Sunday, April 7, 2019

Give it up for Idris Elba

I realize I'm a bit slow to pick up on celebrity news but I just want to say Idris Elba is rock solid. He's in the Netflix series Turn Up Charlie but he's also in a lot more than that. They even want him to be the next James Bond. Although he doesn't want the role I think he would be awesome. Recently he tweeted a shout out to the rapper Nipsey Hussle who was just shot dead in LA.

He's also supporting the #dontstabyourfuture campaign. In England they don't have as many shootings as we do here but they do have a lot of stabbings. Idris is talented and genuine.

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  1. Check out the show where he goes to Thailand to train Muay Thai for a few weeks and then do his first (and last) "professional" fight. Yeah, it's "unreality" TV but it sure looks like it felt real to him....