancouver and Toronto certainly don't dictate what Quebec does. I'm just saying that bill 21 isn't very French. It's communist. That's why China endorses it.


  1. In my opinion, the secularism bill is not about secularism, but about restricting people who belong to religions, which aren't Christian. The government only threw the Christian religion symbols in to make it more "palatable".

    I'm not keen on base ball caps at the dinner table, but the rest I'm good with. They're religious symbols. They don't threaten me. One thing about a hijab is never having to worry about a bad hair day. (I know its irreverent)

    I won't agree that the bill is communist, but it certainly, in my opinion, a violation of our Constitution. Yes, the bill will appeal to some communist countries, because they see religion as opposition.

    Passing this legislation will not protect Quebec culture. It may even be a change which will have a negative impact on their economy. People/corporations may become unwilling to invest there or will leave because of the proposed law. The Mayor of Montreal has it right.

  2. It has nothing to do with Christianity - unless to admit the truth it is just as discriminatory against the one True religion.

    This is purely about secularism and modernism and "progressivism" - all diametrically opposed to tradition.

    It is the dictatorship of relativism. "We believe in "free" speech and action, as long as we agree with it and it does not challenge our secularism!"

    1. There you go. Who said "Religion is the opiate of the people"? Karl Marx? Wow, really? I'm sure it sheer coincidence that the people pushing this are just the modern day heirs claiming not to be that. They're lying, That's exactly what they are, but they wouldn't get far if they came right out and admitted it. So, "plausible deniability". And people will buy it....unless they read this one.

      "The goal of socialism is communism." - V.I. Lenin

      Yeah, THAT Communism, The Communism that killed millions in the last century. The Communism which "never worked because they weren't doing it right". But lets try again. "Socialism is good". LOL, People are so fucking stupid.

      Most people who are killed by a government are not killed by a foreign one. They are killed by their own. And Socialism-Communism is the all time heavyweight champ. Hitler's numbers don't even come close to Stalin or Mao's.

    2. Exactly. Communism is not a French tradition. It is a disease that seeks to destroy French tradition. As for the "one true religion" everyone thinks they belong to the one true religion. Otherwise they wouldn't belong to it. Free will is a fundamental part of Christianity and the freedom of religion is a fundamental part of a free republic.

  3. Socialism/Communism is the disease, Liberty is the cure. It's not perfect, and people mistake the often harsh aspects of life for flaws that "can be cured by giving up a little of it". The problem is, the people who posit POV that are always coming back for just a little more of your freedom. "You don't need that, we'll look after it for you. We'll all be better off." What they mean is THEY will be better off. Give up your right to self-defense, you have the police, (LOL) who can never by definition be there the instant you need them. "When seconds count, we're only minutes away". Use a firearm in self defense and you will be in more trouble than your attacker. Why is that? Because the truth is, they DGAF about you, THEIR control of YOU is more important to them. The criminal element is actually their ally, without them, what need for these "common sense" (which isn't) restrictions? I use this example but the truth is, the operating principle is the same for all of it. The challenge is to see that. Those who seek power are the root of the problem, we'd be better off if Congressmen, MLA's whatever were chosen by lottery from the pool of registered voters, 2 years tops at a flat rate of compensation, then back to your regularly scheduled life. "Power corrupts".

  4. This new bill will only apply to people hired after it is passed. So if you are a teacher currently wearing a hijab you will continue to wear you hijab (at least that is how I understood it, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

    Also fairly certain that this only applies to the public sector, not school teachers.

  5. You're correct, teachers will be "grandparented" in, but all new school teachers will have the law applied to them.


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